Thursday 8 November 2018

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Thoughtless Thursday #011

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Warm greeting to every one of you, it's been quite long since I did this thoughtless thursday  all because of hectic schedule of being a student (more like I didn't manage my time well) and me, being so lazy. Currently, being a last year diploma student scares me for what will come in the future.

I have been questioning my decision for a year of  being a business student instead of pursuing what  really want to. People kept telling me to let all of my dream go and live in the present time but I can't do that. I kept thinking whether it will be okay for me to start anew. I am considering to take medicine, which mean that I will be somewhat 'wasting' two years of my time for completing my diploma in business. I keep thinking of my family's acceptance, what they gonna say and all. I hope they would never will question my decision, never spoke out their thought.

The only option for me is, to challenge myself with something I never really enjoy of or to challenge myself for the things I enjoy. 

I wish I could stop worrying, I wish I stop this stupid overthinking and above all, I wish I would never had this anxiety. It's terrible. Pray for myself.

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  1. Wishing you all the best :) i know u can do it!