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Salam Aidilfitri!

May 12, 2021 3 Comments

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I actually had planned to post few entries during Ramadan, tapi ada masalah teknikal yang tak dapat elak so tak jadilah post. Dengan mood nak karang ayat pun kelaut, memang tak bukak sangat pun blog ni haha (saya masih malas nak mengarang jadi tunggulah rajin yang entah bila)

Anyway, selamat menyambut hari raya semuanya! 

With me,

Monday, 3 May 2021

Bring Me Home

May 03, 2021 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Bring Me Home
Runtime : 108 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Drama
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2019
Director : Kim Seung Woo
Writer : Kim Seung Woo
Cast : Lee Young Ae, Yoo Jae Myung
Plot : 
Jung-Yeon’s son with an intellectual disability went missing 6 years ago. She still has not given up hope on finding him. One day, Jung-Yeon receives a tip that her missing son is at a fishing village on an island. Jung-Yeon travels there to find her son.
Plot synopsis by AsianWiki. Pardon me for being lazy hehe.


I feels like I will give too much spoiler so read with caution hehu.

For me, this movie is pure evil. Starting off with the couple, Jung Yeon and her husband trying to cheer up one another even when their only son had gone missing for six years. Her husband had quit his jobs to travel all over the country to spread the news of their missing son. However, when he decided to start working again, a joke, prank message saying that his son is  alive and working somewhere sent him straight to the underworld (if you don't understand, he died, because of a joke, a prank). I actually saw someone comment on this movie, regarding the same matter saying and I quote, "....if you can't help other people's distress, don't add to it", I couldn't agree more.

Just when Jung Yeon was about to end her suffering by herself, she got an information that her son is at a fishing spot on an island. Aren't you guys curious who is the informer? Well, in case you decide to watch and doesn't know who it was, I will be gladly tell you that it was her own brother-in-law. He did it to get money from her, anonymously so that he could pay for his son's tuition. What a  messed up person he is.

Anyway, when she go to the place, she doesn't directly met with Min Su, the boy that looks like her son because the people on that freaking island was sooo secretive and mysterious. From this moment, I am officially become an emotional mess. Whether or not Min Su is Jung Yeon's son, it was so damn wrong for those people to abuse that child. It feels so damn cruel with the beating, sexual harassment, overworking. I can actually feel the anger while writing this because those scenes keep playing in my head.

And the most hated character, was that freaking policeman! He got so damn proud being a police officer but he can kindly go to the hell with his badge. Just because he keep saying he is a cop, doesn't mean he is nice. He seriously angers me the most. And those people on the island, especially the one at the fishing spot were really messed up for doing whatever they did.  They themselves weren't sure of Min Su's real identity so why the hell give the woman to confirm whether or not it was her child.

It was an emotional ride for me. One moment I am sad for her, another moment I'm freaking livid with those people, one moment I could feel the hope for them to be safe and sound. It really drained me. Especially with the final scene at the beach when the tide is low and it was all mudflat, it was so damn sad. Oh, I am not spoiling the ending, so go watch it for yourself (if you don't understand, reach out to me, maybe I can explain, maybe).

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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Cinta Untuk Sekali Lagi by Syu Ariani

April 27, 2021 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

Tajuk : Cinta Untuk Sekali Lagi
Penulis : Syu Ariani
Mukasurat : 373 pages
Penerbit : Bes Q Publication
Terbitan : Oktober 2020
ISBN : 9789672052579
Blurb : 

Menolak luahan perasaan seseorang sambil tersenyum manis? Kejamnya! Tapi itulah yang disaksikan Falisha. Seorang lelaki menolak pengakuan cinta wanita lain bersama muka semanis gula.

"I'm worried my stern face will hurt them even more,"- HUZAIR

Serius, Falisha rasa digeletek dengan kepolosan Huzair. Sebelum ini jalan hidup mereka tak pernah sehaluan tapi sekali bertemu, banyak kali pula kebetulan mempertemukan mereka. Setelah hubungan Falisha dan Huzair menjadi lebih rapat dan mesra, kemunculan Dianne menjadi punca keretakan.

"Kalau kau ada masalah dengan Dianne... jangan lepaskan pada aku."- FALISHA

Falisha bengang dengan perubahan sikap Huzair tapi dalam masa yang sama, dia juga sedar sesuatu.

"Aku rasa aku suka kau."- FALISHA

Jika kebiasaanya, Huzair boleh tolak semua wanita dengan mudah dan ditemani senyuman, kenapa di hadapan Falisha dia kejur membeku? Di pertemuan seterusnya, Huzair merebut segala peluang yang ada untuk mendekati Falisha. Dilayan acuh tak acuh pun, Huzair tidak berundur hatta setapak.

"Bagi aku peluang, cuma untuk sekali lagi."- HUZAIR

Itu pinta Huzair kerana dia sedar ada ketika, kita terlepas peluang cinta untuk kali pertama. Tetapi, dapatkah Falisha buka pintu hatinya dan berikan peluang cinta untuk sekali lagi buat Huzair?
Diterbitkan pada tahun dan bulan yang sama, Syu Ariani sajikan dengan karya cinta romantik di bawah naungan Bes Q Publication. Pertama sekali, cover novel ni lawo gila. Suka aku tenung cover dia.

Walaupun novel ni bertemakan cinta romantik, kisah cinta Huzair-Falisha bagi aku taklah sweet gila-gila. Cumanya, disebabkan novel ni memang kisah mereka berdua untuk sedar perasaan cinta antara satu sama lain dan takde konflik sangat selain Huzair yang terlambat sedar siapa yang ada dalam hati dia buatkan kisah mereka simple.

Masa mula-mula baca prolog, aku ter-excited sebab secara tak langsung kak Syu masukkan watak Adam-Aileen dekat kedai buku masa Adam kata, "Buat babak romantik dalam kedai buku.. kau rasa romantik tak" dekat Aileen lepastu Falisha terdengar. Alahai comel sungguh. Lepastu keluar kedai buku pergi kafe, terdengar couple break up pulak. Hahaha comel gilaa.

