Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Missing You

February 24, 2021 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I am dreading for the new semester to begin next week so, here is a movie review that I should have wrote long ago. Hope you can enjoy!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Missing You / Waiting For You
Runtime : 108 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Suspense
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2016
Director : Mo Hong Jin
Writer : Mo Hong Jin
Cast : Shim Eun Kyung, Kim Sung Oh, Yoon Je Moon
Plot : 

A detective who was working for a serial murder case was killed on his way to home. That detective had a seven years old daughter named Hee Joo. The murder, Ki Bum was eventually caught but he was only charged with one murder. 15 years later, Ki Bum was released from the prison. Detective Dae Young, who was a partner with Hee Joo's father constantly put Ki Bum on the watch. He is determined to convict the other murders on Ki Bum. While the police force is watching Ki Bum, Hee Joo who had been waiting for Ki Bum, started her own plan to catch the person who killed her father herself.


This movie started off with the murder of Hee Joo's father. It happened so fast and unexpected. All I know was he get off the taxi while the other person was trying to get into the taxi and the next thing happened was he was stabbed, right on his neck.  The scene was so sad. When they caught Ki Bum, I am on the fence to either believe that he is the killer or he is not. The constant denying on his part was do feels a little sarcastic and mocking like, 'Hah, I am not the killer but you won't know,' make me leaning a bit more on the guilty side.

The plot was actually simple. Detective Dae Young need a prove that Ki Bum is the serial killer and Hee Joo need to trap Ki Bum for another murder. What makes it interesting was the existence of another person. While I believe that Ki Bum was the killer for the murder, I didn't expect him to have an accomplice. 

All the minutes spent on this movie was used perfectly well with the suspense and thrilling scenes. It was hard for me to not pay attention. The moment when Ki Bum found out about Hee Joo was really thrilling. The final 30-40 minutes really keep me on my toe. It was a battle between Hee Joo, Ki Bum and the police force, which will get whom first. The way it ended put on a teeny tiny question mark in my head because Hee Joo successfully carried out her final plan and Ki Bum is to serve another years in the prison but then there's no Hee Joo in the court trial nor after that. Ki Bum was charged with an attempt murder which mean Hee Joo is alive! But, where is she after that? I'm pretending that she went to that concert she been waiting for.

Shim Eun Kyung who played Hee Joo was a great actress. I love the duality of her character. Hee Joo in front of Detective Dae Young was a sweet, innocent and simple girl but Hee Joo in her room was manipulating, observant, and scary girl who craves for revenge. The way she planned her revenge and carried them was scarily intelligent. I love her character the most. Oh, and Kim Sung Oh played Ki Bum really great too. I thought he only suited the, dumb, jobless but wise neighborhood uncle but he really wow-ed me with this character. 

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Monday, 22 February 2021

Hospital Ship

February 22, 2021 17 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! This is my last week of holiday before the next semester start. I have schedule like hm, another four or five k-drama reviews for the next few weeks so I wouldn't totally abandon this blog lol. Anyway, this is an old not really k-drama that I have been wanting to watch. So, here we go~

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Hospital Ship
Episodes : 40 episodes (35 minutes per episode)
Genre :  Medical,Romance, Drama
Director : Park Jae Bum, Kim Sang Woo
Writer : Yoon, Sun Joo
Network : MBC
Cast : Kang Min Hyuk, Ha Ji Won, Lee Seo Won, Kim In Shik
Plot : 

This drama depicts the story of young doctors who provide medical services island residents by hospital ship. Two of the doctors; Kim Jae Geol, a Korean medicine doctor and Cha Joon Young, a dentist were assigned to the hospital ship as part of their military service. Meanwhile, Kwak Hyun, an internal medicine doctor offers his service willingly. His father was known as the famous surgeon who went to the war-zone countries to offer his service. After a few months, Surgeon Song Eun Jae joined them on board. She was a hardworking surgeon who was exiled by his senior because she told the family member of the patient who died due to the mistake of that senior. With the specialty of their own, they begin working in the hospital ship.


