Thursday, 28 October 2021

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Thoughtless Thursday #037

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! How are you guys doing? I'm trying to get myself to be more active on blog but it's hard for me to sit in front of laptop for a long period of time. Anyway, this entry will be just me, ranting my words off.

For almost four months, I finally went out from my house, not like out outside but like out out. Its been too long, yes, I am aware but with the PKP, my ride and everything, I just found it easier to be home, even though it's driving me crazy. So, when I am out and going to shopping (though I prefer to be in nature but I'll take what I can), Eco Shop is a must visit. Even though there's no need for me to go. So, while I was choosing water bottle, one Chinese aunty suddenly came to me, holding a pair of plastic slipper, you know those selipar Jepun and said something that I can't understand, at all. It wasn't Malay, nor English and maybe it was Chinese but I, despite taking Mandarin for one semester back in diploma, I can't understand her.

source: Google result on 'money hand gesture'

However, she had that hand gesture. The money hand gesture. So I concluded that she asked me for some money.  And I just gave her RM5. Then, she went her way. Then I continue my shopping and when I queued at the cash register, I could still see that same Chinese aunty went from one person to another holding yet another item in her hand, asking for money.

My questions are, did she really have no money? Or is she taking advantages on people's kindness? Did I regret giving that mere RM5 to her? Long story short, while waiting for my friend, Ani in the car, I saw that aunty riding her bicycle with few items in the front basket in the plastic bag on her way to home.

Ani who saw that I gave money to the aunty and also witness her asking money from other people said that the aunty might be taking advantage of people. Maybe she is and I might be one of the people she took advantage on. When I asked why she think so, she said, "Her cloths look well, and if she had no money, why would she went inside the shop n the first place?" to that, I have no answer.

So, back to my questions. Did she really have no money? Well, I will never find out. As I only gave her RM5, she could only bought 2 item at most from Eco Shop. And if there's anyone gave her more then she can buy more. Second, is she taking advantages on people's kindness?  I have no definite answer to this question too. If she did, I hope that will be the last time and if no, I hope she can survive for the coming days. And lastly, did I regret giving that mere RM5 to her? The answer is no. I will never know what that mere RM5 will gave me in the future, what kindness, what advantage, what benefits it might came to me in the future. Maybe yes, that aunty really take advantage on people but what if she's not? What if she really had no money? What if she no one she can depend on and that was her only way of surviving? Guess we will never find out.

Here, I am not by any means highlighting that I am a kind person (it was RM5 not RM500 or more). What I am trying to say is, if we have the opportunity to help  others, do help. Even if the help is so small that even a dust can compare. We will never know what benefits will that help we gave others will came back to us like. What goes around, comes around. What you give, you get back. 



  1. tapi kan, kalau akak la, tak layan la orang masuk dalam kedai minta2 macam tu. Like... unpredictable zmn lepas covid ni..

    1. su pun malas layan senanya tapi entah la rasa macam kalau x bagi, lagi dia dok ngikut... itu yg bagi je