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Voice 2

December 29, 2018 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hola hola peopleeee ~ So, how's everyone ? Here is another review of K-drama. I have been highly anticipated to watch this drama as the first season is a big hit and definitely the best. Although the main actor has changed, but the second season is still a success. So, let's get to the main topic !

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Voice 2 / Boiseu 2 /
Episodes : 12
Network : OCN
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Lee Hana, Lee Jin Wook
Plot :

After proving her ability, Kang Kwon Joo able to keep Golden Time and continue to direct the team. After the death of her superior, police began to speculate that her superior was driving under influence of alcohol and got into an accident and cause death to the citizen. Kang Kwon Joo and her teammates believe that her superior is innocent began to investigate his case. At the same time, Detective Do Kang Woo who had the same thought as Kang Kwon Joo began to investigate the case as it is similar to his past case. They then formed a joined operation and continue to investigate together.

As I never did a review on the first season of 'Voice', I thought that I should do a simple one. In 'Voice', Kang Kwon Joo had lost his father to a serial killer, she even had a conversation with the killer. She trained her hearing in US and then back as a voice profiler to catch the killer. Moo Jin Hyuk was a competent and a popular detective but as his wife was killed, he felt guilty as he could not protect her. Kang Kwon Joo then insisted on forming Golden Time team and take Moo Jin Hyuk as the liable detective in her team. They then began to hunt the killer of their family members.

Basically that's what happen in the first season.


Honestly, I did not expect a second season but when I found out, I was thrilled. However I was a bit sad as Jang Hyuk did not take the detective role and was replaced by Lee Jin Wook. I was unfamiliar with the name and a became bit prejudice on his acting, well, it was before I watch the drama. When I finally watch the drama, he is actually great and his acting is on par with Jang Hyuk (maybe because he looks serious and expressionless).

One thing that I really love is, they did not completely cut off the cast that was changed. In the first season, Ye Sung act as a IT genius. They explained that his character went to study abroad. As for Jang Hyuk, he went abroad to treat his sick son. But Kang Kwon Joo occasionally sent e-mail to him, updating about the team. 

Unlike the first season, this season are a bit more serious, cruel and psychotic. Every cases mentioned in this season will be related to the main killer. And every cases are just very very cruel. They cut off a certain part of the victim as a reward. Even though they did not shows that kind of scene, but it was hinted in the drama and it will give me goosebumps as well as tingling sensation on my body. 

The main killer was reveal at the half of the drama, which left me confused. I was like, 'He's not the killer' but man I was wrong. It was really unexpected as he worked as a government worker. Being mentally ill since young, he even tried to take Detective Do to his side. Another things that keep me watching is the background of Detective Do as he often experienced flashback of a little girl calling him 'Kosuke' and told him to return her things. Damn the plot is very interesting one.

Thriller-lover definitely should watch this drama. Oh, and do not forget to watch the first one. Even though there is not a lot to miss out, you still should watch both. Biggest spoiler, Kang Kwon Joo died. Or I thought so. AND THERE WILL BE SEASON 3 !!! I was upset with the ending but then I was shocked that they will make another season. OMGGGG. And maybe, season 3 will be Moo Jin Hyuk X Do Kang Woo as Kang Kwon Joo is no longer alive. And maybe her assistance, Park Eun Soo ( Season 1 & 2) will be directing the team ? 

Anyways, I am very excited for the next season ! Now, you all should go and watch ! Till then,

p/s : this is scheduled post as I will be starting my final exam on 31st Dec. Pray for me ya !

Tuesday 25 December 2018

Part Time Spy

December 25, 2018 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hi. So, here is another korean movie review. Before that, I would like to apologize that I have only do korean drama and movie reviews. It wasn't my intention but I have been facing a hard time looking for another country movies that I am interested in. Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies and drama are what I usually find. So, bear it with me. *puppyeyes

I found this movie on my YouTube recommendation, so I decided to watch it because it is full movie and fully english subbed. I am very pleased.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Part Time Spy / Bijeongkyujik Teuksuyowon / 미정교직 특수요원
Runtime : 117 minutes
Released Year : 2017
Distributors : Storm pictures
Cast : Gang Ye Won, Han Chae Ah, Nam Gung Min,
Plot :

Jang Yong Sil used to be jobless until she got hired by NSA as a contract worker to write positive things for NSA. Because of the situation, her boss planned to end her contract and she desperately tried to stay. One day, she overheard that her boss became a victim of voice pishing scheme. Her boss send her as an undercover spy to the voice pishing company to get his money back. As a reward, she will be a full time worker in NSA. Na Jung An is a detective who is also worked as an undercover to bring down the scheme. As both of them found out about each other identities, they started to make a joint operations.

The movie is neither light nor heavy. It is just nice. Overall, it is worth to watch.


First of all, I mistook Gang Ye Won as another actress and never realized that she is another person until I looked up for the movie. Her acting is good and I really love the way she act as a clueless and a determined woman. Her character resemble what we have in reality. She only worked as part time workers until she became a contract worker. I somehow became scared as I was about to finish my diploma and I still considering my next step.

Yong Sil updated the current situation to her boss

Having a character like Na Jung An balanced out the story. Opposite of Jang Yong Sil, she is a hardheaded woman with foul mouth. Even so, she is very kindhearted. The combination of the two actress definitely a good balance and make this movie became more interesting. 

Nam Gung Min, the villain in this movie. I had loved his acting ever since I watch 'Voice'. He suits to be a villain. A handsome villain at that. He is the mastermind of the voice pishing scheme, act like an innocent businessman when he is not. I often felt annoyed at his character.

this one funny little scene ~

My most favorite scene is the one when both of the undercover spies got abducted and left in the warehouse with wild dogs. I thought they will never get out until help came but actually it is a funny scene. The way they get away from the dogs is really funny that I shed tears.

If you are interested, check this out ~


Sunday 18 November 2018

Still 17

November 18, 2018 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hey ! So, I recently finished watching another k-drama and it was an awesome drama ! *doublethumbsup. I admit that this drama had nothing to do with law nor crime nor medical but it still manage to won my heart !

