Tuesday 31 December 2019

Twenty Twenty

December 31, 2019 6 Comments
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Assalamualaikum, greetings to everyone. Here we are, few hours away from the new year. First of all, thank Allah that I am still here, typing my heart away, granted a great health, surrounded me with people that bring the best out of me. 

Before the year of 2019 ended, I wanted to do a little bit of throw-back. I need all of the good and  the not-so-good memories to stay here in my personal space, aside from my journal so that I could looked back and reflect on how much I've grown and how far I've gotten. Also, some highlight of my moments in 2019. So, yeah, here we go !


Honestly, my last year as a diploma student was hard. I am sure that I had mentioned this few times in many of my entries throughout the year. The last semester might not be the toughest one but it is still challenging. This one last semester held so much memories, so much drama and so much headache. Well, student-life wise, I had a very hard time on balancing everything on my plates.

I had struggled so much and often caught myself cried to sleep was not cool at all. But, we all had that time of our life, right. When I finally get out of the examination hall for the final paper of the final year, it was an instant relief. I am done for my diploma, I had done my best, and all I need was to keep praying for the result.

The good-byes was hard. Especially with my Kuntum. They're all great people and definitely a great friend. I couldn't spent much time with my classmates after that because I was rushing home to pack up and get home (my sister was half an hour away and I still got so much to pack up). The sweet Nazirah even had to come to my house to give her farewell's gift.

cute things; cute notebooks, cute paw pen, and very cute handwritten letter

I also remembered the good times of spending the night at the hotel after annual dinner. It was a very good day, and night. Right after we had our fun in the hall of the hotel, we went up to our room and had some-not-really-pajamas party and of course, mask ! We had so much fun gossiping and playing around. And not to mention the much escapade to the beach to clear up our messed up head. It was a good time, really.


This is definitely a must mentioned. Before, I keep telling myself that it was hard and doubt myself a lot. But then, it was not that bad, at all. I guess, it was all in my head for I did it in the end. Although I am  a little bummed out for not having my mum (or any of my family members in this matter) at the ceremony, it was a great day after all ! Having Atina's parents was so so so great. Watching them as a family from the sideline were so cute that I kind of envy their relationship.

Oh, I received one of my picture during the ceremony yesterday's afternoon. Tsk, it was almost the end of the year and it took them, what, two months to post the picture. I couldn't understand that. Some of my friends didn't even received them yet.

More of my graduation story can be found on this entry !


Finally, my big family are growing bigger ! The count of my nephews and nieces as of 31st December 2019 is twenty one. Right, you read it okay, twenty one, 21. Guess what, it is the same as my age as of 1st January 2020 ! Wow ! And, I am still counting for how many more of them to come. Hehe.

Having another baby in the family is great, especially I couldn't be home more often when the 20th was born. Being eight hours away from the family sucks. But then, the 21st came like a rocket ! Yehey ! She's such a bundle of joy. I felt like smiling whenever I get the glimpsed of her very  very very chubby cheeks. Oh my god ! I keep refraining myself from touching that fluffy cloud-like cheeks.  I'm looking forward to the day she is bigger for I could have another kid to annoy. Hehe.


This is kind of hurt to write about. Hahaha. I had myself for failing the JPJ test twice ! Seriously, I don't even want to know how much money I had spent on a freaking card that would allow me drive (maybe someday I would  do calculation, please wait for it!). I am hoping 2020 would bring me joy in regards of this matter. Seriously.

So, pretty much, this is it for the highlight of my 2019. Generally speaking, I wanted to rant about my disappointment of  some things but I decided against it. I need the good vibes to take another step forward.

my new year resolution; sorry its ugly :(

Actually, this is my first time having a written new year resolution. Hahaha. By doing this way, I am hoping that I would be able to achieve every single one of them. So, without any particular order, I would explain a little bit of the ten resolutions that I had written on my journal (I have been using the same journal since 2016 and this is the first time I did this kind of thing ).

This is one important thing that I constantly remind myself of. I may had perform all five prayer without fail but I may had did them at the end of the time. And, that is not good. Especially for Subuh prayer. Say, I always did it at 6.30 am even I had woke up at six. I need to fix this.

It's been a dream of mine to continue my study. I wanted to at least had a degree but I wouldn't complain for more. My application back in September wasn't successful so yeah, I am looking forward for 2020's intake. In the mean time, I need to make up my mind on which course I wanted to further it. With all the pros and cons on the scale.

It was either my dream-course, psychology or reality-check, business, financing, accounting, statistical or whatever thing that works for me. So, yeah. 

Right after graduation, I have been spending my time quite carelessly. So, I need to manage my time wisely after this. I mean, no more lounging around doing nothing and maybe minimize the time I spent on gadgets (like, right now). A little less k-dramas and movies and more of helping and working out and learning which ever needed. 

This one thing is the thing that I should probably did since the time I submit my last final paper. But, after six months, I am still here, doing nothing. I kind of envy my friends who was gaining knowledge and some even getting money from their own limbs. I tried looking for online jobs, but it wasn't easy at all. Especially when I lack skills. I don't do fancy designing nor had a perfect understanding of coding nor I had a great English skills.  And to look for part-time jobs, it wasn't easy when you had no transportation. 

Maybe, it was just me giving out all kinds of excuses. I need to get my head straight !
Guess what ? I had a mental breakdown for an absolutely no reason. I could understand my struggles during my studies but I definitely didn't see this coming. I had a minor anxiety attack at nights when I wanted to sleep but I just can't because the tiny voices in me refused to shut up.  I even had them while I was watching k-dramas. Kinda sucks, aren't it ?