Perkenalan Huzair dengan Falisha bermula bila Falisha mula berkhidmat di Betong sebagai pensyarah interim. Mulanya Falisha ternampak Huzair tolak confession student dengan senyuman manis, lepastu kenal melalui kawan pensyarah. Lepas terserempak di Kuching, barulah hubungan Huzair dengan Falisha makin rapat. Diorang punya terserempak sampaikan ke Kelantan pun boleh jumpa kau!

Bagi aku, jalan cerita dalam novel ni simple and nice. Tak memeningkan kepala langsung. Okaylah buat teman di petang hari bersama secawan teh panas. Even waktu konflik Huzair dengan Dianne pun tak menyakitkan hati aku. Mungkin sebab memang Dianne dah tak berminat dengan Huzair dan cuma Huzair yang tak sedar perasaan sendiri.

Novel ni pun aku dapat habiskan dalam masa yang singkat. Mungkin sebab tak banyak konflik dan sebab jalan cerita pun bagi aku agak obvious and enjoyable dapatlah aku habiskan cepat. Cumanya dekat bahagian epilog, satu kejutan penulis bagi, walaupun halfway cerita aku dapat agak tapi tak sangka betul. Baca sendiri kalau nak tahu apa =P

attempt 1

attempt 2


Monday, 26 April 2021


April 26, 2021 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! How are you guys doing? Hope everything is well. Alhamdulillah we are now in the third week of Ramadan, right? Wow, time sure flies so fast. Anyway, here is the review for this week! 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Tunnel
Runtime : 126 minutes
Genre : Disaster, Drama
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2016
Director : Kim Sung Hoon
Writer : So Jae Won (novel), Kim Sung Hoon
Cast : Ha Jung Woo, Bae Doo Na, Oh Dal Su
Plot : 

Lee Jung Soo is a car salesman. He is on his way home from work outside of Seoul. When he drove through a tunnel, the unthinkable happen. The tunnel collapsed. When Jung Soo regained consciousness, he found himself trapped in the car. His car was trapped between the concrete and debris of the tunnel. Jung Soo then make a call through his cellphone to the emergency line. The collapsed tunnel was more severe than he thought and he was told to endure for 7 days before he can get out. All he had was two bottles of 500ml water, a birthday cake for his daughter and his cellphone.
This movie is based on a novel of the same title written by So Jae Won published in April 2013 by Writer And Criticism.


This movie had a nice suspense going on. From the moment when the tunnel collapsed on Jung Soo, it was so scary. And to think that he managed to survive the fall with no injury is a little baffling. I mean, there are tons of concrete fall on his cars and he is inside the car. Well, it is a fiction movie so, let it go.

I was actually expecting this movie to be very emotional and suspense given the situation with the tunnel, it was actually a pretty light watch. When Jung Soo had called the emergency line, the scenes get lighter as the rescue team tried to save him. At some point, there even some humorous scenes in it. So, I don't actually stressed my brain while watching.

The elements of suspense was still present, especially when there was so much faulty with the construction of the tunnel. It feels like they are progressing to save Jung Soo but then they're back to zero. The moment when there was a casualty at the site of rescue, the people demanded to stop the SAR operation. That's when I got emotional. With the wife hoping for her husband to be alive and with Jung Soo waiting to be rescued, it suddenly became so sad. I was so glad that the head of the SAR team still tried to save him.

Even though there was some things that I don't really find it realistic like how long his phone battery lasts and how he had no injury caused by the concrete I still enjoyed this movie. Especially when Jung Soo found another person and her dog trapped in the tunnel. I know that she wouldn't last long especially with her injury.

The ending of this movie was expected so there's no surprise. I just love how Jung Soo swear to those people with power who just went to the site when he was brought out for publicity (the head of SAR conveyed his message). And I love it even more when he gave a thumbs up like he agreed what the head of SAR team did. 

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Monday, 19 April 2021

The Berlin File

April 19, 2021 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Berlin File
Runtime : 120 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action, Suspense
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean, German, English
Released year : 2013
Director : Ryoo Seung Wan
Writer : Ryoo Seung Wan
Cast : Ha Jung Woo, Han Suk Kyu, Jeon Ji Hyun, Ryu Seung Bum
Plot : 

Pyo Jung Song is a North Korean comrade living and working at the Berlin office together with his wife, Jung Hee who works as a translator for the ambassador. Pyo Jung Song was about to sign an illegal weapon deal with a Middle Eastern buyer when the deals fall off due to an attack. While trying to run, he was caught by a South Korean NIS agent, Jung Jin Soo whose team was on stake out. However, Jung Song was able to escape from him. He then learnt that Dong Myung Soo, a his fellow comrade and also son of a powerful NK official is coming to Berlin. His arrival would means that trouble is on his way. 


Another intense, finger-biting movie is here! I finally make my way to watch this movie. It had been on my to-watch list for years. Seriously. Back to review, I love the beginning tension and action during the weapon deal. It was short but the impact lasts. Definitely a good way to start a thriller movie.

The plot and story line is great and well-executed. I was really curious on who is the traitor that leak the information about the deals and why did the North Korean sent Dong Myung Soo. I was actually convinced that Jung Hee is doing another mission and the one who betrayed her country. But man, I was dead wrong. She's just an innocent woman caught in the tangled of power and men.

When Jung Hee was suspected as the traitor, Jung Song followed her to confirm her involvement. He really suspect her to be the traitor and honestly, I feels so sad for Jung Hee. She only wanted her husband to trust her but he was doubting her. I feels so much relief when Jung Song caught on the ploy that Myung Soo trying to play.

The actions scenes were so alive and nerve-wrecking. Especially when they put on BGM. It really does help to intensify the feeling of urgent-ness. I can't take my eyes off the screen whenever they're almost caught. With the involvement of Jin Soo, the South Korean agent, it gets more complicated. Jung Song and his wife need to get away from Berlin and he also needs to escape from Jin Soo. His loyalty to his country was on the top even though he was betrayed.