Title : Still 17 / Thirty but Seventeen / Seoreunijiman Yeolilgobibmida /
Episodes : 32 ( 35 minutes each )
Network : SBS
Plot :

Gong Woo Jin is a 30 years old who works as a set designer. Due to painful experiences, he refuse to have connection to people. Woo Seo Ri is a violinist who woke up from a coma after an accident 13 years ago. In her mind, she is still 17 years old girl but in reality, she is 30. To find her aunt and uncle, the two of them cross path.

I actually had found one book that had similar story plot to this drama, but I had never read that book. And I'm not sure if it's printed book. Well, let's get to the real deal.


First, I wanna say that this drama is very very cute. Like, you had a crush on someone but years later you found out that someone also had a crush on you. But honey, this story are not as simple as that. Both of the main characters had to deal with their own discomfort. For Woo Seo Ri, I felt really sorry for her. In her mind, she only slept for a day as she remember when she got into the accident but in reality she already slept for 13 years and she is 30 years old. It was very sad every time she imagined what would happen if she didn't involve in the accident. Every time she did, I would definitely think, 'what if it happens to me ?'. 

Second, Gong Woo Jin. He had been stuck in his 17 years old as he couldn't forget what had happen to him. I don't want to spoil the fun and told you but yes, it shad something to do with Seo Ri's accident. He started to act cold to people, afraid that he will interfere in someone's life again. He always went abroad, away from people and when he came back, he never think of what others think of him, even if he was accused as a pervert. But when he finally realized that he liked Seo Ri, and opened up to her, it was so cute. He was like high school boy in love. 

I definitely love the plot line and how it change from where they were 17 and when they are 30. In my opinion, there was nothing left out and the ending is definitely the best. I think this drama is way better and sweeter than other dramas that I had watch. This drama had made into my favorite list. Besides all of the sweetness, there was also sense of humor in this drama. Especially with the appearance of Chan's (woojin's nephew) close friends. One being that smart-ass but too old looking and another being that handsome and dumb. It was a very good combination. They got especially funny when they tried to be friendly with Woo Jin. And not to forget, Jennifer, she is another one of a kind that make this drama more interesting than it already is.

I love how this story unravel the mystery during the 13 years of Woo Seo Ri being unconscious. Where her uncle and aunt gone, how the house was sold to another person and mostly, who paid for her hospital bill. A little bit plot twist over here, as I thought it would be Seo Ri's uncle, but it was not him. The one who paid for the hospital bill was someone that had never cross my mind. Nevertheless, the drama is great, not too heavy and not too light. It is just fine.

Like always, I will leave with my favorite quote from this drama,

"No matter how painful a moment may be, it'll all pass. its up to you whether to ignore it or leave it as a regret, or whether you make it into a memory you want to look back on." - Jennifer

"They say, 'when one door to happiness close, another door to happiness opens up for you. but many of us are only focuses on the closed door and doesn't even realize that another door has opened up. perhaps, the other door to happiness might not be something grand or special. perhaps, the small and trivial things that look insignificant are the other doors to happiness. if you don't flop down in front of a closed door, before its too late, if you take a look at the other door to happiness, if you muster up the courage and walk towards it,then perhaps, you could find happiness that you don't even realized exist." - Gong Woo Jin

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Be With You

November 14, 2018 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! Here is another review of a movie. It is Korean movie that was out this year. I actually watched this movie because of my friend. She is a big fan of the actor in this movie so he make me watch this, so I did.

Title : Be With You / Now, I Am Coming To See You / Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida / 지금 만나러갑니다
Runtime : 131 Minutes
Release Year : 2018
Distributor : LOTTE Entertaintment
Country : South Korea
Cast : So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hwan
Plot :

After his wife, Soo Ah died, Woo Jin take care of his son, Ji Ho alone. Before Soo Ah died, she made a promise to her son that she would come back on rainy days after a year. One day, Soo Ah appeared in front of them but she couldn't remember anything.

This movie is based on a Japan novel, 'Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu' written by Takuji Ichikawa.


I reaaaaaaaally love the intro part of this movie. They started it a cute animation of penguins that had the same plot of this movie. And as I continued to watch, I realized that the animation and this movie is actually the same. At first, I doubted that it will be the same because Soo Ah lost her memory, but I knows it is same when the movie comes to the end.

A friendly warning, this is actually very very very sad movie. I'm not sure how many times did I cry when I watched the movie but I am very sure that I cried. I got to say that this movie is very beautiful even thought it is quite unbelievable. I mean, how can someone who had died came back after one year ?

When Woo Jin and Ji Ho found Soo Ah under the tunnel, I thought that she is another person who had the same face because she had no memory of them. When Woo Jin told Ji Ho to not told Soo Ah that she once died, I thought Woo Jin wanted to let Soo Ah acted like Ji Ho's mother, so that he didn't become sad once he knew that she is not her real mother. But I was wrong because that Soo Ah is really Ji Ho's mother. Since then, they started living together and Soo Ah started to learn that Ji Ho is her son and Woo Jin is her husband. She learned from the started, where he first knew Woo Jin and I got to say that their love story is really cute.

When Soo Ah realized that she is dead and will left her little family,she started to teach Ji Ho how to do house works. This was the time when I realized that she is Ji Ho's mother. When she finally left them, they did felt sad for a good time but they finally moving on. Their life are getting better with Soo Ah help. The family-hood in this movie is very strong and touching. I love the ending. The plot is simple but enjoyable. Even thought the was no plot twist, it is really good.

this is before they met Soo Ah, Ji Ho keep wore raincoat to school, hoping that it will rain

it was raining, Ji Ho went to train station, hoping to see his mother

woo jin missing his wife

Ji Ho washed his friend's father's car

okay, this is just some beautiful scenery that I need to share

this is sad sceneeeeeeeeee , i criiii

Soo Ah's leaving sobsob

Interested ? try to watch it !


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GIVEAWAY BUKU by budakvanilla

November 12, 2018 5 Comments

Hi, so I decide to join another giveaway because the prize is something that I really really really love to have. To be honest, I read quite a lot but I've ignoring my books since SPM. *facepalm 

"Macam mana boleh terjebak dengan buku"

To answer this question, honestly, I don't really know. I just did ? Or maybe I got influence from my older sister who read tons of novels. When I was 9 , or 10 years old, I kept questioning her what so great about reading. But then, I fall into reading. Nowadays, I am into poems.