So, as of now, I wanted to keep in my to live in the moment and stop worrying of what is coming on my way. Worrying won't help me to get clearer sight of my future, right ?

I had realize one thing this year. I didn't read. I mean, I read all the online novels on Wattpad and malay novels of my favorite author, but I definitely did not read of the current issue. I lack this. The first time I realize this was when my lecturer asked us to present the current issue that going on around the world. 

This year, maybe I should start with something simple. Maybe not as heavy as international affairs  but enough to get me know what was going on in Malaysia. Beside that, I need to read more of physical books in stead of online books. I have been missing of doing this, especially self-help books. So, I need money and in order to get that money, I need income unless there's someone out there to sponsor me; which I doubt. But, if there is, please let me know !
I better cross this out as soon as possible. I am tired to waste my time and money for this.
I think I don't have to explain this, aite ? I am a normal human who tainted with sins. So, I need myself to keep away from repeating the same mistake I did in 2019. Fixing the habits that might turn into bad deeds and all. Yeah, I definitely need to improve my iman.
Relationships. With an S there. First off, I seriously am bad at keeping up with relationships. Be it friendship or family-hood or lover-ship. Now that I am miles away from my friends, I don't know what was going on in their lives. I waited for them to reach out to me, to tell me their day and all. But I never did initiated it. It was awkward for me to suddenly chat to them and asked for their day. I just, couldn't initiated it, no matter how much I tried.  And with my very bad usage of social media, sometimes I missed what they posted on and know nothing of it. But now, I am slowly making an effort to reach out for them.

As for family, hm, I found myself hide away from them. I constantly avoid family time for I am scared of what they would say of me. Yeah, I am insecure that way. I am okay if my friend said something about me but not if comes from my family members. Even when I had achieve something, I would mostly keep them to myself and never told anyone. Even if I did, it will only be one or two person (and they would spread the news which I found very uncomfortable). 

And I have no comment on lover-ship. I am not in this kind of relationship just yet and I am not in hurry. So, yeah. Let the time did it. Hahahha.
Mandarin is a language that I have been learning through an apps called Duolingo for about two years ? Or was it three ? Hahaha. It's an apps that I rarely used but never thought of uninstalling it. And I think, I had only finish two courses hahahha. So, yeah. I need to grow up and finish all the courses available by this year !

This is pretty much of my year of 2019 and the resolution of 2020. I planned for a little more of this entry but I kind of hurt my finger-tips so I need to stop. So, Happy new year everyone ! May you have a nice year ahead !


Thursday 26 December 2019

Bidadari Bermata Jeli By Hana Ilhami

December 26, 2019 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, selamat pagi semuanyaaa. Okay, aku actually nak post malam tadi. Tapiiii, tiba-tiba anak buah datang menyerang. So, aku lawanlah dengan lagu kanak-kanak dekat YouTube. So, tergendalalah untuk menaip. Pagi ni, takde benda sangat nak buat so sambunglah taip and tadaaa ! 

Tajuk : Bidadari Bermata Jeli
Penulis : Hana Ilhami
Muka surat : 676
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise
Genre : Malay fiction
ISBN : 978-967-2102-07-6
Sinopsis :

Di The Stanley's Suite Hotel, Tamara merupakan gadis kelahiran Bosnia yang dipelihara oleh orang Malaysia dan dijadikan anak angkat. Penampilannya ayu mengalahkan gadis Melayu, berbaju kurung, bertudung persis ustazah. Tapi pabila terlanggar eksekutif housekeeper yang garang dan cerewet itu, terkeluar habis loghat Negeri Sembilannya.

"Oh, mak kau kopalo jendol!"
"Hey, you! Stop right there!"

Pertemuan dengan Daniel Haidar berlaku pabila secara tak sengaja dia terlanggar jejaka itu. Kerana terlalu takut, Tamara terus melarikan diri tanpa menoleh pun. Punyalah selama ini dia berhati-hati dan mengelak daripada terserempak dengan salah seorang anak CEO The Stanley's Suite Hotel itu.

"Does dejavu really happen?"
"Well, according to research, about two third of us experience at least one dejavu in our lifetime."

Pertemuan dengan Tamara bagaikan dejavu bagi Daniel Haidar. Terasa Tamara begitu dekat di hati. Sudahlah langgar sampai bertabur fail, stafnya itu melarikan diri pula. Kanta lekap berwarna kelabu yang melekat pada fail, menjadi permulaan episod antara Daniel dan pemilik kanta lekap itu.

"Kalau you nak selamat, you ikut apa I cakap."

Penyelianya, Cik Eka Kamila memberi arahan agar Tamara tampil dalam rupa baru di hadapan Daniel. Dia perlu jadi seorang perempuan tembam, tapi hanya di depan Daniel. Apa motif Cik Eka?

Namun berjaya juga Daniel menemukan si pekerja misteri  itu. Tapi entah kenapa Daniel bagai tidak peduli dengan rupa Tamara. Siap pelawa makan malam bersama lagi. Sesuatu yang sangat mengejutkan bagi seorang Daniel Haidar yang menetapkan kualiti yang tinggi untuk pasangan hidupnya.

"Have dinner with me tonight..."

Apakah Tamara pun sudah jatuh hati? Tapi hatinya sudah lama dihuni oleh Helmi. Helmi yang selalu ada tika dia larut dalam derita yang melemaskan.