The final scenes at the meadow is the best. I love how Jung Song did the crazy thing to team up with Jin Soo to save his wife. And how Jin Soo agreed to help Jung Song just because he is doing his work. This scenes was so intense because they're two people against more than 10 people. It also plays with emotion well when Jung Song lost his wife, I legit weeping the whole scene. I feels like it was wrong for her to die but then her dying means that Jung Song had the reason to kill Myung Soo. 

The ending was satisfying for me. Even though Jung Song failed to save his wife, he is alive. And I'm even more glad when Jin Soo asked Jung Song to leave from the South Korean supevision with the reason he couldn't stand seeing him living free when he can't save his wife. But the real reason he freed Jung Song was for him to seek revenge to the NK leader that make his wife died. I am a satisfied audience.

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Saturday, 17 April 2021

Hanya Ingin Kamu by Syu Ariani

April 17, 2021 0 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Tengah prepare nak masak berbuka ke tu? Huhu, aku actually dari last week lagi nak share this review tapi ya Allah, disebabkan test, midterm berturut-turut memang cancel la nak jenguk blog. Haih, rindu nak blogwalking. Let's get to the review!

Tajuk : Hanya Ingin Kamu
Penulis : Syu Ariani
Mukasurat : 563 pages
Penerbit : Suara Hati Publication
Terbitan : Oktober 2020
ISBN : 9789672300250
Blurb : 
Tiga tahun terpisah dan kemudian bertemu semula, Nurul Aileen tidak mampu menyorokkan perasaannya terhadap Adam Haidar. Kerana sememangnya hatinya hanya menginginkan Adam. Hanya dia! Tetapi...

"Ada apa dengan kita?"- Adam Haidar

Layanan dingin Adam jauh berbeza dengan setiap gerak-gerinya. Aileen yakin Adam turut berkongsi perasaan yang sama dengannya. Namun sayang, tidak semudah itu. Di antara Aileen dan Adam, ada satu tali penghubung bernama Auliya. Kerana Auliya, mereka bersatu tetapi kerana Auliya juga, mereka pernah berpisah. Bagaimana pula dengan sekarang? Adakah Auliya akan tetap menjadi garis yang memisahkan?

"Sampai bila aku kena cemburukan orang yang dah meninggal dunia?" - Nurul Aileen

Aileen menyimpan rahsia, Adam terbelenggu dengan rasa berdosa dan sebuah janji. Dosa silam seseorang yang mampu menggugah hubungan Aileen dan Adam. Kewujudan Zayyan turut menyukarkan lagi keadaan.

"Kadang-kadang melepaskan jauh lebih baik daripada bertahan. Lepaskan Adam, Leen. Lupakan dia," - Zayyan

Benarkah kesakitan Aileen bisa hilang selepas dia melepaskan Adam? Adakah sememangnya dia dan Adam tidak ditakdirkan bersama?

Karya ketiga dan karya pertama bertemakan melodrama daripada Syu Ariani yang aku baca. Sebelum ni aku pernah baca kak Syu yang bertemakan cinta aksi iaitu 'Anastasia' dan juga 'Ursula'. Sebelum ni, kak Syu pernah juga tulis novel bertema cinta romantik tapi aku belum pernah lagi baca karya yang itu.

Anyway, novel ni mengundang pelbagai rasa pada aku. Aku tertanya-tanya sangat kenapa Aileen tinggalkan Adam selama tiga tahun lamanya. Kisah disebalik seorang Aileen dan juga Auliya, perwatakan Adam masa mula-mula jumpa Aileen lepas tiga tahun. Semuanyalah! Ada babak yang berjaya buat aku mengalir air mata, apatah lagi bila baca kisah Aileen and Auliya. Kejamnya ibu ayah dia.

Flow cerita teratur cantik, memudahkan pembacaan aku. Mulanya aku pelik kenapa Aileen setuju nak kahwin dengan Adam kalau bukan sebab ibu ayah dia paksa (yelah, kan dia yang tinggalkan Adam) tapi rupanya sebab Auliya. Betullah sebab Auliya Adam dan Aileen bersatu dan kerana Auliya juga Aileen tinggalkan Adam.

Aku ambil masa lebih kurang dua hari je untuk habiskan novel ni. Lagipun jalan ceritanya taklah complicated walaupun banyak rahsia yang tersimpan. Watak Adam walaupun digambarkan sebagai dingin, tapi dia tetap ambil peduli dengan Aileen. Aku suka babak dia cemburu masa Aileen terjumpa senior and ex-crush dia. Terasa comel haha.

Watak Zayyan bagi aku cuma sebagai penambah rasa. Dia yang nampak Aileen terseksa dan nak jadi pengubat kepada hati Aileen. Tapi sayang, dia bukan orang yang Aileen nak. Sedih jugakla waktu Zayyan membentak hubungan Aileen dengan Adam. Betullah kata ayah Zayyan, perkahwinan tu perlu dihebahkan, untuk mengelakkan fitnah. Adakah kak Syu akan tulis kisah Zayyan pulak? Maklumla, dua kali patah hati...

testing one two three


Monday, 12 April 2021

Ramadan Kareem

April 12, 2021 6 Comments

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Just a little update from me to wish all of my brothers and sisters to have a blessed and beautiful Ramadan. May this Ramadan benefits all of us! Love from the bottom of my heart!

with me,


The Merciless

April 12, 2021 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I have like three tests this week alone and some submission next week and yeah, gotta smile. Anyway, here is the movie review for this week (Iwatched this movie like last two weeks, if I remember correctly.)

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Merciless / Robber: Bad Men's World
Runtime : 120 minutes
Genre : Action, Crime
Country / Language : South Korea / Korean
Released year : 2017
Director : Byun Sung Hyun
Writer : Byun Sung Hyun, Kim Min Soo
Cast : Sol Kyung Gu, Im Si Hwan
Plot : 

Jae Ho is the 'king' among the prisoner. He belongs to one of the most influential criminal gang and is the second in command. One day, another powerful leader of another criminal gang was sent to the same prison. That leader was hell bend on killing Jae Ho even though Jae Ho had never caused any problem to the man. Later, he discovered that his leader wanted him dead. A prisoner, Hyun Soo caught Jae Ho's attention because he doesn't follow the rules nor submit to anyone. After losing his mother, Hyun Soo accept Jae Ho's offered to work with him after he was released from the prison.