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Thoughtless Thursday #011

November 08, 2018 1 Comments

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Warm greeting to every one of you, it's been quite long since I did this thoughtless thursday  all because of hectic schedule of being a student (more like I didn't manage my time well) and me, being so lazy. Currently, being a last year diploma student scares me for what will come in the future.

I have been questioning my decision for a year of  being a business student instead of pursuing what  really want to. People kept telling me to let all of my dream go and live in the present time but I can't do that. I kept thinking whether it will be okay for me to start anew. I am considering to take medicine, which mean that I will be somewhat 'wasting' two years of my time for completing my diploma in business. I keep thinking of my family's acceptance, what they gonna say and all. I hope they would never will question my decision, never spoke out their thought.

The only option for me is, to challenge myself with something I never really enjoy of or to challenge myself for the things I enjoy. 

I wish I could stop worrying, I wish I stop this stupid overthinking and above all, I wish I would never had this anxiety. It's terrible. Pray for myself.

Friday 2 November 2018

Miss Hammurabi

November 02, 2018 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, here goes another k-drama review. Usually, a law-based k-drama will revolving around prosecutor or lawyer but this drama revolve more of judges than another law-based occupation. And unlike the other drama that centralized on criminal crime, this is more to civil crime but there still mention of criminal crime. Honestly, I watched this drama because of L and I definitely not regretting it because this drama is quite fun. Not because of him, but because of Go Ara and Song Dong Il.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Miss Hammurabi /Misseu Hammurabi / 미스 함무라비
Episodes : 16
Network : JTBC
Cast : L, Go Ara, Song Dong Il
Plot :

Park Cha Oh Reum is a rookie judges that was assigned to Department 44, the same department with Im Ba Reun, a senior judges who used to go to same high school as her. Park Cha Oh Reum doesn't accept prejudice and blindly follow the order from her authority. She can't tolerate injustice and had a strong will.

First, I need to apologize as this review is completely based on my memory. My notes on this drama is lost and I have no idea where it goes. *cryingariver


First thing first, L is definitely did a good job for the character, Im Ba Reun ( maybe because it's similar to his real life character, based on what I watch on shows ). His character portrays a worker who followed rules and never go against his authority. So, when he had a junior, Park Cha Oh Reum, who often make scenes at work, it was a hilarious. He simply couldn't handle her.

Park Cha Oh Reum, used to live as a wealthy girl but her family went bankrupt and her father died.  She then stay with her grandmother. She became the center of attention ever since she go against her presiding judge. She tends to choose sides when she in court, which usually will arise problem. She is known to be troublemaker of the court. With the help of her senior, Im Ba Reun and the presiding judge, Han Se Sang, she improve herself before taking action. I love how she always enthusiastic about her work but sometimes I feel frustrated because of she kind of always had her nose in others business. She just couldn't mind her own business !

As usual, the side characters are the one who always make the drama more interesting. First, the presiding judge, Han Se Sang. He is an actor that K-drama fans would immediately recognized as he is in a lot of project. In this drama, he had a character of a late bloomer of a judge. He appeared to be strict and unfriendly boss but he indeed, had a kind and soft heart. This kind of character really suite him well. Because of Oh Reum enthusiasm and constant on being troublemaker, he always on edge. He sometimes appear intimidated by her and let her take her way, which always make me frustrated.

And my most favorite one, Jung Bo Wang, the noisy co-worker from another department also a friend-since-high-school of Im Ba Reun and Lee Do Yeon, the clerk of Department 44. I think they are really cute together. Lee Do Yeon is a hard-working clerk who didn't give a damn about others and always appear cold to other people make Jung Bo Wang had a hard time to approach her. He definitely interested in her but had no idea how to woo her. When Ba Reun and Oh Reum teased him, he always denied them.

Overall of the story, it is a bit boring for me. However, there are few aspects that make me continue to watch this drama.  First, the history of Park Cha Oh Reum. When the story first started, it shows her bravery to openly faced a sexual harrasser inside of train. But when the flashback scene is on, she appear to be a timid and quiet girl. I am wondering what is her turning point for her to change the way she are, so I keep watching. Second and last, ever since the first episode, it is obvious that Im Ba Reun liked her and he did confessed to her but was rejected. So, I waited for her to accept him which happen on the freaking last episode. *facepalm

This drama teaches me that, it is okay to break the stereotype. Why did I say so ? Because there was this one scene where Oh Reum told her presiding judge that a very kind judge was abusing his power as a judge. Even thought she was criticized by her fellow colleagues, the one who was at fault, thank her. Right then, I realized that even thought what she did is out of norm, she actually did a favor for that judge. And like always, I will ended this with a quote,

"It may look like striking a rock with an egg,but surprisingly it can change the world at times, if someone ask a question. The kind of question that no one is asking even though it must be asked."

Monday 22 October 2018

Partners For Justice

October 22, 2018 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, holla peep ! So, another review for a not-sweet-k-drama. This drama gave me a complete new experiences as I have never watch anything that related to autopsy. Dealing with the dead are not easy. Honestly, I only recognized a few actors in this drama and the rest are completely new faces to me. So, let's start.

Title : Partners for Justice / Investigation Couple / Gumbeobnamnyeo /
Episodes : 32
Network : MBC
Cast : Jung Jae Yong, Jung Yoo Mi
Plot :

Baek Beom had been an autopsy doctor for 10 years. He used to be a heart surgeon but due to an accident, he quit. He had a bad attitude and very harsh to people but he is also very committed and had an excellent work. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor who had a bright personality. She comes from a wealthy family. Despite her father's opposition of her work choice, she still continue work hard for her dream.

Before I started sharing my personal opinion, I would like to give a head up that I might wrote something a bit different from the drama as I had finished this drama for about a month and half.


Let's begin with the first character, Baek Beom. Before they reveals that he used to work as a heart surgeon, I thought he is just another character that loves his work more than anything but he actually had a another story before he became a forensic doctor. There's nothing much to say about his character, it was good. I sometimes think that he is Jang Hyuk because he kinda looks like him. This character really suit him, maybe because of his expression.

