Friday 2 November 2018

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Miss Hammurabi

Assalamualaikum, here goes another k-drama review. Usually, a law-based k-drama will revolving around prosecutor or lawyer but this drama revolve more of judges than another law-based occupation. And unlike the other drama that centralized on criminal crime, this is more to civil crime but there still mention of criminal crime. Honestly, I watched this drama because of L and I definitely not regretting it because this drama is quite fun. Not because of him, but because of Go Ara and Song Dong Il.

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Title : Miss Hammurabi /Misseu Hammurabi / 미스 함무라비
Episodes : 16
Network : JTBC
Cast : L, Go Ara, Song Dong Il
Plot :

Park Cha Oh Reum is a rookie judges that was assigned to Department 44, the same department with Im Ba Reun, a senior judges who used to go to same high school as her. Park Cha Oh Reum doesn't accept prejudice and blindly follow the order from her authority. She can't tolerate injustice and had a strong will.

First, I need to apologize as this review is completely based on my memory. My notes on this drama is lost and I have no idea where it goes. *cryingariver


First thing first, L is definitely did a good job for the character, Im Ba Reun ( maybe because it's similar to his real life character, based on what I watch on shows ). His character portrays a worker who followed rules and never go against his authority. So, when he had a junior, Park Cha Oh Reum, who often make scenes at work, it was a hilarious. He simply couldn't handle her.

Park Cha Oh Reum, used to live as a wealthy girl but her family went bankrupt and her father died.  She then stay with her grandmother. She became the center of attention ever since she go against her presiding judge. She tends to choose sides when she in court, which usually will arise problem. She is known to be troublemaker of the court. With the help of her senior, Im Ba Reun and the presiding judge, Han Se Sang, she improve herself before taking action. I love how she always enthusiastic about her work but sometimes I feel frustrated because of she kind of always had her nose in others business. She just couldn't mind her own business !

As usual, the side characters are the one who always make the drama more interesting. First, the presiding judge, Han Se Sang. He is an actor that K-drama fans would immediately recognized as he is in a lot of project. In this drama, he had a character of a late bloomer of a judge. He appeared to be strict and unfriendly boss but he indeed, had a kind and soft heart. This kind of character really suite him well. Because of Oh Reum enthusiasm and constant on being troublemaker, he always on edge. He sometimes appear intimidated by her and let her take her way, which always make me frustrated.

And my most favorite one, Jung Bo Wang, the noisy co-worker from another department also a friend-since-high-school of Im Ba Reun and Lee Do Yeon, the clerk of Department 44. I think they are really cute together. Lee Do Yeon is a hard-working clerk who didn't give a damn about others and always appear cold to other people make Jung Bo Wang had a hard time to approach her. He definitely interested in her but had no idea how to woo her. When Ba Reun and Oh Reum teased him, he always denied them.

Overall of the story, it is a bit boring for me. However, there are few aspects that make me continue to watch this drama.  First, the history of Park Cha Oh Reum. When the story first started, it shows her bravery to openly faced a sexual harrasser inside of train. But when the flashback scene is on, she appear to be a timid and quiet girl. I am wondering what is her turning point for her to change the way she are, so I keep watching. Second and last, ever since the first episode, it is obvious that Im Ba Reun liked her and he did confessed to her but was rejected. So, I waited for her to accept him which happen on the freaking last episode. *facepalm

This drama teaches me that, it is okay to break the stereotype. Why did I say so ? Because there was this one scene where Oh Reum told her presiding judge that a very kind judge was abusing his power as a judge. Even thought she was criticized by her fellow colleagues, the one who was at fault, thank her. Right then, I realized that even thought what she did is out of norm, she actually did a favor for that judge. And like always, I will ended this with a quote,

"It may look like striking a rock with an egg,but surprisingly it can change the world at times, if someone ask a question. The kind of question that no one is asking even though it must be asked."


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  2. I didn't get to watch this yet. and i don't think i'll have the time for that.

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