The Merciless is one of the popular movie in Korea at the time of it released, probably because of its incredible, crazy and insane storyline. Oh, might also because of the iconic line from this movie,

Starting off with someone in the gang killed by the members of the same gang was strong. But then when the 'king' of the gang was visited by a detective, I thought it was some corruption conversation going on but it wasn't. She (the detective) was there to simply gave a warning to the gang that they're going down. The scene then was flashed back to three years ago when Jae Ho serves his time in the prison.

Right after the mishap in the prison (the whole killing one another described in the plot), Jae Ho grew fond of Hyun Soo. They were inseparable and always had each other back. I really believed that Jae Ho suspected nothing on Hyun Soo and it will goes along the course that Hyun Soo put on. This movie is fulls with twist and turn. It was always shocking whenever they reveal secrets after secrets. And, for Hyun Soo to keep changing side to the police and then back to Jae Ho was so confusing but great! He was playing double agent and you won't know which side he took until he did what he needed to.

I love the chemistry between the two male lead. They played out their roles perfectly and the emotions beneath the surface of their characters were 'spoken' well too. I especially loves it when they worked together to fool the police team. What a perfect harmony. And to learnt that all of it was build from lies  really hurt me. Poor Hyun Soo as he was used and being played by the people that he put trusts on. Be it Jae Ho or police team. For me, the police force was way cruel than Jae Ho, who supposed to be the bad one.

One of the elements that keep this movie going was the actions and all the tensions. Even the title had spoken on how it will be.There wasn't one moment that I feel bored watching this movie. With the tension of what Hyun Soo decided to do to what will happen as the consequence of his decision keeps the storyline playing. I especially love the way the scenes were arranged. They reveal it bit by bit of the secrets. 

As for the ending, it is a bit shocking to me. But it was understandable. I understood why Hyun Soo did what he did. I viewed it as some sort of self-redemption (I feels insane for saying this because of the ending was like inhumane) for Hyun Soo. For years he let himself being used by the police force (he went undercover so that his little offenses aren't charged. He is not a police officer to begin with) and let himself to trust Jae Ho, who trust no one. 

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Monday, 5 April 2021

Sorry, I Love You

April 05, 2021 12 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! How was your weekend? Yesterday is 4th April, how many things that did you buy this time? None? Good! Okay, that was me stress-talking. Let's get back to the review.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Sorry, I Love You
Runtime : 105 minutes
Genre : Romance
Country / Language : China / Mandarin, English
Released year : 2014
Director : Larry Yang
Writer : Lee Kyung Hee 
Cast : Vivian Dawson, Swan Wen
Plot : 

Walker was involved in gangsterism in Vancouver. He is left alone after his foster parents died. After one incident with the gang, Walker had a ticking bomb inside his brain. He was determined to go back to China and looked for his biological parents and also his twin sister. Walker then met with En Cai, a girl that he saved from thugs few months back in Vancouver. Walker then discover that En Cai works for his mother, the one who he believed had abandon him and his sister when they were babies. He then accept his mother's offer to become the driver of Trey, his mother's adopted son and begin to plot his revenge. With the help of En Cai, he looked for his sister at the same time. With a time limit, Walker find himself making decision that might hurt the people that he love.

This movies is based on South Korean drama series, 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' directed by Lee Hyung Min and written by Lee Kyung Hee. This drama starring So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung aired in 2004.


This movie have a great storyline, however, it is not well executed. I actually have a great expectation from this movie as it is a remake from SK drama and that drama did really well. The first quarter of 105 minutes, had too much scenes and honestly, it is hard for me to catch up. I get confused on who is the male antagonist at first because the only name that registered in my mind was Jodi, who turned out as a good friend of Walker (the real male antagonist, our hero). From the moment before he went to prison and after he was released were too fast and if you don't pay enough attention, you might get confused.

Things get clearer when Walker arrived in China to look for his biological parents. He then coincidentally met with En Cai again at the house of a woman who he believed to be his biological mother. When En Cai's employer asked to be a driver for his son, he immediately agreed.  Walker wanted to seek revenge to his mother as she abandon them when they were babies. However, when he started to spent his time with that family, he realized that he longs for mother's love. 

What I didn't expect was the plot twist. The past that he knows of weren't true at all. There was so much more into the history of their abandonment. There were so much pain behind that and it causes so much damaged to them(Walker and his twin), the innocent party.

While the plot and storyline gets better through the movie, the acting however is not. Not that it gets worse it just feels so scripted and the emotion played weren't good enough (ore melayu kato kaku, kayu gitu). Plus, the directing isn't that great either. There were so much emotional scenes in this movie but I couldn't find myself tearing up. Just the ending got me teary and that's all. Even the romance between En Cai and Walker just lukewarm. And for me, it wasn't cute either. Just, them... I guess? 

Despite the shortcomings, I could still enjoy this movie (but this may took me a looooonger time to re-watch). One thing that keep me going was Vivian's (Walker) English narration. Plus, I love En Cai's character. She's what I said dumbly cute. Like, so cute like dumb but not dumb. And boy, the ending really caught me off guard. I have expectation of how Walker's life will be like but not En Cai. Real surprise there.

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Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Dendam Bersulam Cinta by Sara Aisha

March 31, 2021 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! This review sepatutnya post hujung minggu haritu tapi aku terlupa. Sooo, here it is! 

Tajuk : Dendam Bersulam Cinta
Penulis : Sara Aisha
Mukasurat : 639 pages
Penerbit : Karyaseni
Terbitan : Julai 2020  
ISBN : 9789674691646
Blurb : 


Kata orang, cintu itu manis. Perkahwinan itu indah. Tetapi aku? Manisnya cinta aku menemui penamat kala aku menikahi dia. Dua tahun menyulam kasih, rupa-rupanya itu sekadar pentas ciptaan Amsyar untuk mengikat aku dalam perkahwinan penuh derita.