Second, Eun Sol. This character is a bit awkward because of her background as a girl from a wealthy family. The reasons she became a prosecutor is because she really love investigation American shows. She is really enthusiastic of her works despite learning the reality of her work were nothing like in the show that she watched.

As for the people around Baek Beom, I really love the character Stellar Hwang. She is a person who deals with chemical. I think her character is really cool and very chill. Especially when the male detective is trying to flirt with her. The funniest thing is when they supposedly slept together, then she came to him with a contract as she is not looking for some relationship. The detective was very flustered then refused to sign the contract and thought if he get out, Stellar would chase him. But man, he thought wrong as Stellar immediately kick him out of her house.

The only character around Eun Sol that shone is Kang Hyun, he is her senior prosecutor who also kind of like her. Earlier of his career, Kang Hyun was assigned to a case related to car accident and coincidentally, the accused is Baek Beom. Kang Hyun hold a grudge towards Baek Beom for unknown reason ( revealed later in the plot ). I honestly didn't like his character because first, the way he act is quite forceful and honestly, the actor of this character couldn't portray this character well. It doesn't suit him.

As for the cases throughout the episodes, I could say that overall of the cases are okay, logic and somewhat everyday cases tha we often heard of. Some cases gave us a real plot twist and very unexpected event. It was a worth-watching. Ending of this drama left me frustrated because the secret of Baek Beom aren't fully revealed. And there was a hint of season 2 which I would anticipate very much.

Quote of this drama,

"Nothing is certain in our future. Except for a fact that we will all die, one day." - Baek Beom

So, give this drama a shot !


Friday 19 October 2018

Thursday 11 October 2018

Wednesday 10 October 2018


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Assalamualaikum and hello to every of you. I know that I've been reeeeeeally inactive for about a month. My second last semester just began on the early September so I've been really busy since then. Since I didn't qualify to stay inside the university ( hostel, duh ) I've to rent a house, or room outside the university.

One week before the class began, my friend told me that she had one spot available for me, so without any choice, I agreed. We rent a room near the university ( luckily ). Basically, the room had two single bed, one double decker, three closet and one bathroom. It is comfortable. There's another catch tho, the monthly rent is actually quiet expensive for a student who had no side income, and all four of us had no transportation to go for classes. For now, we either go with Grab or we walked. And for the whole September, I had no access to Internet unless I'm in the university. My phone carrier decided to make a joke by taking away my balance unless I left with zero balance. So, I decided not to top-up until the expiration date. Everyone around me had a hard time to get hold of me.

As for my roommate, I only familiar with one person and the other two is her circle of friend. Adapting to them isn't really hard. They're nice people but I can't help but get offended sometimes. It feels like they purposely excluding me from their conversation. I knew that I can get over this, some time in the future, I hope.

So, I guess that's all for now, thnks !

p/s : I have  draft of 2 or 3 on review label, so, stay tuned !


Thursday 6 September 2018

Thoughtless Thursday #010

September 06, 2018 6 Comments
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Aloha people ! I'm feeling a bit sad this week because the next semester will start very very soon. I haven't start packing, yet and I don't think I will start soon. Looks like my so-called break mission are not successful, again. Old habit die hard. sigh

I wanted to finish my diploma as soon as possible, but the reality after diploma life, still manage to get me a massive headache. One question that I receive lately is,

"Degree or work ?"

Honestly, me myself, had no idea. Every time my friends, family asked me, I can't answer them. I really envy people who had planned out their life. What I;m gonna do ? I hope things would work out for me too. D-5 to next semester, chaiyok !

exactly me zzZzZ
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner


Tuesday 4 September 2018

Wok Of Love

September 04, 2018 6 Comments
Greetings to you. I came with another review of k-dramas entitled 'Wok Of Love'. The sole reason I watch this drama is because of the actor, Jang Hyuk and JunHo of 2PM.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Wok of Love / Greasy Mello / Gireumjin Mello /기름진 멜로
Episodes : 38 [ 30mins per episode ]
Network : SBS
Genre : Drama, Romance, Comedy
Cast : Jang Hyuk, Jun Ho, Jung Ryeo Won
Plot :

Seo Poong is a talented chef who works for Giant Hotel for almost 10 years. He had a fiancee and get married to her. After a month of their marriage, he found out that his wife had been cheating on him with the CEO of Giant Hotel. Poong, who was supposed to get the promotion as the Head Chef was moved to another branch. He felt cheated and decide to leave the hotel and took revenge on the hotel. He then opened a restaurant across the hotel. The restaurant was originally run by Do Chil Seung, a loan shark and his subordinate. They had to close the restaurant due to the lack of customer.

Dan Sae Woo, who came from a rich family, is a young woman who was engaged. When her wedding day came, her father was arrested and her wedding was cancelled. Her husband ran away as soon as he heard the news. Thanks for Do Chil Seung, who fell in love with her at first sight, she began working at the restaurant that was run by Poong.


Before I start my review, I feels that I really need to tell you that this drama will make your mouth water or worse, you might want to grab a quick meal almost every episode that you watch. Even thought some of the dishes were made with pork, which is haram for muslim, but I can't help  but feels hungry ><

Back to my review, I personally thought this drama will be another boring drama, but it is actually very interesting. The funny scenes, the intense scenes, the romance, I think it was all balanced. The chemistry between the actors are really great and I really really really love Do Chil Seung. He was hopelessly in love with Sae Woo even thought he knew that she is a married woman. Even when she had divorced and rejected him countless times, he still couldn't get over her.  Another thing about him, he is the nicest loan shark. He even gave a big amount of money to help Sae Woo get a 'surgery'. He also help Poong to get his revenge.

As for Seo Poong, when he found out about his wife unfaithfulness, he was in despair and was actually hope that she would came back to him. He finally realized that she didn't love him when he found out that she was once pregnant with his child. Even thought it was quite sad when he found out about the baby, the scene was funny when he confront his ex-wife and the CEO. The once unremovable knife, was removed. You should watch this scene. Honestly, Poong is my ideal type of man. The main reason is because he is a chef. Hehe, I can't cook *peace. And as I describe, he is really faithful to his love and ready to fight for it.