It starts off with character introduction. Despite being with a large number of people, I tried to only focused only on the main characters. First few episodes were just the beginning of their journey towards the hospital ship. What happened to the four of them that make them ended up on hospital ship, a place where every public health officers avoid going to.

I love all the medical scenes whereby the patients need an urgent surgery. It was all intense and nerve-wrecking but due to the fact that they are on a ship, it kind of get old when they can't move the patient to the inland hospitals due to the weather. It didn't happen with every cases but still it happened quite frequent. My favorite scene was when their ship was hijacked by drug smuggler. The tension was on maximum level plus I love how Kwak Hyun keep trying to be there for Song Eun Jae.

The story-line was full of dramas.  I honestly think that some of them can be taken out because it leave plot holes here and there. The case against the conglomerate group was unnecessary and I don't think it contribute much to the story. Minus point when the character Cha Joon Young was barely there. I mean, he is supposed to be one of the doctors in the ship and his story barely told. Nope, I think it wasn't told at all. It kind of kill the vibe when the other three doctors, had their story told and his is not. Another minus was when at the near end, the story line gets draggy. Oh my, I am not sure how many minutes I had to skip because of all those flashbacks.

Kwak Hyun and Song Eun Jae's relationship was progressing beautifully. Even with the ex-girlfriend drama, love-triangle drama, denying drama. I love them all. Love is everywhere, even with the minor characters. Maybe it was because of their height different, but Kwak Hyun and Song Eun Jae looks really cute together!

Overall, this drama is great for leisure watch as it wasn't as stressful as I thought. I really enjoyed the drama very well.

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Friday, 19 February 2021

thes's Love Giveaway: The Gifts

February 19, 2021 10 Comments

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I actually wanted to put the picture of the gift sample in the same entry as the giveaway but then I get too lazy to scroll down.

As I said before, I will be giving out alphabet keychains and bookmarks made from resin. So, the picture below is the sample of the gift. Why sample? First, the alphabet keychain will may or may not the same letter, depending on what the winner choose it to be. And second, the bookmark may or may not have the same design as mine. I think it will be the same but it may not, depending on the creativity of the maker (which is my friend so she better make it pretty).

Lastly, as I said before, the winner might be more than one person. I haven't decide so just wait till the winner announcement, I guess. Speaking of winner announcement, I am not sure when it will be because my semester start exactly on 1st March soooo I hope it will be within the month. I think I have said everything regarding the gifts so good luck everyone!


Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Chan Rak Ter... Aku Cinta Kamu by Sara Aisha

February 17, 2021 20 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I really really need to post the entries of #bookreview but yeah, I keep postponing and here we are. Anyway, novel sis Sara Aisha yang dalam drafts rasanya ada lagi dua? ke tiga? Lepastu novel Syu Ariani then.... Sara Aisha balik semula kot hahaha. Tengok la macam mana nanti.

Tajuk : Chan Rak Ter... Aku Cinta Kamu
Penulis : Sara Aisha
Mukasurat : 606 pages
Penerbit : Karyaseni
Terbitan : Februari 2013
ISBN : 9789670246420
Blurb : 

"Kadangkala kita ingin sekali meneka, menduga dan mengubah suratan yang terhampar di hadapan mata. Namun siapalah kita untuk menolak takdir-Nya yang tidak terduga?"

Antara Dian Damia dan Karn Klaharn, pertemuan yang istemewa melahirkan sebuah persahabatan yang bersulamkan tawa riang, keindahan dan kebahagiaan. Bagi Dian, Karn ialah peneman di bumi asing Thailand. Bagi Karn pula, Dian ialah teman yang menyenangkan hatinya.