"Aku kahwin dengan kau sebab aku nak hancurkan kau." - AMSYAR

"Aku bukanlah perempuan yang kau boleh pijak-pijak begitu saja." - JANNAH

Lalu, aku bersumpah. Takkan semudah itu untuk Amsyar menghancurkan aku. Walau sedalam mana pun cinta aku kepadanya, aku tetap seorang wanita yang akan mempertahankan diri. Akan aku hadap semuanya tanpa tergugat. Biar dia tahu bahawa seorang Nurul Jannah bukan semudah itu untuk dihancurkan. Malangnya, bila kebenaran akhirnya terbongkar, aku jadi sangsi. Patutkah aku melawan atau biarkan sahaja Amsyar menuntut dendamnya?


Ini jalan yang sudah aku ambil dan aku akan benar-benar memastikan perempuan itu hancur tidak mampu bangkit semula. Dia harus membayar harga bagi setiap titik air mataku yang menitis, setiap laungan penuh derita dan setiap  nyawa yang sudah direnggut. Namun, semakin aku melukai dia, semakin jiwaku sendiri yang terhiris. Air mata yang dia titiskan, bahkan umpama racun yang membunuhku dari dalam.

Tidak! Aku harus bertahan. Walau apa pun yang berlaku, dendam ini harus berbalas. Dua nyawa yang sudah terkorban itu perlu dibela. Perasaan dalam hati? Huh, aku lemparkan jauh-jauh! Tetapi persoalannya sekarang, sampai bila aku mampu bertahan? Bila melihat dia sahaja, membuatkan aku ingin merangkulnya erat dan mengatakan...

"Abang cintakan Ana." - AMSYAR

"Aku mencintai dia. Tapi sekarang, aku mahukan cintaku kepadanya mati, tidak boleh hidup semula." - JANNAH

Selepas beberapa tahun menyepi daripada dunia 'romance, melodrama' dalam dunia penlisan, tahun 2020 saksikan comeback Sara Aisha untuk genre ni. Dan, sangat tidak mengecewakan saya sebagai seorang pembaca. Daripada blurb pun dah berjaya menarik perhatian aku. Btw, sebelum aku baca novel ni, aku banyak baca reviews yang Cik SA rajin kongsikan dekat IG beliau, so, aku ada gambaran apa yang akan berlaku.

Aku suka cara penulis mulakan kisah Jannah-Amsyar dengan pengkhianatan Amsyar waktu malam pertama mereka sebagai suami isteri. Buatkan aku tertanya sangat apa yang jadi sepanjang perkenalan diorang sampaikan Jannah setuju nak bernikah dengan Amsyar sedangkan watak Amsyar yang diperkenalkan, seorang yang kejam. 

Fair warning, aku rasa sepanjang aku baca perjalanan tempoh perkahwinan Jannah-Amsyar, tak pernah sekali pun aku rasa tak sedih. Yeah, novel ni sangattttt melodrama, sangat bermain dengan emosi. Kisah honeymoon mereka dekat New Zealand buatkan aku  benci watak Amsyar yang teramat sangat (yes, saya guna double kata penguat kat situ menunjukkan saya serious tak suka watak Amsyar yang kejam). But then bila kisah disebalik siapa Amsyar terbuka, aku jadi kesian dengan dia. Tapi! Itu bukan bermaksud aku setuju dengan tindakan dia, I mean, he is a grown man so dia patut tahu apa yang dia buat tu salah, dan dia tahu tapi dia tetap degil untuk teruskan niat dia kerana sebuah dendam. Saya sedih untuk Amsyar sebab tak dapat nak lepaskan diri daripada dendam tu.

Watak Jannah bagi aku, sangat kuat. Memang padanlah dia dengan Amsyar. Awalnya, dia melawan, walaupun verbal abuse Amsyar selalu menyakitkan hati dia. Tapi, bila dia dapat tahu kenapa Amsyar berdendam, dia mula relakan, walaupun apa yang jadi, bukan salah dia langsung! Walaupun dia patut marahkan ayah dia, sebab mulakan segalanya, walaupun dia patut benci Amsyar sebab libatkan dia, Jannah tetap sayangkan diorang. She loves them too much that it hurts her. 

Despite having a very great plot and strong story flow, aku cuma dapat habiskan novel ni dalam masa seminggu, which can be considered lama bagi aku. Sebabkan aku guna novel ni as an escape from my heavy schedule back in Nov-Dec, jadinya, lambatla aku dapat habiskan. Tapi, aku memang akan immersed immediately setiap kali aku baca novel ni. 

Aku sangat-sangat setuju dengan keputusan yang Jannah buat after everything. At least, she get the time for herself to heal. Amsyar get to build himself. Win-win. Twist sikit sebab aku ingatkan Jannah akan pergi jauh dari Malaysia hahaha, tapi jauh la jugak daripada Amsyar kalau dia dapat elak sampai tiga tahun(ke salah tahun hahah tak ingat tapi bertahun la). 

Penutup kata, welcome back to melodrama world, Cik SA! Karya SA genre ni aku actually pernah baca satu novel je, 'Jodoh Itu Milik Kita' (best gilaa novel ni, drama pun best jugak!) so nak komen banyak pun macam tak patut haha.


Monday, 22 March 2021

Giveaway Raya Bersama Shida Radzuan Blog

March 22, 2021 18 Comments
 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Tengah-tengah scroll reading list nampak pulak GA ni, menarik tau! Semua yang join dapat kad raya andddd 10 orang bertuah dapat hadiah misteri... Jom join reramai untuk support sis Shida kita ni.

