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Hi, today, I'll be talking about the news that break yesterday. I believe that most of k-pop fans would know about this. Yes. I'm talking about the death of Jonghyun of SHINee. I first know about this when I saw my friend's IG story, which she screen cap from an account stating that Jonghyun was found dead. Honestly, I just thought that it was one of the sick jokes from the antis. So I google up.And boom. I was wrong. He is gone. Forever.

I'm sad. Very. SHINee was like one of the earliest group that I know. I grew attach with them when I watch Hello Baby programme. And I really like Jonghyun. I fall in love with his voice. I'm sad that he is gone. Up until this point, I couldn't believe it. And the fact that he was the one who ended his life, make it harder to let him go. Yes, I'm not a SHAWOL ( SHINee fandom ) but I'm sad.

I'm writing this message to remind you all that if you're hurting, don't be alone, seek for help, if you can't tell people, then you write. Do everything to let it out. Don't ever keep it inside you. You will hurt more. I know, it is not easy, but fight. If you think that nobody cares, you are wrong. Look for people that genuinely cares. There are a lot of them. If you couldn't find the right person, go back to your God, Allah, Jesus, or other God that you believe in. Told them. Pray to them. Never ever gave up. You will find your way, slowly but surely.

Just because they are all happy and smiling, doesn't mean that they have zero problem. All of us have problems. It is either you bear it alone, or you share it. I do know that telling people will not solve them, that it might get it worst. But, be strong. You can do it.

To all people who are wondering why I write about this and thinking that I'm not in the right position to tell you this and that, I want to write. Maybe, Jonghyun is no one for me and I'm no one for him. Maybe you are no one for me and I'm no one for you, but I want to be that person that tell you that there are people who still cares. Stay strong. Himnae.

To all my muslim brothers and sisters, you might say, "He is no Islam, why should you care so much"
or "You should care more about our brothers and sisters in Palestine or Syria that died everyday". I won't argue much. But I wanted to say my opinion, our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Iran, it is not that we, kpopers, did not care about them. We do care. They are hurting, more that all of us. Physically and mentally drain. I do know. But, one thing for sure, they did not chose to get hurt. It is not their choice. But, here, we are talking about suicide. A choice of theirs. A cause that we should not taken lightly. Have we ever think that one smiley person can choose to end their life ? have we ? We don't. Why ? Because we never try to understand them. We never tried to look what inside their mind and heart.

And, when I heard about this news, I think that I have fail. Fail as a muslim. I feel like I have fail to spread Islam. I'm sorry if this offended anyone, but this is my personal thought. When I get into K-pop, one of my wish is to let them know about the beauty of Islam. And when this happen, I think that I have fail to spread Islam. This is the reason why I'm so sad.

So, to all of you who happen to read this, I hope, this can be an eye opener. I hope that we will try our best to understand people. Try to put ourselves in their shoes. If you're hurting, seek for help. It is not your fault to get hurt. And for the people who have someone reach out for, don't let them down. We never know what inside their mind. Be kind, be helpful. Let's change, for a better world.

And, last, farewell, Kim Jonghyun.

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Hai and Assalam peeps ~
So, for this entry, I will recommended you a movie to watch. This is a must watch movie. Im serious. This story is nothing like malay drama that screened during Maghrib time nor the korean drama. This is different. Trust me.

This movie is based on a novel with the same title, written by Nicola Yoon in 2015. Here is a bit review about this movie.

Release : 19 May 2017
Distribution : Warner Bros. Picture
Starring :  Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson 
Plot : A story of a 17-years old girl, Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) who has never go out of her house as long as her life because of her illness. That was until Olly (Nick Robinson), her new neighbour came into her life and wants to help her. Genre : Romance,Drama

Nick sho handsome right 

she's really pretty 

One advice from me, don't let yourself get tricked. This story is much more from the plot. The ending is something that we can expect, but you won't expect the plot. And if you pay more attention, you will realize that Maddy's mother actually have a mental illness. It's not obvious and it's not severe. But there is.

Let's get to my favourite scene.

1) The first time Olly reached out to Maddy

They communicate through window of their room. The first time Olly tried to reach out to Maddy is really really really cute. Well, he kind of use his mother's Bundt cake ( idk ) which was suppose to be a gift for their neighbour (Maddy's family) but was refused.

there's few steps before this cake is dead

Right after his so-called performance,  he gave her his number,

i couldn't get over from his handsomeness(?)
2) When they're texting, Maddy imagine that Olly is in front of her and they are talking face to face and the appearance of astronaut.

this is the first time Olly and Maddy texting and this is the first imagination of Maddy

this is when Maddy avoid to talk to Olly, and this also her imagination

still Maddy imagination. 
If I'm not mistaken Maddy is majoring in designing. She has a high imagination. I'm sorry if I'm mistaken.

3) When Maddy decide to go against her mother and run away from home with Olly to Hawaii and how the secret reveals.

Maddy finally go to beach ! 

She found out T_T
Okay, when Maddy decides to run away from home, I was like, "Do you wanna die !" but at the same time "Yes,way to go gurl !" I won't reveal the secret here, and you guys should watch how the truth came out.

I'm giving this movie 8/10 ! 

If you wanted to watch then, CLICK THIS. I really wanted to buy and read the novel. Well, if you asked me,I prefer to read before watch but because of this story really caught my eyes, I watch it first. 

I'm going to sleep now. Hope you enjoy ~