Karl - Doktor pelatih yang berwajah Inggeris itu sebenarnya telah lama jatuh hati terhadap Tamara. Meskipun dia tahu rahsia dan aib yang disembunyikannya, tapi itu bukan penghalang baginya hendak memiliki si bidadari bermata jeli. Namun kehadiran Daniel menyukarkan lagi keadaan. Di antara Helmi denggan Daniel, abangnya itu lebih memberikan ancaman.

Beberapa siri kejadian aneh yang sering berlaku dalam hidupnya, membuatkan Daniel tertanya-tanya. Dejavu yang Daniel rasakan selama ini apakah benar-benar dejavu? Dan apakah realiti sebenar disebalik sis gelap hidup Tamara yang mampu mengubah ramah menjadi marah?

Yeay, second one berjaya di-post-kan dalam 2019 (this is a sort of big achievement ! ). Out of all four, aku tersangat excited untuk baca this one. Mungkin sebab aku dari Negeri Sembilan, so yeah hahaha. Lagi satu sebab sinopsis dia sangat menarik perhatian aku. So, yeah. This one is my favorite out of four. Hehe. Plus point, cover dia lawa en. Rasa aesthetic sangat tengok. 

Okay, pertama sekali.  YA ALLAH PLOT DIA LAWA GILA AKU SUKA BACAAAAA !!!  Hold on, kenapa aku excited sangat ? Sebab aku tak expect langsung yang Tamara's identity was not actually Tamara. Tak faham ? Kena baca. Aku takut ter-spoil banyak sangat. Aku suka mood penceritaan novel ni. Lagi-lagi scenes yang banyak buatkan aku tertanya-tanya siapa penari kelab malam dengan sepasang mata heterochromia, siapa lelaki berhud yang membunuh dan muncul di The Stanley's Suite Hotel dan siapa Tamara, pekerja housekeeping di hotel mewah itu.

Macam novel 'Di Atas Sayap-Sayap Malaikat' jugak, novel ni ada fokus selain kisah cinta Daniel, Tamara dan Karl. Fokus dalam novel ni tak macam 'DASSM' yang mana memang ilmiah and perlukan lots and lots of research to match up the events, tapi masih memainkan peranan penting. Tanpa fokus tu, novel ni akan jadi pointless and tak logik. Fokus dalam cerita ni tak di-mention masa bahagian awal tapi kalau kau seorang yang pandai baca in-between the lines, kau boleh agak apa sebenarnya.

Masa mula-mula aku baca sinopsis novel ni, aku tak expect pun penceritaan dia had such a long depth and back story. Yang aku tahu, aku cuma excited nak baca pasal minah Bosnia yang ber-loghat nogori and jatuh cinta dengan bos kaya. Yes, ini pandangan awal aku. Tapi rupanya, aku salah besar sebab this novel, this story is beyond that. Kisah silam, aib, dan rahsia si Tamara lagi menarik daripada cerita minah Bosnia. Serious. Lagi-lagi bila ada watak tambahan yang sangat misteri identitinya buatkan aku teruskan bacaan.

One more thing, sama macam DASSM, novel ni jugak ada time travel (sis still tak tahu nak guna term apa hm) untuk flashback kisah yang jadi 20 tahun lepas. Kisah siapa ? Well, ni part of sejarah Tamara tapi not fully hers sebab dia sendiri 20 or 21 dalam novel ni. Nak tahu ? Baca sendiri.

So, memandangkan aku excited nak baca novel ni sebab penggunaan loghat nogori, so aku rasa aku nak komen sikit kot. Hehe. Aku rasa macam tak berapa sedap bila HI guna certain perkataan je yang ditukar dalam satu ayat. So, ayat tu jadi mix, nogori and standard BM. So, pembacaan aku terganggu la sikit. Aku takdelah pandai sangat guna loghat nogori, so aku taktahulah orang lain macam mana. Mungkin aku je kot.

Aku suka ending novel ni. Lepas semua konflik dan rahsia dapat diselesaikan, Tamara dapat apa yang dia impikan. Sambung belajar. Daniel dengan Tamara ? Hm. Yang ni tak mahu jawab. Cumanya aku kesian dengan Karl. Serious kesian. Disebabkan bebanan yang dia tanggung masa kecil, dia terpaksa menderita.

Dan, buat pertama kalinya, aku perlukan sequel untuk novel melayu. Hahaha. Walaupun aku kata aku suka ending dia, tapi aku perlukan sequel. Tak kira, nak jugak ! HI, pleaseeeeeeeee, sambil pout and buat mata kucing dalam cerita Shrek. I need more of Tamara and Daniel. And Karl jugak. Haih. Geram nyaaaaaa.

Selalunya aku akan insert quote, tapi tak ingat dekat page mana so, hm, kalau aku baca balik and jumpa, kalau rajin aku update, kalau tak bye-bye my love. Oh, aku actually tak berapa sure kenapa novel ni punya nama macam ni, tapi ada one part dalam novel mention maksud ayat Quran (which I obviously tak ingat ) yang ada bidadari bermata jeli. Nantilah cari balik. Hehe.



So, haritu aku inform HI through page fb dia on reviews yang aku tulis ni... Hehe, vangga itew iye cukeew.. ihiks, ok done gedik.

So screen shot tu ada clarify kenapa novel ni tajuk dia macam ni (sis is malas nak type sebab update guna phone, yeah very inconvenient for me)

Saturday 21 December 2019

Di Atas Sayap-Sayap Malaikat by Hana Ilhami

December 21, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, salam tengah malam ! Hehe, mood menaip pulak malam ni.. So, setelah berapa lama, baru nak post review novel ni. Maaf lah lama menunggu, walhal novel ni dah habis baca tiga hari lepas sampai kat rumah. Hehehe. Biasalah mood malas tu memang sentiasa bertandang. So, proudly, here it is !