Kita ada lebih kurang tiga minggu lagi nak menyambut Ramadan. Ramadan and Syawal last year memang lain suasananya, dengan norma baharu. Tahun ni, pihak kerajaan dah announce yang Ramadan tahun ni, tarawih di masjid, bazaar Ramadan dibenarkan mengikut SOP. Alhamdulillah syukur nikmat. Memang rasa sangat penantian tu, rindu rasanya nak pergi bazaar ramadan juga tarawih di masjid. Tapi, rasanya unlike tahun lepas (tarawih penuh tau last year, sebab buat jemaah dengan family), sulit sikit untuk aku join, lagi-lagi masa tu dah pertengah semester di mana lecturer-lecturer menuntut segala assignments dan juga progress. 

Ramadan Su kalini mungkin tak semeriah last year. Sebab masa PKP awal-awal dulu, kakngah dengan family terkandas disini (tak dapat balik rumah di Melaka) so macam-macam resepi dicuba untuk juadah berbuka. Tahun ni yang ada cuma Su, mak dan family kakteh. Yang dapat balik iftar bersama pun mungkin family kaklong dengan bangde je (sebab senegeri, yang lain duk negeri lain jadi kalau rentas negeri tak dibenarkan memang tak jumpala).

But still, I am excited for this Ramadan and Syawal. Like, siapa je tak suka raya kan. Hahaha, plus, time raya je dapat cuti hukhuk me is sedih.

Last, Su nak tag sis Farhana Jafri and abam kie untuk join giveaway ni.


Flower Of Evil

March 22, 2021 13 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! So, this is the last k-drama that I able to watch during my semester break, so after this I may or may not update about k-drama. However, I will try to update movie reviews weekly to keep this blog active.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Flower Of Evil
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Thriller, Romance
Director : Kim Cheol Kyu
Writer : Yoo Jung Hee
Network : tvN
Cast : Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won
Plot : 

Baek Hee Sung is a metal craftman. He is married to Cha Ji Won, a detective and they had a daughter together. After a copycat case of a serial murder that happened 18 years ago, Do Hyun Soo, son of the murderer that went missing after killing the head villager suddenly appear. While Cha Ji Won and her team members trying to catch Do Hyun Soo, Baek Hee Sung is on edge, trying to unveiled the real accomplice of the case to save his marriage.
Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won worked for the same time for this drama as they both featured on 'Criminal Minds' back in 2017.


This drama starts all sunny and rainbows all over, it is a happy marriage between Ji Won and Hee Sung. Except for the cold shoulder by Hee Sung's parents, there wasn't any fault in their marriage. After the case of serial murder involving Do Hyun Soo, the son of the serial murder, once again went viral, Ji Won started to learn secret after secret of the real Baek Hee Sung. And of course, the curiosity on how the hell Hyun Su became Hee Sung make dive right into the drama. 

The storyline, is filled with twist after twist. I love how they arrange the flow of the drama. It's making it easier for me to digest all the information. And of course, the biggest plot twist on the accomplice. I honestly thought those rumors of Do Hyun Soo being the accomplice for his father is true. But nope, it was all the society. 

Even though the plot have a touch of heaviness, they balanced it out with some extra characters like Moo Jin, the reporter who once friend with Do Hyun Soo and Do Hae Su (Hyun Soo's older sister). I love his character's awkwardness after meeting Hyun Soo again. And it was even more awkward when he met with Hae Su again (they were lovers and he still had feelings for her). Also, the scenes with that child actor (Hee Sung and Ji Won's daughter) were all sooooo cute. She was so bubbly in most of her scenes.

I love how they would include a scene from 18 years ago where everything begin at the beginning of each episode (doesn't really remember but I think every episode had the flashback scenes). Even though they weren't really connected from the previous episode, it still gave us insight on what happened in the past.

The journey to the truth were never easy in dramas and movies and this drama is no exception. With few misunderstandings between Hee Sung/Hyun Soo and Ji Won, more near death scenes for Hee Sung and of course Hee Sung's inner battle they finally identified the accomplice and it was shocking. Really is. However, oh, I strong dislike the ending for that accomplice. Like whyyyyyyy?????? And Hyun Soo too. Oh my gosh, it annoys me so much. Why can't he finally got the real happiness and freedom that he deserve? The writer really love to mess up with his character, apparently. Even though he finally learnt to accept Ji Won again, it still doesn't give him the justice.

This drama make me, once again realize that Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor. He really plays his character really well. From someone who had an antisocial personality disorder, to the great husband, to someone who found his own true self, to someone who wanted to be the best of himself for someone he love. Damn, he really plays my emotion with this character.

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Monday, 15 March 2021

It's Okay To Not Be Okay

March 15, 2021 5 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! I finally got to watch this drama and yeah, it's sooo great!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : It's Okay To Not Be Okay / Psycho But It's Okay
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Romance, Drama
Director : Park Shi Woo
Writer : Ju Young
Network : tvN, Netflix
Cast : Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Ye Ji, Oh Jung Se
Plot : 

Moon Gang Tae worked as a caregiver in the psychiatric ward. However, he never works in a hospital for more than one year. The only family he had is his older brother, Moon Sang Tae who is an autistic. Ever since their mother was killed 20 years ago, they had been on the run from the 'butterfly'. Sang Tae loves a children book author named Ko Moon Young. An incident brought Ko Moon Young and Gang Tae to know one another. They soon realized that they knew each other briefly during their childhood.


Another drama that cause quite a talk between the k-drama lovers and of course the fan of Kim Soo Hyun. I have been missing to see him in drama again after the cameo in 'Crash Landing On You' and 'Hotel Del Luna'. 

As this drama centered in the psychiatric ward, the earlier episode does mention few psychological condition that the patient at the OK Psychiatric Hospital suffered from. My favorite one was the one that the youngest son of an assembly man suffers from. That one stuck in my mind the most because of what Moon Young did. It was a bit emotional but very much satisfying scene. 

I love how Moon Young and Gang Tae's relationship grows. While Gang Tae aware of his feeling for Moon Young, he was scared that he will put his brother behind. That feeling had him pushed her away and boy, I am sad for them. But then, I kind of understand why he did that. I was so curious of their childhood and how can they knew one another back then. However, they kind of like to tease me on that one. Every time it feels like they will tell us the story of their childhood, it will end before we get the full story. It really frustrated me. 

