Thursday 12 September 2019

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Angel's Last Mission : Love

Assalamualaikum, the second post of the day ! Yeay to me ! So, here is the review of the recent drama of L. I think this drama was actually popular because my friends left and right keep talking about this drama.

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Title : Angel's Last Mission:Love / Dan, Only Love / Dan, Hanaui Sarang / 단하나의 사랑
Episodes : 32 episodes, 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Romance
Network : KBS2
Cast : L/Kim Myung Soo, Shin Hye Sun
Plot : 

Dan is an angel. He is a troublemaker but also an optimist. Dan was supposed to went back to Heaven when he caused a problem that held him from going back. Dan then receive the last mission to go back to Heaven if he succeed. He supposed to find a true love for Lee Yeon Soo, a ballerina that did not believe in love. During the mission, Dan had fallen in love with Yeon Soo.

I did not plan to watch this drama but the clips keep coming on my Instagram's explore and I was curious. So, here I am.


Alright, I actually expect this drama to be all cheesy and cute and all that cringy stuff because that is how it usually works. I totally didn't expect this drama to be full of uncertainties and get sad. The plot was actually a little and tiny bit complicated but nothing that I can't handle. Lol anyone could handle this drama.

The way they edited the scenes were really nice. It was like, we were leave hanging on certain scene and it was revealed later on the episode. At least I am not having a hard time dying with curiosity. One more is, the storyline did not hide anything. Every secret was revealed to the audience and it was great !

I love the chemistry between the actors especially L with Shin Hye Sun. They're seriously cute ! The bold and rude Yeon  Soo became weak and nice when it comes to Dan but still, she is rude. But she's cute ! Ahh, I can't complain about her character because it was so good. The next character that I love is Yeon Soo's assistance, Jung Yoo Mi. I love how she acted like was against Yeon Soo but she actually cared so much about her.

Usually, I did not enjoy much of the soundtrack from dramas but this drama had a really really great soundtrack ! It is a must listen too ! I would leave these two YouTube video of the ost of this drama that I enjoyed.

Chai - Oh My Angel

Klang - Pray

I am learning a lot about ballet from this drama and I love it. I was could seriously feels the sadness when they perform the 'Giselle'. The feeling was genuine and when Yeon Seo collapse at the end of the performance didn't help my feeling at all. It was so sad.

I will ended this review with the usual quote,

Whatever it is, you need to do it at the right time - Ji Kang Woo



  1. drama ni episode awal2 tu memang best tapi bila kat tengah i dah start lost..hehe

    1. tengah-tengah banyak conflict between Dan dengan dia punya role as an angel and his love for yeon seo.. memang a little bit boring part tengah..