Tajuk : Di Atas Sayap-Sayap Malaikat
Penulis : Hana Ilhami
Muka surat : 581
Penerbit : Karya Seni
Genre : Malay fiction 
ISBN : 9789674690236
Sinopsis :

Madrasah Darul Uloom Al-Haniffa semakin terkenal di bumi Swiss. Ustaz Naim menggalas tanggungjawab memperluaskan syiar Islam di sana. Segalanya berjalan lancar sehinggalah penemuan nota-nota di tembok batu di hadapan madrasah, menimbulkan pelbagai tanda tanya. Tanpa Ustaz Naim sedari, perkembangan Darul Uloom tidak disenangi oleh pihak tertentu. Kemunculan Miriam dan Nadine , semakin menghuru-harakan hidup Ustaz Naim.

Miriam, seorang remaja berbangsa Yahudi sering berkunjung ke Darul Uloom kerana ingin mengetahui tentang Islam serta mempelajari seni khat daripada Ustaz Naim. Meskipun ditentang oleh ibunya, Darul Uloom tetap dijejaki kerana Miriam sebenarnya sudah jatuh hati terhadap tenaga pelajar itu.

"Hampir  setiap hari saya meneropong ustaz dari rumah saya. Sebab itulah saya dapat lukis wajah ustaz." - MIRIAM

Namun kedatangan Miriam telah menimbulkan pelbagai spekulasi. Beberapa orang penghuni Darul Uloom tidak menyukai kedatangannya. Ustaz Naim mulai dipandang serong.

Nadine, seorang penari kelab yang begitu agresif. Kemunculannya membuatkan ketenteraman hati Ustaz Naim sering terganggu. Wanita itu bukan sekadar menggoda, malah dia turut membuat prvokasi terhadap Islam. Namun kerenah Nadine ditangani dengan penuh kesabaran meskipun adakalanya sangat menyesakkan jiwa.

"Wanita yang menyemburkan pewangi dan menayang tubuhnya untuk memikat hati lelaki merupakan wanita yang tiada keyakinan diri,." -USTAZ NAIM

"Kau menghina aku?" - NADINE

"Tidak. Saya sekadar mengingatkan. Sarungkan kembali jaket kamu. Kamu akan lebih dihormati jika kamu mengormati diri kamu sendiri." -USTAZ NAIM

Hanya kerana sebuah lukisan wajah Ustaz Naim yang dilakar oleh Miriam ditemui pada mayat seorang remaja punk, Ustaz Naim menjadi suspek utama. Dia bukan sahaja disyaki membunuh, bahkan Darul Uloom turut dituduh sebagai markas militan Islam. Demi keselamatan Darul Uloom dan para pelajarnya, Ustaz Naim terpaksa bertindak.

"Kamu semua penuntut ilmu, jadi kenapa kamu mahu perlu berasa takut sedangkan para malaikat sentiasa bersama kamu?" -USTAZ NAIM

Mampukah Ustaz Naim membersihkan namanya sekali gus mempertahankan Darul Uloom? Siapakah dalang yang cuba menghancurkan Darul Uloom? Bagaimana pula dengan kedua-dua wanita ahli kitab yang muncul dalam hidup Ustaz Naim? Ikhlaskan cinta kedua-duanya atau sebenarnya mereka mempunyai agenda yang tersendiri?

So, aku mulakan review empat novel yang aku post dalam 'Thoughtless Thursday #025' with this novel. Novel ni actually is a spin-off daripada novel 'Ya Maulana'. Tapi jangan risau sebab dia boleh dibaca as stand alone sebab relation antara dua novel tak mendalam sangat. Watak-watak dalam novel 'Ya Maulana' pun hanya di-mention sekali dua, itupun more as a filler (tak dinafikan aku excited bila baca nama Sumayyah dengan Rafiqi). Sumayyah actually played an important role dalam novel ni, walaupun dia hanya muncul sekejap.

Okay, aku jadi an avid fan of HI since third novel dia, 'Membakar Syurga, Mengguyur Neraka'. Bagi aku, novel tu beza sangat dengan novel cinta lain. Novel MSMN (aku guna short form sebab panjang kot nak taip, sis malas, sorry ={ ) ni ada fokus lain which is LGBT and of course, Islam. Most novel cinta lain akan fokus kepada konflik of the relationship between main characters, perbezaan darjat (most novel lama memang suka main darjat, kan) and maybe some dark pasts or insecurity.

As for this novel, fokus utama adalah pada penyebaran Islam di Switzerland, and the struggle to spread words of Islam. Some people mungkin akan rasa tak seronok baca novel dengan konsep macam ni, tapi aku sangat intrigued dengan jalan cerita dia. Every time aku move from one chapter to another, aku tak boleh nak stop guessing who is actually the bad guy. Mastermind yang mengatur pelbagai helah untuk hancurkan Darul Uloom memang aku tak expect. Oh, selalu jugaklah aku tuduh mana-mana side characters yang nampak suspicious. Hehe.

Aku suka cara penceritaan dalam novel ni. Ditulis daripada pandangan orang ketiga so kita boleh faham every characters' actual intention and events yang terjadi. Lagi satu, aku seronok dengan penulisan yang 'time travel' (had no better words to explain, sorry). Apa yang jadi dekat Fallujah pada tahun 2004 and the back story of Miriam memang buat aku hooked.