Beside those two, Sang Tae's growing up throughout the story was so heartwarming. He was so dependent on Gang Tae that he feels unsafe without him. I guess those feeling is the same for all people. When we keep living in the comfort zone, we will be uncomfortable and unsure once things started to change. From an older brother who always need his younger brother, he starts to grow into the older brother that he should and get out of his comfort zone. I was really proud of him, like really really proud.

What makes this drama more fun was the side characters. I love how there's Nam Juri, an old friend of Moon Young who also had a crush on Gang Tae, also there's Jae So, a friend of 10 years of the two brothers. His loyalty to follow them everywhere was really touching and I love how his character was always there for Gang Tae for him to vent out whenever he is down. And not to forgot Lee Sang In, the CEO of the publishing company that represent Moon Young and also Yoo Seung Jae, the dense employee of the publishing company. And also the director of OK Hospital, sorryIforgothisnamehehe, he really crack me at times. Oh, also the mother of Nam Juri. She's like the mother bird of all characters.

The overall plot was great except for one thing, I am really curious how Moon Young's mother escape from 'the haunted castle' after suffering that very heavy injury. I mean, she did fall from the second story of the house and crack her head on the stairs. Also, based on the blood loss that they shows during Moon Young's childhood, she's likely to be dead in just few hours. But how? can? she? leave? the? house? perfectly? fine??????? I was hoping that they will tell me but till the end, there's none of the backstory on how she is able to escape. Unless Moon Young's memory is exaggerated due to her witnessing something awful, she can't be alive. Doesn't make sense to me.

Another thing that I really love was  the way they changed the actor to their child-self on some scene. This makes it like they're confronting their childhood fear and finally grows out of that fear. Brilliant, I would say.

This review feels a little longer than I usually did so for the final paragraph, I love the OSTs. They are all so gorgeous and really nice to listen to. My favorite would be the one sung by Heize. I'll leave a full OSTs down below. Peace out!

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Saturday, 13 March 2021

Salju Kyoto by Sara Aisha

March 13, 2021 5 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Entry ni dah diperam agak lama (been in draft since December 2020),dan mujur, harini aku ingat (sebab aku baru je nak pre-order The Shadow series and also Salju Kyoto yang re-print under SA Publication). Hehe. 

Tajuk : Salju Kyoto
Penulis : Sara Aisha
Mukasurat : 746 pages
Penerbit : Karyaseni
Terbitan : 2016
ISBN : 9789670890968
Blurb : 

'When a man truly loves a woman, she becomes his weakness. When a woman truly loves a man, he becomes her strength. This is called Exchange of Power.'

Musim dingin 2015. Kyoto.

Semuanya bermula pada malam itu. Aku cuma seorang wanita biasa yang ingin mencari sahabat yang hilang. Namun, malam itu mengubah segala-galanya. Dia muncul umpama samurai dalam persalinan kimono hitam dan sebilah pedang.

A.K, dia sang jejaka misteri. Bermata helang, beraura garang. Bersamanya, terselit amaran.

"Stay away from him."

Tetapi, bagaimana aku mungkin lari daripadanya bila dia tiba-tiba mengumumkan bahawa aku miliknya? 

"She's my woman. You touch her... and you die." - A.K

Hakikat bahawa Badri sudah menjadi yakuza mengeruhkan keadaan. Dia sahabat baik yang tulus, jadi kenapa dia menghumban diri ke jalan ini?

"If you feed an evil soul, he'll become a devil." - BADRI

Bila dua pilihan terhampar depan mata, aku akhirnya aku membuat keputusan muktamad. Tinggal di Kyoto dan berjuang... dengan status sebagai isteri kepada Arjuna Kaede.

Dari awal, aku sedar bahawa menjadi isteri kepada lelaki itu bukan mudah. Nyawa sentiasa di hujung tanduk. Namun, aku ialah Nailah Farafisha. Seperti agungnya cinta Nailah al-Farafishah, srikandi Islam buat suaminya, Khalifah Uthman Ibn Affan, seperti itu juga tingginya darjat Arjuna Kaede di mataku. Mereka boleh datang menyerang, tetapi bukan semudah itu untuk aku menyerah kalah. Pantang maut sebelum ajal!

"Masanya sudah tiba untuk aku jadi singa betina." - NAILAH

Tetapi mampukah aku terus bertahan dihimpit dunia gelap yakuza? Mampukah aku menjadi penyelamat tatkala Arjuna hampir tersungkur antara prinsip dan nyawa? Apa pula yang akan terjadi kepada Badri?

Ini bukan kisah cinta semata-mata. Ini tentang pilihan, pengorbanan dan akibat. Ini... kisah aku.
Finally, aku berpeluang jugak untuk baca Salju Kyoto. Well, aku rasa this novel kind of SA's fan favorite kot sebab aku nampak banyak kali novel ni dipuji and even berulang kali disebut-sebut (based on pemerhatian aku di cik penulis punya story IG, tapi mungkin juga time aku buka memang post pasal Salju Kyoto). And now aku dah baca and habiskan, aku boleh faham kenapa. Bagi aku, watak utama, Arjuna Kaede ni ada aura dia yang tersendiri. Bak kata Nailah, he's cold and beautiful, like the snow. Arjuna hampir-hampir nak dapat no.1 place in my heart but sorry Alexander Aryan still berjaya pertahankan (sorry, melalut kejap).

Dulu aku ingatkan Nailah ni Malaysian student yang further study dekat Japan rupanya tak. Dia ke Jepun atas sebab memenuhi kehendak ibu kepada kawan baik dia, Badri. Kenapa? Well, Badri yang sambung belajar tiba-tiba berhenti dan menghilangkan diri. Tak pernah pun contact mak dia dekat Malaysia walaupun tiap bulan dia masukkan duit dalam akaun mak dia. Dan disebabkan dia mencari Badri lah Nailah bertemu dengan Arjuna. 