Dan Sae Woo, I really like her character. When her life began to fall down, she wore a fencing mask and brought her pet around the city. It was funny because her pet, I am not going to mention what pet she had, you gotta find it out yourself. She successfully portray a rich girl who was not used to be at kitchen. With her unique character, I didn't know exactly how to describe. What shocked me the most is, the was a scene where she was drunk and went inside a carrier, like, how could she fit in there. To add to the extra, Do Chil Seung push the carrier with her inside, I laughed really hard.

I personally liked how the side characters in this drama are not over-shadowed by the main characters ( not everyone shone but they are still recognizable ). First, the people around Dan Sae Woo. The first one is her nanny or housekeeper or ahjumma and co-worker, Chae Seol Ja. She had been working at Sae Woo's house for almost 20 years and when Dan Seung Ki ( Sae Woo's father ) was arrested, she decided to stay and help the family. She also had a history with Master Wang, the main chef of Finishing Touch ( Giant Hotel's Chinese restaurant ). When she finally reuniting with Master Wang, she was tempted to work together with him because he could gave her a bigger salary than Poong could. It was a very dramatic scene in the morning. As the two building was situated across each other, Chae Seol Ja was in the middle of the road from Hungry Wok to go for Finishing Touch. Suddenly, Poong appeared and called for her, at the same time, Master Wang appear from another side. I could say that I was nervous and laughing at the same time. In the end, Poong had to carried her on his shoulder and brought her back to Hungry Wok.

The second side character that shone was Oh Maeng Dal. He is Do Chil Seung right-man. He always had Chil Seung's back and support him. He is also the new love interest for Chae Seol Ja. He fall in love with her at the first sight, I guess ? He was very impressed when Seol Ja showed off her skills to get the work at Hungry Wok.  When he around her, he became somewhat a dummy.

Then, there was Kwang Dong Sik, a member of Do Chil Seung's gang. He is married and  just like Poong, his wife cheated on him with a worker in Finishing Touch, a close friend of Poong when he was part of Finishing Touch. When he found out the truth, he immediately attacked him. Dong Sik was the only member in the gang that was recognized by Poong with his skills. Extra point, he is very handsome, another eye-candy ^^

And the last one, Sae Woo's mother. She portrayed an image of a woman who grown up with silverspoon in her mouth. So, when her family went bankrupt, she was devastated, when she started working as a dishwasher in kitchen, she was scolded a lot by Poong. When Poong knew that she is Sae Woo's mother, he tried to win her back. There was a scene where he was drunk and went to Sae Woo's house and make a scene. She stood strong against their relationship even thought Poong started working in their house's kitchen. She used that to get back at him.

This drama is really worth watching. With unusual pet, to a usual pet, cat, to the funny scene, nerve-wrecking scene, it was all worth the time. Just, don't watch the drama with an empty stomach, or late at night, it will make you crave for things.


Friday 31 August 2018

61 Years with Independence

August 31, 2018 2 Comments
edited using

Assalamualaikum, hello, ni hao, vanakkam dear Malaysian ! So, today is the day when the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Hajj had declared that Federation of Malaya ( former name of Malaysia ) was independence from the British Empire. Thus, to commemorate the event, 31st August 1957, it was later announced as national holiday.

As we know, every year, there would be a theme for The Independence Day and as for this year, Sayangi Malaysia which could also be translated as Love My Malaysia. Bunkface's 'Kita Punya Malaysia' was selected as the official song theme.

As I was in semester break, watching YouTube is my daily thing now. So, I actually found some interesting video about Malaysia that I could share it here.

I don't know why, but this video actually came up on my recommendation, so I just watch it. I think this video is fun and easy to understand as the guy who explain every word are really good. I have never learnt history in English, but I can understand what he was trying to say. This channel is really fun, check it out yourself here

This one is another interesting video because you could actually find out what foreigner said about Malaysia. I was very surprised when one of the guy mention that Malaysia is famous for photography because, I don't really think so. This channel is very fun to subscribe and they upload their videos weekly, check it out here !

This channel was actually conducted by a traveller so he usually uploaded his travelling vlog.And as you can guess, that video is about Malaysia, and how diverse it is. If you are interested in travelling to other country, check out his channel here.

I hope that we as Malaysian could continue to live in peaceful, harmony and respecting each other. Happy Independence Day Malaysia ! And, happy holiday =DD. There was a few quizzes about Malaysia that I found online, so I guess, I will leave with those quizzes as my closing. Good luck ~

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3


Saturday 25 August 2018

My Thought on IDOL

August 25, 2018 2 Comments
Hey fellas. So, yesterday was quite a day for me as I anxiously waited for the clock to hit 5PM. Every ARMY must also had the same feeling as me. Yes, yesterday, Love Yourself  series, Love Yourself : Answer was finally out after along wait. And now the series are officially ended ㅠㅠ

The MV for the title track of this album, IDOL was released at 6PM KST on 24 August 2018. When I first watch the MV, my very first thought is,

'am I watching some bollywood movie right now ?' 

The reason why I had that kind of thought is, there  is one specific scene ( near to the end of the MV ) that shows BTS members dance with a large number of dancers plus with the music somehow resemble the music of bollywood movie where the actors will sang together with a lot pf dancers. ( people who watch SRK, Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor should know exactly what I am talking about ).

The MV is full of colors and it might hurts your eyes ( be careful ! ). And some people even said that their MV had broke the stereotype of K-POP MV which I don't really understand. There is this one scene with drawings of some members, Jimin, SUGA, and Jin. At first, I thought that there are drawings of all members but as I kept watching the MV, I did not found the other four drawings of the members, but well, I don't really have a keen eye. And the scene with shark, it reminds me of the time when Jimin sung 'baby shark dooo dooo' in Summer Package.

(this video are not mine ; credited to the rightful owner, @myalogue on Twitter )

As we are talking about BTS, we had to discuss a little bit of the lyrics. As usual, I have my favorite line from every song. As for IDOL, the bridge part, which was sung by Jimin and Jin is the first in my favorite.

