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God's Quiz (All Season)

August 19, 2019

Title : God's Quiz / Shinui Kwijeu / 신의 퀴즈
Episodes :

  • Season 1 - 10 episodes
  • Season 2 - 12 episodes
  • Season 3 - 12 episodes
  • Season 4 - 12 episodes
  • Season 5 - 16 episodes
Genre : Medical, Thriller, Crime, Forensic

Network : OCN
Cast : Ryu Deok Hwan, Yoon Jo Hee, Park Jun Hyun, Ahn Nae Sang
Plot :

Han Jin Woo is a genius. He was a neurosurgeon but after some event, he can't perform surgery and was appointed to be medical examiner alongside Chief Jo. The cases that were submit to them were the cases of mysterious death or death of rare disease patients. The investigation was aided by Kang Kyung Hee, an attractive detective who possess excellent skills in martial arts and had strong sense of justice.
Alright, before I started with the review, I need to clear up somethings regarding this entry. First of all, I'm sorry to post all season into one post as it is more convenient for me and less hassle. Even so, I would try to give review of every one of the season in stead of an overall review (the event of the season might get jumble up as I had lost the notes on review and I'm too lazy to rewatched all season, again*facepalm

This might get lengthy than usual. Face up.


not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

 As far as I remember, the first season was a bit rushed. They had 10 episodes on this season and eight to ten cases. The last two episodes can be considered as one case as they were committed by one person, Jung Ha Yoon who was an old friend of Dr. Han.

There was quite a long history between the two of them as both of them were a victim of an illegal experiment conducted by Ha Yoon's very own father. The drug injected on them made Jung Ha Yoon the person he was and slowly affected Dr.Han's life as well. At the end, Jung Ha Yoon was shoot dead and Dr. Han started dating Detective Kang. However, it was left hanging as there was no update on Dr.Han's life as the drug had started shows side effect.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

 Shocking, shocking, Jung Ha Yoon is alive everyone ! Alright, save that for later, we'll go through the plot first. They were still solving cases of rare diseases. This season involved a new character, a profiler. Her character was a bit arrogant and had a high self-confidence. 

The case that I strongly remembered from this season was the one with psychopath. The reason why I remembered the case was because of the culprit was a woman. Hah. Usually the psychopath character will be portray by male actors. This is why I remember the case. And even at the end of the case the woman was dead, she already got her daughter to behave and think like her. It's creepy as the girl was only about 10 years old and she's the one who killed her own father.

A crazy twist as Professor Jang, mentor of Dr.Han saves Jung Ha Yoon through the Dema Project. The project was basically inserting chips into the subject brain and controlled them through the system. To make it simple, Ha Yoon was killed, for the second time and Dr.Han seeks for help (he went for surgery but I think he pull out last minute to let his brain recover by ifself.)

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As for this season, Detective Kang was not present and was replaced with Detective Bae, a veteran detective who was very stingy. The plot for this season was better than previous as I felt that they're not rushing into solving the cases. It had better explanation on why and why this and that happened.

And as Dr.Han's had no longer took the drugs and did not went through the surgery, he develop a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or better known as split personality. The other part of him was his ambition towards experimenting the brainwaves. That part had written the thesis on that subject but then one person carry out the experiment, on human. He would make people suffer by messing up with their brainwaves. In my opinion, he is the worst of all cases that were on the overall season. And he is not dead. What a bummer. He should be dead in stead of living, even if it's behind the bars.

And in this season, Professor Jang died... or not ? Because on the latest season, he was living, fine and breathing. I am not very sure. As for Dr.Han, he collapsed on his way to meet Detective Kang. Another hanging ending.

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 This season started with Dr. Han fall into comatose state for one year. The conflict on this season involved Dr.Han's own mother. She makes a human clone with her own eggs for research purposes. Her lab was sponsored by her patient which also a suspect of several cases.

I'm not too hype on this season and the thrill was nothing like the previous season. That powerful man (the suspect) then died in the hand of Dr.Han's mum. Even if she is a woman with a big ambition, she still cared for her son. As the man threaten to harm her son, she took an action first. 

This season plays a bit more of my emotion as one of the junior in the lab was killed. He knew about the case of the man and became a victim. Dang, I cried when he died. 

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 So, here is the last season. The cases of this season was no longer one per episode. It became a trend for crime or medical drama to solve cases with two episodes per case. CODAS system that was lead by Kwak Hyuk Min became a threat to Dr.Han's team. Kwak Hyuk Min and Chief Jo had a long history together. 

At first, I thought it would be a boring if Dr.Han going to be the target of the criminal, again. But then, it showed that Dr.Han had nothing to do with the potential criminal. It was Chief Jo and Kwak Hyuk Min, this time. However, as the plot developed, Dr.Han still couldn't escape the crisis. 