Namun siapa sangka satu tragedi akhirnya memusnahkan segala-galanya. Kerana masa yang salah, tempat yang salah dan bersama orang yang salah, Dian akhirnya terjebak dalam satu konspirasi yang tidak pernah langsung terlintas dek fikiran warasnya.

"You're more than just Karn Klaharn. Siapa... Siapa sebenarnya awak? Apa yang awak nak daripada saya? Kenapa saya mesti terbabit dengan semua ini?!"-Dian Damia

Kerana dia, Dian Damia yang menerima akibatnya. Kerana dia, Dian Damia takkan pernah tersenyum lagi. Dan untuk itu, dia akan membetulkan segala-galanya. Walau apa cara sekalipun yang harus dia lakukan, tidak akan sekali-kali dia teragak-agak. Yang penting, Dian harus diselamatkan!

"Izinkan saya jaga awak... Izinkan saya lindungi awak, Dian..."-Karn Klaharn

Dalam usahanya 'menyelamatkan' Dian, tanpa sedar hati lelaki Karn Klaharn mula berkocak hebat. Inikah yang dinamakan cinta? Namun bagaimana kalau rasa cinta ini akan membawa Dian ke penghujung nyawanya? Mampukah Karn menyelamatkan pemilik hatinya sebelum segala-galanya terlambat? Apa pula yang akan terjadi tatkala Krissada muncul di antara mereka berdua? Sungguh! Di antara cinta dan nyawa, mungkinkah ada yang menjadi korban. 

"Tangan ni dah pernah rampas nyawa manusia lain. Dan saya takkan teragak-agak untuk buat perkara yang sama demi Dian Damia. I would do anything for her..."

I believe this is the start of SA's thriller books, no? Well,novel ni terbit tahun 2013 and disebabkan ramai yang request, tak salah aku pihak Karyaseni ada re-print. Ini bermaksud, novel ni ada permintaan yang sangat tinngi. Kalau ikutkan tajuk, ceritanya seolah-olah romance sahaja but no, ada thriller, ada action juga. Seronok baca.

Permulaan novel ni biasa-biasa aje, kisah Dian yang merantau ke Thailand untuk mencari ilham kemudian berkenalan dengan Karn, lelaki Thai yang mulanya disangka jahat. Things start to get interesting bila Dian dan Karn diculik. Kalau novel thriller SA yang lain (well, aku baru baca novel ni) si hero mesti pandai berlawan tapi kalini, hero tak berapa mahir bertarung apatah lagi nak kalahkan sekumpulan lelaki. 

Aku jadi makin tertanya dengan identiti sebenar Karn. Siapa dia sampaikan ada orang nak culik dan bunuh dia? Apatah lagi bila Uncle Sukrit boleh upah private investigator untuk selamatkan Karn. PI kot, berapa banyak yang dia bayar?! Aku suka bila penulis tak dedahkan identiti penculik awal-awal. Semua watak tahu yang menculik tu Sakda, satu nama yang tak tahu siapa gerangan manusia. Sekadar pseudonym. Mulanya aku ingatkan Sakda ni is rival in Karn's business tapi rupanya... jeng jeng jeng. 

Romance antara Dian dengan Karn taklah nampak sangat. Maybe sebab awal-awal lagi dah intense, dengan kidnapping lepastu Dian trauma semua so tak banyak mana pun babak yang sweet ke apa. Tapi, sepanjang Dian dalam jagaan Karn, adalah babak yang tunjuk that Dian and Karn start to develop feeling for one another. Aku suka waktu Karn tiba-tiba ajak Dian kahwin. Gila terkejut kita, dahla takde confess apa-apa, alih-alih ajak kahwin terus.

Flow cerita bagi aku okay and teratur. Cuma aku take time nak habiskan novel ni sebab aku baca in between a hectic week, so yeah. Ending Sakda bagi aku, tak adil. Haih, sedih dengan pengakhiran dia macam tu sebab aku sangat-sangat berharap bukan itu. Tapi... Mungkin itu yang terbaik untuk dia, tapi saya tetap rasa tak adil! Untuk Sakda juga untuk Karn. 