" I'm so fine wherever I go,
Sometimes I find the longest way to go around,
It's okay, I'm in love with myself,
It's okay, I'm happy in this moment "
Another part that I love is sung by Jungkook and V, 

" There are tens and hundreds of myself in me,
I welcome another me, today,
After all, all of them is me,
I just go at it, rather than sit on it,
Runnin' man. "

 And of course the line is,

" You can't stop me loving myself "

 The song itself is catchy. Honestly, EDM is not my favorite genre but I do listen to them from time to time, so I guess, this song will be able to keep my mood up, just like other EDM song does. I haven't yet heard of another song in the album ( internet was so slow and I got lazy everytime ) but I have heard 'Trivia : Seesaw'. It was really good ! One more thing, there is another version featuring Nicki Minaj of this song and the MV will be upload later days, ( I will update this post when the time comes =D )

I think this is all I could share, so I'll leave with the official MV of IDOL, enjoy ~

p/s : when the clock hit 5PM, I hit the refresh button on ibighit channel countless times and the MV wasn't in so I had to search, up until now the MV was not in their channel and I also did not receive any notification*facepalm* ( did it only happened to me ? )


Thursday 16 August 2018

Thoughtless Thursday #009

August 16, 2018 4 Comments
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
(this will be me after diploma *facepalm)
Holla people ! It's been so long since I wrote on Thoughtless Thursday entry. Since I'm on my semester break until early of September, I had no idea what I should do to fill my days. I only had my long list of k-dramas to watch. I currently watched on Wok of Love and once I have finished, I will make sure to put it on review que !

And, not to mention, I have more or less one week before BTS comeback ! YEAYYY. Make sure you guys check out the intro for the upcoming album.



August 16, 2018 1 Comments
Assalamualaikum. This is kind of a very late review because I have finish this drama about a month ago. So, expect a bit of confusing plot.

Alright, aku sendiri tak pasti apa sebab aku tengok cerita ni sebab based on summary yang aku baca, cerita ni tak bagi big impact pun dekat aku. But I still ended up watching this. So, here is my honest opinion.

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Suits / 슈츠
Network : KBS2
Episodes : 16
Genre : Law
Cast : Park Hyung Sik, Jang Dong Gun
Plot :

Go Yeon Woo adalah seorang anak yatim piatu yang dibesarkan oleh neneknya. Dia ada cita-cita untuk jadi seorang peguam, tapi disebabkan oleh latar belakang dia yang miskin, dia tak dapat nak further dalam bidang tu. Instead, dia jadi valet boy untuk tanggung kos hospital nenek dia. One day, kawan dia mintak tolong hantarkan drug dekat one of hotel room. Mulanya dia tolak tapi disebabkan terdesak untuk bayar bil hospital nenek dia, he forced to take the job. On his way to the hotel room, dia sedar yang dia sebenarnya diperangkap sebab ada police. So, dia pun escape. At the same time, ada satu interview untuk hire attorney dekat hotel tu. Choi Kang Seok, merupakan seorang attorney yang sangat berkaliber dekat Kang & Ham Law Firm. Go Yeon Woo yang masa tu tengah desperate nak lari daripada polis terus menyamar as one of the interviewee yang dipanggil untuk masuk interview. Given the eidetic memory, Go Yeon Woo berjaya impressed kan Choi Kang Seok walaupun Choi Kang Seok sedar yang Go Yeon Woo bukan the right applicant. He then hired Go Yeon Woo walaupun dia tahu yang Go Yeon Woo takda licence untuk practice law.

A little head up, story line drama ni tak heavy mana sebab theres a lot of funny scene. And romance also.


First of all, aku jenis manusia yang suka kumpul quote, especially from what I watched, heard. Dan drama ni sangatlah baik sebab every episodes akan ada satu quote yang somehow berkaitan dengan content episode tu. Tapi tak semua quote aku dapat relate and faham sebab bila dia relate dengan certain episode, quote tu jadi applicable only on that episode. Aku nak share few quote yang aku faham.

"Fate gets decided by the choice you make, not coincidence"

"There always lies a dark side behind the face of the truth. Therefore, the truth doesn't always win just because it shows itself."

And aku akan share one most favourite at the end of the entry.

Honestly, aku still a bit confuse dengan relationship Yeon Woo dengan Kang Seok because there was these flashback scenes yang menunjukkan Yeon Woo masa kecil and Kang Seok masa muda. Dorang macam know each other and macam share a history before. Masalahnya, takde scene yang confirm or deny yang dorang kenal each other. Aku tak sure sama ada writer decide to get rid of the scene or they forget. *facepalm

Bagi aku watak Choi Kang Seok dalam drama ni sangat best sebab dia sangatlah self-centered and suka down kan orang. Dia seorang lawyer with a 99% ( or was it 100 % ? ) chance of winning. Dia lawyer yang takkan bawak case to trial, he thought it as troublesome. Prinsip yang dia pegang, never take it to trial. Dan paling penting, dia tak guna emosi masa deal dengan opposite site. Yang dia tahu, dia kena menangkan client dia ( he never care about other people than his client ).

Go Yeon Woo pulak, sangat opposite dengan Kang Seok. Masa dia mula-mula diiktiraf as one of the associate and not trainee and took case, dia sangat menjaga kebajikan everyone, including his client opponent. Dia merupakan seorang lawyer yang fix the situation. Maksud aku macam, kalau client dia did something wrong, dia akan cari cara untuk make it right. At least, make up to his opponent. Sangatlah tak make sense sebab, kenapa dia perlu kisah, kan ? But yeah, he was like that. Dia banyak kali jugak kena marah and warning dengan Kang Seok.

The moment identiti Go Yeon Woo terdedah, dia kena tahan sebab, well, he broke the law. Masa dia kantoi ni tak salah aku law firm tu baru je lepas one big crisis and Yeon Woo berjaya selamatkan law firm tu daripada terpaksa merge dengan another law firm yang kononnya nak tolong. Kang Seok yang bertanggungjawab hired dia despite tahu Yeon Woo tak berlesen was asked to be responsible. Owner law firm tu tak boleh nak fired dia sebab dia banyak sumbangan dekat law firm tu. So, dia diminta untuk turun pangkat. Kang Seok setuju, tapi dia nak bela Yeon Woo dekat court. After a few argument dengan owner law firm tu, dia dapat bela Yeon Woo. Hukuman Yeon Woo dapat dikurangkan atas sebab dia tak pernah salah guna fake title dia as lawyer and the good deed he had done.