Sepanjang aku baca novel ni, aku sedar bukan semua orang mampu hasilkan karya macam ni. Aku dapat bayangkan berapa banyak kajian yang HI kena buat sebelum start plotting novel ni. Info-info tentang islamophobe, issues yang terbangkit di Swiss pada masa tersebut, Fallujah bombing, illuminati, semuanya bukan boleh nak ditulis sesuka hati. Salute HI for bearing all the struggle to give birth to this masterpiece !

Bagi sesiapa yang harapkan sweet, heart-fluttering scenes, sorry to burst your bubble but, aku rasa takde sangat pun ke memang takde. Aku tak kisah sangat pun ada ke tak mood sweet tu. Tapi sebab novel ni heavy sikit so aku rasa better it stay the way it is. Lagi menarik nak teka siapa musuh dalam selimut, hehe.

Ending novel ni aku memang tak expect, langsung ! The biggest plot twist I've ever encountered while reading a malay novel. Serious. Masa baca part plot twist tu, aku rasa dengan otak sekali dengan tengkorak aku sekali ter-twist. Rasa nak jerit-jerit je eee geram itew. However, its only logical dengan plot twist tu kalau nak merealitikan novel ni.  Haa, nak tahu which of the two yang dapat pikat Ustaz Naim, bacalah novel ni ya ! Jamin tak menyesal !

Till the next three novel (if I'm not such a lazy person, I might be able to get it done before new year, maybe),

Doa tanpa usaha adalah bohong dan usaha tanpa doa adalah sombong. -Ustaz Naim


Monday 16 December 2019

Monday 9 December 2019

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

December 09, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! Okay, here is the last k-drama that was on the to-be-posted list *cheers. I am glad that I can started to watch another drama or movies again (but then I actually had to write the review of the novels that I had read, so hm, yea). This drama actually from 2016 and I had been procrastinate to watch because of the title but then I need more medical drama so begun to watch this.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim / Doctor Romantic / Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo / 낭만닥터 님사부
Episodes : 20 + 1 epilogue
Genre : Medical, Romance
Writer : Kang Eun Kyung
Network : SBS
Cast : Han Seok Kyu, Yoo Yeon Seok, Seo Hyun Jin, 
Plot :

Kang Dong Joo lost his father when he was in a high school. Determined to change the system, he became a doctor. After forced to take blame on a failed surgery of a VIP, he was transferred to Doldam Hospital - a small hospital in the outskirt of Seoul. There, he met his first love and also his senior when he was an intern, Yoon Seo Jung. Both of them struggle to live as a rightful doctor with the guidance of Master Kim, a very skillful triple board doctor. 


First off, the plot. At first, I think this drama would have an intense and very nerve-wrecking scenes whereby the ER would always be full of patients because that was what the first episode implied. But then, I did not expect that the female lead would went missing. From that part onward, the plot slowed down a little. But then, when Dong Joo was assigned to Doldam Hospital, things started to get interesting.

From that point, the intensity, the humor, the romance and even the hatred started to play their part. The fact that the conflict of Master Km's life were big enough that it affects his junior was a very good reason to keep me watching. I keep on wondering on his past life as Dr. Boo Young Joo and all the reason he went on living in seclusion despite his extraordinary skills.

The scariest thing in this world is the seed of doubt. When you plant one it grows well by itself. - President Do

As for the trauma, diseases and surgical scenes, it was all equally intense. However, there was two scenes that I could remember vividly. The first one was the one whereby Dr. Woo Yeon Hwa, who at first was mistaken as a homeless person performed an intubation on a patient because the other doctors were equally all over the places. And the next one was the moment when they performed the surgery on Chairman Shin. I couldn't sat still while watching this scene because Dr. Do and Dr. Kang had an emergency patient  that need surgery as soon as possible. It was so nerve-wrecking because they need to be as quick so that they can return on time to switch place with Master Kim and Dr. Yoon.

Life is about turning into different roads. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality which is placed in front of you. - Kang Dong Joo

To comment about the actors, this actually is my first time watching a drama that involves Han Seok Kyu and Yoo Yeon Seok. I only knew Yoo Yeon Seok because of the Netflix reality show, BUSTED S1. Thus, I had never what kind of character that made them shine but I think they really did a very great job on playing their part. I love how Master Kim's knew when to get serious and the humor he hold even though he had a stone cold expression.

This drama had a twenty episodes overall and a special episode, an epilogue on Master Kim's love life. I still didn't watch the epilogue episode because the ending was a bit vague for me. I was wondering the status of Doldam Hospital and whether President Do step down from his position and what actually happen to Master Kim after that. Andddd, to end my very little misery, there will be a second season next January! For that season, it is confirmed that Han Suk Kyu, Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop will be part of the cast ! So, till next season !

Do you know the easiest thing in this world ? It's breaking a relationship. It doesn't requires any money nor effort. You can do it with a word. - President Do


Monday 2 December 2019

Class of Lies

December 02, 2019 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum, here is another k-drama review. I currently stop watching all movies and k-dramas to make sure that I would have time to write the pending reviews.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Class Of Lies / Mr. Temporary / Miseuteo Kikanjae / 미스터 기간제
Episodes : 16
Genre : Mystery, Crime 
Writer : Jang Hong Cheol
Network : OCN
Cast : Yoon Gyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, Jun, Choi Kyu Jin, Han So Eun, Kim Myung Ji, 
Plot :

Ki Moo Hyuk is a lawyer with a high winner rate. He only cares about money and fame. However, due to personal request of the CEO of the firm where he works, Ki Moo Hyuk was assigned with a murder case of  a high school student. With the case, he hit the rock bottom. To recover his fame, Moo Hyuk started working at the high school to uncover the truth of the case. He then came across Teacher Ha So Hyun, who loves her students. They both begun to work together to reveal the secret of their students.