From my opinion, this is the tenses and emotional season. From the start until the end of the season, they were looking for the actual event that happen behind the fire case of the welfare. It took them six episodes to solve the case. I cried tons for the last two episodes. Even though the criminal was bad enough to kill the people in the most quickest and painful way, I kind of satisfied with it. Those people deserved it. When the criminal died and Dr.Han's finally found his lost memory, it was the saddest. I actually hoped that they will be alive and given the second chance to fix themselves. But then they died.

The most confusing moment was on of the last scene where Dr.Han, Chief Jo, Detective Kang plays traditional Korean board game with Professor Jang. I seriously remembered that he had died. But then, he is alive. I am confused.

OVERALL - One of the greatest drama that I had ever watched. And since it had been so long since I watched a medical drama, I fell so refresh. It was a great ride !

For the closing, here is the quotes from the first season,

"People are not ignorant about rare diseases, people are ignorant of humanity." - Professor Jang

"Not to get an answer from a brutal question, but to reflect us on a mirror, called death." - Dr.Han


The Five

August 17, 2019

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
Title : The Five / Deo Paibeu / 도파이브 
Runtime : 123 minutes
Genre : Thriller
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Distributors : CJ Entertainment

Cast : Kim Sun Ah, Ma Deong Seok, Shin Jung Keun, Lee Jung Ah, Jung In Gi
Plot :

After her family was killed by a serial murder, Eun Ah lives in despair. She is physically and mentally unstable. She decided to get revenge by gathering other four people who is in need of her organs as she had a rare type of blood.

This movie was produced based on a webcomic called 'The 5ive Hearts'  by Jung Yeon Sik.


All those two hours screen-play was so intense ! Especially when the killer broke into Eun Ah home and the last one hour. It was a crazy ride. The fact that the killer is actually a sculptor made it crazier. I was not expecting that at all. I only thought that he kidnap and killed his victims because of some type of obsession or maybe some painful events that made him that way. But girl, I was so wrong. He only killed because he thought himself as a creator who purify the soul and born them again. Tsk.

The people who was recruited by Eun Ah tried to go against her once, before they were told the side of her story. It was a human instinct to save themselves first before others as they all tried to get their part without doing the actual work. And again, it was human of them to accept the work after Eun Ah told her story. They even wanted to save her from killing herself to fulfill the promise she made with them.

I really really dislike the antagonist. I mean, he was so crazy about being a creator to a pure soul that he killed. He really have no sense of guilt or whatsoever. I was so satisfied when Eun Ah used her ability of creating domino's effect into use while catching him. Even though the first attempt was a fail. The way she ended him was a big satisfaction to me. He was killed with his own creation. At that moment, I finally felt like breathing again.

To the last moment, I had the hope that Eun Ah's daughter was alive, even when there was exact proof that she is died. Hm. If she were alive, maybe the ending can be a little happier. Oh, one of the organ receiver that was on Eun Ah's side was died. That, was unexpected.

Overall, I am satisfied with the storyline and not to mention all those actors did play their roles perfectly. I definitely love it !



Mountain Cry

August 12, 2019

Assalamualaikum, holla ! Are you people still celebrating Eid ? Still doing korban ? Then I wish a very happy day for you. To those who had started working, then I hope you will have a happy day ahead.  As for today's review, it is a Chinese movie. It is a beautiful movie.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Mountain Cry 
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Drama, Romance
Country : China
Released year : 2015
Distributor : Village Roadshow Pictures
Cast : Lang Yueting, Wang Ziyi
Plot :

The movie was set in the year of 1984, started with the sudden death of a husband and a father to a family in a remote village on the mountain. Han Chong, the person who was responsible to his death was supposed to took care of the widow, Mute/Hong Xia and her two child until she came up with the compensation amount that she wanted. The villagers then learnt and understand the Mute's side of story with her power and her own voice.

This movie is a novel-based written by Ge Shuiping.


I actually was not expecting such a strong twist from this movie but there was. I loved how minimal conversation they had throughout the movie, it kept me guessing what Mute was actually trying to say. At the same time, it had me frustrated.

The plot definitely had me hooked. Especially after the vision or maybe memory from Mute's childhood was shown. I only had the grasped that she didn't love her husband seeing how to resist him. She was kidnapped and then sold to him when she was about ten years old, maybe ? Because she overheard the conversation she wasn't suppose to hear, her husband then cut her tongue. Definitely not expecting that one.

From my point of view, there was no heart fluttering moment between Han Chong and Mute. But I love how he took responsibility on her when he was against the contract at first. Charming ? Yes. Even though I am sure that I had an emotionless face throughout the movie, I can't help myself to stop watching. I don't know why I am so hooked on this movie.

The only time when I felt something was when Mute decided to turn herself in to save Han Chong from doing so. Dayum girl got so brave. And the truth of the death of her husband then was revealed through the letter she wrote. 

Overall, I love this movie. Even though it is a bit boring, but I can't stop myself from stopping in the middle. If there was an english translation to the novel, I would love to read that !


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