One thing yang perk interest aku is, the additional cast of this drama. First, love interest Go Yeon Woo, Kim Jina. Pelakon yang pegang watak Kim Jina ni is the same actor in 'Mother 2018', Go Sung Hee. Watak yang dia pegang dalam dua dua drama sangatlah contra. In 'Mother 2018', dia pegang watak as an abusive mother, dalam drama ni, she is really sweet girlfriend. And the fact that 'Suits' air ( April to June 2018 ) after 'Mother 2018' ( January - March 2018 ) buat aku wonder sangat macam mana dia boleh change her character in such a short time. Dan lakonan dia sangat wow.

Second is, watak David Kim, one of Kang Seok punya opponent and rival, yang suka challenge dia. He is the same actor in 'Mother 2018', Son Seok Koo . The one yang pegang watak as boyfriend of the abusive mother. Yes, dia adalah boyfriend kepada love interest Yeon Woo. Masa aku perasan both of these actors, aku terus macam speechless sebab they are in a drama again ! Nasib baik dorang takde scene sama-sama.  Kalau tak memang they work on the same project twice lah kan. Tapi watak David ni is more to cameo.

Actually, aku tak berapa faham kenapa drama ni dinamakan Suits. Well, whatever, don't really care. For this drama aku rasa out of five, aku bagi 3. So, I will end this with my favourite quote of this drama,

"Everyone wants to be a jaguar, but they are all hyena"


Saturday 11 August 2018

What Should I Do ?

August 11, 2018 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum. Okay, this just gonna be a quick post. Actually, aku tengah sangat keliru, pening, serabut sangat. Kenapa ?

First, aku ada final paper, lusa tapi aku tak baca apa-apa lagi. Second, aku balik rumah malam final paper dan aku tak kemas apa apa lagi. Third, for next semester, apparently student tak boleh apply for asrama and aku sangatlah perlukan asrama sebab mak aku tak bagi duduk luar T_T. And last, aku tak tahu nak teruskan post review in english ke malay. Actually aku post in english just to improve my english, tapi aku rasa ramai tak berminat nak baca post that was written in english (ada but some).

For the first problem, it can be fixed, kalau aku rajin. Second problem wasn't really problem. As for the third one, ini sangatlah membebankan kepala otak aku. Sangat sangat pening aku dok pikir. Then, aku decide untuk duduk dekat bilik sewa area Nasar Homestay ( idek where it is ). Kawan aku kata permohonan duduk asram bukak first week of new semester. So, aku masih lagi contemplating sama ada nak balik lewat ( and miss out whole lesson for one week ) ataupun stay dekat bilik sewa tu for one week ( tupun kalau aku dapat asrama ).

Aku rasa macam kepala aku nak meletop fikir. Only if management bukak application for asrama before the sem break, it will be better. Like, takdelah aku nak pening kepala nak letak mana barang barang semua, balik awal ke lambat ke apa ke. But, I know that everything will be fine. It should be fine. Hopefully.

And as for last problem, lantak la, I'm gonna write with whatever language. Chaw


Monday 6 August 2018

Steel Rain

August 06, 2018 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hi. Okay, I came across to this movie when I was scrolling through Twitter. There was a clip of one of the part in the movie that perk my interest. Then, I immediately look for this movie online. Countless websites only provide the english subtitles and not the movie. But then, I successfully found the movie !

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
Title : Steel Rain / Gangchulbi /
Release year : 2017
Distributor : Next Entertainment World
Genre : Action
Runtime : 139 minutes
Starring : Jung Woo Sung , Kwak Do Won,
Plot :

Eom Chul Woo is a former top agent from North Korea. One day, he received an order to kill two closest person to their Number One from Lee Tae Han, a high ranking military officer. He was told that the two person are planning a coup. He then accepted the assignment and bade goodbye to his family. While he was waiting for his target at the public appearance of Number One, bombs suddenly drop upon the crowds. Rogue North Korean soldiers descend upon the area and shoots at anyone still movingEom Chul Woo then risks his life to protect the wounded Number One. The only safest place that he could bring the leader is to South Korea.

Kwak Chul Woo is the Chief of Foreign Security Affair in South Korea. He then heard about the active coup in  North Korea and receive an information that Number One is on their way to the South. He then met with Eom Chul Woo and try to come up with a plan to stop the war between the two country.

the situation when Eom Chul Woo was suppose to kill Number One's people.

The gynecologist that suppose to save Number One ( far right ) and two North Korean that follow Eom Chul Woo ( two ladies in pink jacket )

Honestly, I had a hard time trying to understand this movie because I can't figure out who is on the good side and bad side. I came to understand this movie after it run for almost an hour.


Misunderstand #1

At first, I thought Eom Chul Woo was suppose to kill Number One. So, when he saved Number One from the bombing and brought him to South Korea, I was hella confuse. Turn out that he suppose to kill Number One's right man. The bombing situation was unexpected and Eom Chul Woo thought that the person he suppose to kill was behind the bombing

Eom Chul Woo with two North Korea people brought Number One to a gynecology clinic in South Korea and demand the doctor to save Number One. And when Kwak Chul Woo found Eom Chul Woo with an injured Number One and two North Korea citizen, I honestly thought that he wanted to kill Number One.  The plot was actually quiet hard for me to understand.

Misunderstand #2

The second thing that got my head spinning round n' round is their names. As you can see, both of the main cast had the same name. The only different is their nationality and surname. I'm glad that I could differentiate them before the movie ended.

Kwak Chul Woo with Eom Chul Woo ( they first acknowledge that Lee Tae Han is behind the coup )

Despite the hard to understand story line, this movie is actually worth watching. I like how realistic they tried to potray inside the story. This movie doesn't only show the controversial between the South and North Korea but also their allies. When North Korea launch the nuclear bomb, South Korea asked America ( if I'm not mistaken ) for their support and advice.