This drama was so lit and infuriating and suspense all at the same time ! I still couldn't move on from the ending of this drama (lol I need to speak of this first bcs it's so ughhh) like how can they ended it that way ? Just WHY ?! Alright, I need to get a grip of myself, sorry. 

Anyway, the plot of the drama was really nice and very very great from my view. There was so much secrets hold behind the case. The four main students were also the main suspect of the murderer but their name were never mentioned on the court until the very end. Well, at least the real murderer was revealed on the court (NOPE, NOT GONNA MENTIONED THE RESULT OF THE COURT). However, their bad deeds were revealed one by one to the school. Score ! At least from that point onward, they would lives their life truthfully.

You only had one life and you can't die a victim - Ki Moo Hyuk

I loved how every character played their part and how infuriating and annoying they were. When I thought  that they finally came to their senses and helped Moo Hyuk to reveal the murderer, they turned their back on him. Sigh, it was a never ending game. But then I understand that they would trust their long-term friends rather than the lawyer-in-hide teacher. 

The most twisted character was definitely Yoo Beom Jin. At first, he appeared nice and angelic. The brainiac who would helped his friend but he actually is the mastermind of everything. That cold face of him and all the kindness that he offered was actually nothing but a part of his plan. I shudder at the thought of his emotionless face, especially when he had no hesitation of lying about the death of his girlfriend. He is sure one scary kid.

Overall, I enjoyed the drama well. Despite the tenses moment during the process of uncovering the truth, the elements of humor and romance was there from time to time to lighten the mood.


Sunday 1 December 2019

Maps Of The Soul : The Show

December 01, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum ! December is here and that's mean, holidays (as if I'm not in holiday for past few months) ! Besides that, it is a rainy season here in Malaysia and also the kenduri kahwin season. But, I'm not here to rant about those things. As per the title, this entry here today will be all about Melon Music Awards that were held yesterday, November 30th and I will be talking about BTS specifically.

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I'm too lazy to make a masterpiece 

To start off, yesterday I was quite restless because I am waiting for the main show to start and I'm afraid that the internet would be joking around and not allowed me to watch the whole show with no interruption. And yes, it did actually. But that's for later. So, as the clock hit 4 p.m, I begun tidying myself, getting ready for Asr'. After solat, I went to entertain my nieces until quarter before six. I would normally did not watch the red carpet so, yeah. 

I went to Twitter and looked up for links available and watch the show. As I already know that BTS would be the last performer, I looked for MAMAMOO, Heize and TXT time to perform. I was quite shocked when I found out that MAMAMOO would perform before ITZY. I mean, ITZY just debuted less than one year and then there's MAMAMOO with five years ? I was honestly baffled and a little bit disappointed.

As for their performance, they definitely killed it ! With Gogobebe and Hwasa's Twit, it was all great ! And the shading they did in the end. just wow ! The girls are great ! Only if they were given much longer performance time, maybe I would be ecstatic. As for TXT and Heize, the performance was the best ! I would definitely looked up for some fancams for reaction (Things I would do every time after an award shows). Hahaha.

Even thought I was feeling a bit bummed out because there's no other senior groups that I am expecting, like, Seventeen, EXO, and GOT7, I could still enjoy all the performances. Besides the artist that I mentioned, there this one rap performance after Heize's that capture my attention. It was very very lit !

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im quite satisfied with this one

Now, for our BTS. Sigh. There's no word to describe their performance. I was getting goosebumps throughout the performance. I was very close to crying when they perform Mikrokosmos. It felt so pure, so good and with all of the CGs effect make it more heart-wrenching ! However, the downside was, my Internet are seriously loves to see me suffering. Huwaaaaa. It would stop in the middle of the dance intro (?) whereby Jin was on the elephant, and skip to Jimin's wonderful dance performance. And once more, during the Dionysus's dance break ! And skip right until they ended the performance ! Can you believe that ?!! I was so fuming inside. Ughhhh 

I mean, I had been waiting for Dionysus ever since I watch the MCountdown performance and I happen to cannot watch it till the end ! Ugh. It's annoying !!!! Right then, I felt like going to sleep and woke up and looked up for the full performance on YouTube the next day. But then, I would be disappointed for not watching the moment they accept the Daesang so I kept watching. And, congratulations to them for winning all FOUR DAESANG ON ONE NIGHT ! Another history written on their books ! Anyways, this is the legendary performance of BTS, 

And here is the awards that this group had successfully swept,

  • MMA Top10
  • Best Dance Male
  • Netizen Popularity Award
  • Kakao Hot Star Award
  • Record Of The Year (Daesang)
  • Song Of The Year - Boy With Luv (Daesang)
  • Album Of The Year (Daesang)
  • Artist Of The Year (Daesang)
 Right when Park Seo Joon announced them as the winner of Artist of the Year, I was so so so close to shout out loud. I am glad that I am able to compose myself or else I would having the entire people in this home called me crazy. Hehe. Overall, I loves their performances as well as other artists'. Thank you for giving a concert-like performance and congratulations for being the first artist to have an all-kill daesang ! Now, I'm looking forward for MAMA 2019 !


Thursday 28 November 2019

Confession of a Murder

November 28, 2019 2 Comments
Assalamualaikum, so here is another review of a movie. And it was quite old one but it had a good reviews so, I had to give it a shot and hopefully, you guys too!