Monday, 15 February 2021

Stranger 2

February 15, 2021 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! This the continuation of last week review except it is with another plot with the same actors.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Stranger 2
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller, Law
Director : Park Hyun Seok
Writer : Lee Soo Yeon
Network : tvN
Cast : Cho Seung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Choi Moo Sung, Jeon Hye Bin, Lee Joon Hyuk, Yoon Se Ah
Related : Stranger
Plot : 

Prosecutor Hwang Si Mok was called to participate in the council for prosecutor-police to discuss about the investigative right. During the tension of the feud, Prosecutor Seo Dong Jae was reported as missing and was assumed kidnapped. During the investigation of the case, Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin find themselves digging around the old case that might be related to the disappearance of Seo Dong Jae. One the case might be the cause of the feud to end.


After two years leaving Seoul Western Prosecution Office, Hwang Si Mok was assigned to another office. It was a little slow at first few episode because of the adjustment to the last season and to lay out a new foundation of this season. One thing that I will always do when I watch a series drama is to look for the actors. I love how they keep the original actors and add few person to the case. Now that Han Yeo Jin is promoted, she was assigned to be in the reformation team at National Police Agency.

Because of the feud between prosecutor and police over the investigative rights, a council was formed to  solve the problem and a total of seven person was chosen to represent both prosecutor and police. Prosecutor Seo Dong Jae who was known as the confidence, ass-kisser came for Woo Tae Ha who is leading the prosecutor in the council will a few files that will taint the image of Choi Bit, the Director of Reformation Team in Investigative Bureau and also one of the council member. During all the episodes before Seo Dong Jae's disappearance were boring to me as it was not as thrilling, tense as the the last season.

Starting with the case of Seo Dong Jae's disappearance, it gets interesting when there was no lead. Hwang Si Mok was getting restless especially when he lost his junior during the last season. It put stressed on him when he was reminded of that time and the possibility of it to happen again. He started to track Seo Dong Jae's step, starting with the cases given to Woo Tae Ha. Si Mok was suspicious with the wife of Seo Dong Jae but as he focused more on the investigation on the cases; Segok Patrol Police Suicide Case, Lawyer Park Gwang Soo Case, and one case that I don't remember, the suspicion on the wife was let go with no explanation. It was a bit disappointing because there was some questioning behavior with the wife.

Besides the disappearance of Seo Dong Jae and the cases surrounding him, there was also mentioned of Hanjo Group management right and lawsuit case with the Seoul Eastern  Prosecution Office. Honestly, there was too much going on. I was actually expecting more on the Hanjo and the prosecution but the feud between the prosecution and police kind of get into the way. I wouldn't say the story-line was messy but I can't say it flows perfectly either. Hanjo Group was just an occasional mention due to the fact that Lee Chang Jun, the heroic prosecutor and son-in-law of Hanjo Group commit suicide 'hoping for a better future'. Even when one of the case that was brought by Seo Dong Jae involved Hanjo Group, they were still untouched. It was either to be end that way, with Hanjo Group remain untouched or it is a foundation for next season. And I personally hoping for the latter.

While writing this review, I have realize one thing, I am really bad at recognizing people. Really really bad. Why? Because I just realize that the actor that act as Seo Dong Jun is Lee Joon Hyuk, the same actor that leading the drama, '365 Days: Repeat The Year'. How can someone look really different just because of the hairstyle?! Anyway, he was really good! In the first season, he was more competitive, and definitely confidence but during this season, he is lacks confidence, especially when he met Hwang Si Mok for the first time in two years.

I could safely said that this season is not as good as the first season but still enjoyable. I am really hoping for the next season to clear the situation with Hanjo Group and also the undeniable romance between Hwang Si Mok and Han Yeo Jin.

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