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Lawless Lawyer

Assalamualaikum, so here is another k-drama review. To be honest, I really anticipate this drama ever since I read the synopsis, plus the main actor is my one of all my favourite, Lee Jun Ki ( a fan since Scarlet Heart).

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Title : Lawless Lawyer / Moobeob Byeonhosa / 무법 변호사
Network : tvN
Episodes : 16
Genre : Law
Cast : Lee Jun Ki, Seo Ye Ji, Lee Hye Young
Plot :

Bong Sang Pil is a thug-like lawyer with a high winning rate. He work as a lawyer to take a revenge for his mother - who was killed by an influenced judge, Cha Moon Suk's subordinate, right in front of his eyes. When he was trying to escape from the bad men, he met a detective who he thought that he will help him, but the detective was on Cha Moon Suk side. When he escaped, he went to find his uncle outside of Gisung. 18 years later, he went back to Gisung to start taking revenge on people who killed his mother. Ha Jae Yi, who got her law license suspended because she beat an unjust judge returned to Gisung, her hometown. Bong Sang Pil then approached Ha Jae Yi and get her to work with him. He also knew the secret of Ha Jae Yi's mother disappearance.

Seo Ye Ji is an actor who is in Hwarang, as Princess Sook Myung ( that's why I felt like her face is familiar to me, I re-watch Hwarang before this drama ).


This drama has successfully broke my expectation of villains. First, Cha Moon Suk's most loyal subordinate, Ahn Oh Joo became one of the candidate for the Mayor of Gisung ( with the help of Cha Moon Suk ), he literally ruins Cha Moon Suk's father ceremony by promoting himself. He took the spotlight which was supposed for Cha Moon Suk. I actually very satisfied when he was slapped by Cha Moon Suk. It was quite funny.

Unlike other crime-based drama with heavy law term and cruel villain, this drama is rather light. With the present of not-so loan shark, who later became Sang Pil trusted people, this drama is fun to watch. My favorite is when they did their 'Lawless Lawyer' trademark moves.

Even thought this drama point out the misused of power ( just like other drama ), the only people that stood out is the so-called-just judge, Cha Moon Suk and the CEO of OhJu Group and also Mayor of Gisung, Ahn Oh Ju. These two is the only people with power that were highlighted in the drama even thought there were another five people.

The romance between Sang Pil and Jae Yi started during the rising of the drama. What I liked about this couple is there was less and close to no cheesy line between them. Besides, the actor who act as Jae Yi had a typical cold-princess type of face. Based on Hwarang and this drama, I don't think she will be suitable for an innocent, playful type of character. Same goes to the actor who act as Sang Pil. It will be weird if he did not do some stunt act in his dramas or movies.

Best part of this drama is the plot twist. The first one was something that I could guess randomly ( and hey I got it ! ). And the second one, it was totally unexpected, it was jaw dropping ( at least for me ). In the beginning of the drama, Sang Pil had received a notebook, from an unknown person. I don't want to ruin the fun and spill the beans, so to those who are curious, watch it yourself. I guaranteed that this drama is worth watching.

I would give 8.5/10


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