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Confession of a Murder / I am the Murderer / I am a Killer / Naega Salinbeomida / 내가 사린범이다
Runtime : 119 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2012
Director : Jung Byung Gil
Distributor : Showbox
Cast : Park Shi Ho, Jung Jae Young
Plot :

After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he had committed, Lee Doo Suk published an autobiography book called 'I Am A Killer' describing all of his crime in great detail. The book immediately became a best seller and grab the attention of the detective in charge of the case, Lieutenant Choi. Lieutenant Choi then began to pursue the killer that he missed 15 years ago.

There was a Japanese version of this movie and some review said it was more interesting than this one. But, I am too lazy to check that out (I didn't intended to put more movie on my pending list, maybe some other year)


First off, the timeline of this movie got me confused a few times because the opening scene shown that it was the year of 2005 when Lt. Choi had an encounter with the murderer. Then, it came to the present year, 2007, if I am not mistaken. I got confused of the time because I initially thought that 2005 was the time when the serial murder took place. But I was wrong as it happen during the 1990s something.

When Lee Doo Suk came to the scene and confessing that he was the killer of the unsolved serial murder, I know for sure that he was not the one that killed those woman. Why ? Because the silhouette of the man that disappeared to the dark alley after scaring Lt. Choi and that Lee Doo Suk was definitely different. That man was a bit chubby and he had a slouched shoulder. While Lee Doo Suk had a tall and lean frame. And he definitely did not slouched.

To say that this is a thriller movie, I didn't exactly agree with that. Sure, there was some thrilling moment from time to time but it wasn't much. As for the action scene, there was only two scenes that stuck in my mind; the one whereby the victim families tried to kidnap Lee Doo Suk and the bodyguard team tried to save him (this scene was actually gave me more laughter than tension). And the one when Lt. Choi saved Lee Doo Suk from being held hostage.

The movie intrigued me because I am definitely sure that Lee Doo Suk was not the killer but then how did he knew every details of the murder cases that wasn't reveal to the public. And with that, I kept watching for the answer. And to tell you, it was mind-blowing ! I definitely did not see it coming !

From this movie, I realized one thing. The people can be extremely toxic and somewhat crazy. I mean, who would idolized a person who had killed women ? Those high school students were seriously need to get a grip of their life. I know that it was made up to make the movie more dramatic but it won't came up if it never happen, right ? Maybe not as extreme as murderer but this is the reality of today's. You got the approval of the public if you had the face. Sick.

As for the ending, I am totally satisfied ! No argument. Full stop.


Saturday 23 November 2019

Doctor John

November 23, 2019 6 Comments
Here is the second review of the day ! This drama was released this year and I finally able to catch up my to-watch list. So, now is the time for me to catch up with my to-post list.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Doctor John / Doctor Yohan / Doctor's Room / Uisa Yohan / 의사유한
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Medical, Romance
Writer : Yo Kusakabe (novel), Kim Ji Woon
Network : SBS
Casts : Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Gyu Hyung
Plot : 

Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist who was imprisoned because he perform an euthanasia on a criminal. Kang Shi Young is a resident of anesthesiology who planned to flee after encountering an incident. She then works at the prison whereby Yo Han was at as a temporary medical officer. She then was provoked by Yo Han. After saving a prisoner, she made up her mind and came back to her post in the former hospital. She then was dispatched to the Pain Management Center and have Yo Han as her leader. They then begun to investigate the cause of their patients' pain.

Alright, I actually had no idea that this drama was based on a Japanese novel until I started writing this review. The sole reason I watched this drama was Ji Sung. His acting was too good for me to ignore.


First, the plot. I personally think the plot was simple and not too complicated. There was not too much of medical terms that I came across except from those that I had already heard of (maybe I should watch less meds drama). What intrigues me more were the reason why Shi Young was trying to flee from the country when she was the top from her class and a good doctor. And also, whether Yo Han actually perform euthanasia or not and if yes, why.  When both reason was answered, the real side of Yo Han made a huge plot twist. I was not expecting that, at all.

In terms of acting, I could see the chemistry between all actors. I personally love the relationship of Lee Yoo Joon and Kang Mi Rae more than Cha Yo Han and Kang Shi Young. The Lee-Kang relationship was not called official until the last episode. They just met by chance and their flirtatious act was kept the bare minimum. They were too cute to ignore ! Next, Kang Shi Young. I had never watch a drama nor a movie with this actress so I am not familiar with her. From my view, I think she did a fair good job on her part but I couldn't help but to feel awkward on some scenes.

No human being can feel others' pain like their own. All they can ever do is try to understand. To understand the person's pain is to understand the person. - Kang Shi Young

There wasn't much heavy case in this drama but they definitely gave the depth of every cases. The case of CIPA and CPRS patient definitely had me.Especially the CIPA one. That boy was finally able to feel pain but then he had to gave it up because it might put him in a more dangerous situation. When he was discharged, he came back in worse state because of bullying and eventually died. Dang, I cried hard when Yo Han was forced to give up on him. The CPRS patient was able to recover when they found out the cause of his pain.

The flow of plot was neither slow nor fast. It was just fine as when things were going too fast there always some elements to slow it back. And vice versa. I guess, the pace was good considering the field of medical. It would be an exaggeration if they put intense scenes on every case. I mean, the level of intensity was not always on the top. Some cases had a lower intensity and that make this drama interesting. 