Penglibatan Badri dalam yakuza taklah mengejutkan sebab dari blurb lagi memang dah diberitahu. Yang jadi persoalan sekarang, siapa Arjuna? Nama dia saja dah buatkan orang ramai gerun. Lagi-lagi bila dia muncul sebagai penyelamat masa Nailah kena culik dengan ahli yakuza yang berdendam dengan Badri. Peliknya, semua orang just biarkan Arjuna ambil Nailah, tanpa perlu Arjuna berlawan pun. With that, aku jadi semakin tertanya pasal Arjuna. Apatah lagi bila novel ni ditulis dalam Nailah's point of view. Memang misteri habis la Arjuna ni.

Novel ni is a story of love, friendship, sacrifice, familyhood. It is everything.  Aku suka cara penulis ceritakan persahabatan Nailah dengan Badri. How Nailah sanggup ke negara asing untuk cari kawan dia yang hilang entah kemana. How Badri buat keputusan yang mungkin membunuh nyawa dia untuk selamatkan nyawa Nailah. Friendship diorang, bagi aku jarang digambarkan dalam novel. Lagi-lagi bila sorang laki, sorang perempuan. Selalunya novel akan ketengahkan persahabatan antara sejantina and kalau ada lain jantina mesti akan jadi hero-heroin takpun second hero/heroin. 

Nailah dengan Arjuna, both had a scarred past. And, dua-dua punya masa silam yang berjaya buatkan aku emotional. Romance antara Nailah dengan Arjuna pun comel juga. Aku suka gilaaaa bila Arjuna address Nailah as young lady. Nampak biasa but it feels special. Arjuna still kekalkan aku-kau even lepas kahwin dengan Nailah. It was so Arjuna. Aura seorang Arjuna Kaede ni memang kuat agaknya sebab aku haihhhhh suka gila watak diaa!

Oh, one more thing, disebabkan aku dah baca 'I'm Not A Monster' so aku memang tahu watak Ryu-Maya akan muncul dalam novel ni. What I'm not expecting is, Karn-Dian from 'Chan Rak Ter... Aku Cinta Kamu' pun ada! Ter-excited gila kot masa baca part diorang. Aduhai, kita ni memang pantang la jumpa watak dari novel lain dalam novel lain. Tersengih sentiasa time baca babak yang melibatkan Dian-Karn walaupun babak tu sepatutnya mendebarkan hahaha.

Aku akhiri dengan quote arts (ada dua design pastu tak sanggup nak guna satu je so jadilah dua design),


Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Oh My Baby

March 09, 2021 8 Comments
Assalamualaikum, good day dearest!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Oh My Baby
Episodes : 16 
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Director : Nam Ki Hoon 
Writer : No Sun Jae
Network : tvN
Cast : Jang Nara, Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, Jung Gun Joo
Plot : 

Jang Hari is a 39 years old workaholic single woman who works at a magazine company called 'The Baby'. For the past 10 years, Hari hadn't date any men. Hari had a dream to have a normal family; a family with a husband at her side and child of her own. Nearing the age of 40s with no man to call her own, she decided to give up on finding love and marriage but she still wanted to have a baby of her own.  Hari came up with three potential sperm donor; (1) Yoon Jae Young. A lifelong friend of Hari who left her just because his ex-wife didn't approve of their friendship. Now divorced with almost one year old daughter, he stay at Hari's mother house as she insisted. He and Hari then rekindled their friendship (2) Han Yi Sang. A freelancer photographer. Three years ago, he met Hari for the first time at an event. An acquaintance of them tried to match them up but Yi Sang isn't interested. (3) Choi Kang Eu Ddeum. A rookie employee at the advertising department of 'The Baby'. He had a bright, cheerful and positive personality. Eu Ddeum adored Hari and ended up liking her.


First of all, I really enjoyed this drama. The theme of rom-com is conveyed perfectly. At first I was expecting Hari to have a hard time choosing between those three and I really didn't expect the romance to bloom really quick. Even for the first three or four episodes, I can guess who will be her hero and the father of her future child. It is that obvious with the screen time of those actors and also because of the connection that Hari and that person had.

I was surprise at how fast Hari and that person grow fond to each other because then the story will lose their plot. What I didn't expect was the serious issue of male infertility and also Hari's endometriosis. With these issues came up, Hari's dream to have a baby seems impossible. Hari was aware of her situation with endometriosis but decided to pushed back the surgery as it can reduced her chance of getting pregnant. But then, after knowing the infertility issues with her partner, she crumbled even more. When her situation worsen and she had the surgery, she abandon the idea of having her own baby. This situation made me a little baffled because Hari knew her situation from the start but she is the one who pushed back the surgery. Plus, it wasn't like she can't ever get pregnant. 

After that point, the story gets a little draggy and that unnecessary time skip really annoyed me. I personally think it will make more sense if they keep up with the positive attitude to have baby while attending treatment session for male infertility together instead of just him alone. Plus, she worked with an infertile couple who finally managed to conceived a baby so shouldn't she be more in uplifting mood? Sure, it is okay to be a little down and sad that the plan got pushed back but to give up entirely? That's a big no for me.

For the first time ever, or at least I think this is the first time I really really hate the second male lead which is Hari's friend, Yoon Jae Young. I hate the fact that he is back in her life shamelessly after cutting her out of his life just because his ex-wife didn't approve of their friendship. I hate the fact that he, shamelessly fall in love with her and tried to meddle in Hari's relationship. It really is annoying. It probably will not annoyed me so much if he pursued her when she is not in relationship but Hari is already in relationship and happy. If he really was a good friend, he will respect her decision and support her. Glad that he realize that he is being greedy.

Despite all the seriousness, I love the humor that they put in between. It makes this drama lighter. My favorite was the little sound effect that they put here and there to enhance the emotion more. It gets a little funnier with the sound effect, it gets a little cheesy with sound effect, it gets a little awkward with the sound effect and it definitely gets a little more joy with the sound effect. I guess, it really completes this drama.

The ending however, get me a little disappointed. It didn't give much satisfaction to me even though when it is obvious that Hari is in labor. Maybe all the time skip take my satisfaction away. Who knows? Overall, it is still a great drama to enjoy after a full day of working. Plus, I enjoyed learning others perspectives of having a child.

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