Honestly, besides the movie 'Secretly, Greatly', I think I rarely cried really hard because of an action movie. This movie is actually heartbreaking. Why ? First, when Eom Chul Woo was first given the assignment, he was told that his family (wife and daughter) will have to move to Cuba. He tried to left when his family was sleeping but his wife woke up and immediately chased after him to say goodbye, as if they knew that that was the last time they would see each other.

Second, during his stay in South Korea, Eom Chul Woo constantly reported his current position to his leader, Lee Tae Han, to ask for help, but he was attacked instead. He didn't realized that he was used by Lee Tae Han until the person he supposed to meet and kill was killed by his own men. Eom Chul Woo was also injured. During his stay in the hospital, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Honestly, this is one unique plot because who would have thought that the hero had a deadly diseases.

And the scene that had my tears non-stop falling from my eyes is the climax. Eom Chul Woo had realised that he was used by Lee Tae Han, he then offered himself to stop the war by him going back to the North to meet Lee Tae Han and asked him to stop the war. He said if he failed, he wanted the South to bomb his location when he gave the signal. Kwak Chul Woo was actually disapprove his suggestion but Eom Chul Woo insisted that it was the only way. When Kwak Chul Woo was in his way to send Eom Chul Woo to finish his mission, Eom Chul Woo asked to borrow his card, he then bought a few gifts for his family. He asked Kwak Chul Woo to give it to his family, if he was able to go to North Korea. I was honestly crying really hard when these two bade their final farewell.  And when Kwak Chul Woo was monitoring and finally received the signal from Eom Chul Woo, he was still debating, but for the future of both country, he had to. I was sobbing hard at this point. TT

on their way to sent Eom Chul Woo back to his country
The final farewell

The saddest thing is, Eom Chul Woo's daughter wasn't told that she had lost her father. Kwak Chul Woo went to North Korea to accompany Number One to go back to his country. He then went to Eom Chul Woo's family to deliver the gifts.

The war was successfully stopped but people will never know the sacrifices of Eom Chul Woo.

Honestly, this is the first Jung Woo Sung's movie that I watched. The catchy title and that video clip that I watched got me to this movie and I am not regretting  it. It was worth watching.

Eom Chul Woo tried to negotiate with Lee Tae Han

Eom Chul Woo was shot and was called as betrayer by Lee Tae Han. He then send the signal to bomb his location.


Tuesday 10 July 2018

Love Me If You Dare

July 10, 2018 3 Comments
Assalamualaikum and hi ! So, this is the first time ever I watched a chinese drama. I found out about this drama on one of the entry of a blogger that I followed ( I'm so sorry that I don't remember your blog T_T ). Because of the interesting desciption of that one blog, I decided to watch the drama myself.

Let's start !

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Love Me, If You Dare / He Has Arrived / Ta Lai Le / Qing Bi Yan
Country : China
Network : Dragon TV
Genre : Suspense, Psychological, Crime, Romance
Episodes : 24
Cast :

1. Huo Wallace / Xiao Hua
not mine; credit to the rightful owner

2. Ma Sandra / Ma Si Chun 

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
3. Yin Andrew / Yin Zhang

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner
4. Wang Kai / Nick

not mine ; credit to the rightful owner

Plot :

Bo Jin Yan is an analyse and advisor of police violent's unit department. Before he moved to China, he was dealing the world's most violent criminal called The Flower Cannibal. After he managed to put him behind the bar, he moved to China to get a little rest. Jian Yao is a college student who were on semester break. She worked as a translator for Jin Yan during her break and found herself attached to him. She began to work as his assistant after finishing her study.

First of all, this drama are really contrast to the title ( I'm not very sure what the chinese title meant but I'm pretty sure that the  english title are literal meaning of the chinese one ). I was actually attracted to the title and when I read the synopsis of the drama, I immediately had a feel that I'm going to like the drama. I'm not regretting anything.

The cases that were discussed along the drama were very crazy. They were so violent, so unimaginable that I had goosebumps every time Jin Yan managed to think what was on the mind of the criminal. I wouldn't say that the entire story were intense and crazy because there was a good funny scene. Especially when there was both  Fu Zi Yu  and Bo Jin Yan in it.

On the early stage of the drama, I really love Fu Zi Yu's character ( I love him through out the story duh ). Because, one, he is a technology geek which I really wanted to be one but nah. Second, he had this funny side. And three, he is damn loyal to Jin Yan. He even made a car for Jin Yan called Andy. Just like Zi Yu, Andy the car shared the same trait as him, except for a technology geek. The car is obviously a technology itself. Unfortunately, Andy's appearance on the drama was lessen towards the middle of the story.

Fu Zi Yu oftenly teased Jin Yan for liking Jian Yao but Jin Yan wasn't aware of his teasing until one day. He asked Zi Yu to meet and have lunch with him. He then straight-forwardly said to Zi Yu that he love Jian Yao. The funny thing was, his face held no emotion. He was so serious that Zi Yu didn't know whether he was serious or not. 

The ending of the drama was really cliche where everyone in the story had a happy ending and none of them were heart-broken or dead. There was this one scene where Li Xun Ran, Jian Yao closest friend and also a police man, 'died' in an explosion of a factory while trying to save a man. I legit crying at that moment but nah, I was just wasting my tears because Li Xun Ran was actually were captured by the psycho who thought he was better than Jin Yan. A small little note, Xun Ran was the toughest one because he overcome death like three times. 

One thing that I wanted to stress is, the twist of this drama are insane. I couldn't even imagine that the production actually revealed the face of the psycho like 8-9 episodes before the final episode. And when that psycho actually died and I thought that everything going to be okay, well, I thought wrong. The real psycho wasn't him. This drama manage to give me a little headache, trying to connect all the dots and everything. The most shocking twist was when the little psycho reveal to the world that Bo Jin Yan had a split personality with an evidence of him talking like a psycho when he was captured by the Flower Cannibal. Jin Yan was targeted by the FBI and police, he wasn't able to move freely. He asked for help from ZiYu and his friend in FBI to save Jian Yao.

He also acted like he had the split personality to save his love. When they came face to face with the real psycho, it was really unexpected because the psycho was someone who were close to him. Despite the cliche ending, the story line were insane. To those who loves this type of drama, I really recommend this one. You wouldn't regret watching !

watch on : myasiantv