The Gifted Hands

November 23, 2019 4 Comments
Holla peeps ! Alright, before I finished another drama, I should finished the long overdue entries review. This one is a movie from South Korea and it was very great for me ! 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : The Gifted Hands / Psychometry / Saikometeuri / 사이코메트리
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Supernatural
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Released year : 2013
Writer : Lee Yong Jong, Han Jun Hee
Cast : Kim Bum, Kim Kang Woo
Plot : 

Yang Chun Dong has been working as a detective for three years. He however, didn't had much recognition from his superior. One day, a woman came to report for her missing daughter. While the other detective didn't took her report seriously, Chun Dong believed that the kid was kidnapped. He then begun to investigate the case alone. Later, her corpses was found. Chun Dong then came across a graffiti that depicts the crime. He begun to pursue the one who drew the graffiti. When he finally catch Kim Jun, he learnt that Kim Jun had a special ability to read the memory from anything that he touched. Chun Dong then used the ability of Kim Jun to catch the real killer.

If you guys had ever watched a drama series called, 'He is Psychometric' then this movie might be familiar for you.


I freaking love the plot ! Like very very much ! Why ? Well first off, Yang Chun Dong's character. He is the living proof that not all detective were lucky and well-off. He even had a side job of being a water dispenser seller which then were caught for being fraud or something like that. His spotlight was often stolen by his colleague. At times, it get very frustrating.

When Chun Dong finally trust Kim Jun of not being the criminal, I was very glad. But then he broke his promise of not telling about him to others. Kim Jun was brought to the interrogation room for questioning about his graffiti. It was a sad scene for me because Kim Jun finally opened up to him but things turn the other way. He even went far to the point that he fainted to prove his innocence.

The killer identity was definitely a plot twist. I never thought that man would be the real killer because all of the image that Kim Jun saw, he couldn't just be a vet ! Anyway, he is a psychopath. Like, he killed the kids because apparently, they misbehave. He even went as far as comparing the kids to puppies. Crazy bastard.

The ending however, got me seriously frustrated. Yeah, the criminal was caught and the last kid was saved but Kim Jun left without a word. Both him and Chun Dong went their own ways. This is the only thing that I am frustrated of.

In term of emotions, this movie had me screaming of, 'come on', 'oh no', like so many times. There was also times where I would get sad because of the certain scenes. The suspense definitely were there. The most suspense and thrilling moment was when Kim Jun caught the hand of the killer right before he fall from his apartment (he was on the highest floor) and determined to save him even though he was having nose bleed due to continuous contact. Damn I was actually hoping that he will just let go.

The cinematography was great and definitely the best. The only thing was I was hoping that the lighting would be a little brighter. But then, considering the genre, that kind of lighting might be the best.


Thursday 21 November 2019

Thoughtless Thursday #025

November 21, 2019 8 Comments

too lazy for editing hence the low quality haih.

Assalamualaikum ! Last time aku post this weekly (tolonglah pretend aku update weekly untuk entry ni),  aku cakap pasal nervous nak amik lesen en. And my worst nightmare came. Aku fail. Haih. Tak tahulah cemana boleh fail. Tapi tulah, bak kata cikgu aku, tu bukan hari aku. Hmm, sis redo. Maybe next year baru amik retest.

So, untuk menunggu retest tu, aku actually nak kerja, tapi bulan 12 ni macam tak boleh nak gerak sangat sebab mak nak pergi umrah, so dia suruh aku jaga pokok bunga dia. Haih. Redo jelah. So, untuk mengisi kekosongan (ececeh) yang ada, aku pun decided untuk beli novel. Hah, macam tak ngam kan. Hahaha.

Aku sebenarnya plan untuk purchase novel-novel ni as a congratulation gifts sebab dapat lesen, tapi memandangkan tak dapat, so dia jadi consolation gift jelah. Hmm. Anyways, kalau perasan kesemua empat novel kat atas tu ditulis oleh Hana Ilhami. Aku actually a big fan of her since the first novel lagi. So, untuk teruskan sokongan, aku belilah yang aku tak beli lagi. Nanti aku dah siap baca, aku tulis review noh.

Till then,


Monday 18 November 2019

Queen For Seven Days

November 18, 2019 6 Comments
Assalamualaikum, it's been so long hasn't it ? I had actually quite a number of reviews to write and post but nah, not really feeling to type these days. :/  So, to lessen the number by one, here is a review of a 2017 drama that I had finished for about a month ago ? Please do pardon me for the bad review. :/

Title : Queen for Seven Days / 7Ilui Wangbi / 7일의 왕비
Episodes : 20
Genre : Historical, Romance, Political
Writer : Choi Jin Young
Network : KBS2
Cast : Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun
Plot :

Shin Chae Kyung is a daughter of a politician, Shin Soo Geun. She, however was forced to stay at a small village outside of Hanyang with her nanny. Being a rebellious teenagers, she found her way to her parents house in Hanyang. She then found herself fall in love with the Crown Prince of Joseon, Lee Yeok who lives under the tyranny of his half-brother, King Lee Young.

I'm sooo sorry for the poor synopsis ! I seriously had no idea how to come with better summary without spoiling what I should spoil in my review.


First off, I really love the plot of this drama. It filled with twist and emotions. The prologue in the first episode definitely got me hooked. The scene showed that Queen Shin was on her way to be executed. And for that, I keep watching the drama, especially when the later scenes in the episode showed how much Shin Chae Kyung and the crown prince loves one another.

Just like several historical drama out there, this drama also portrayed the thirst of the power and the throne. However, this drama showed a bit different in this case when the crown prince had no intention to take  the throne in the beginning. Even when he had the chance to take back the crown, he gave it back to his half brother.

The chemistry between the three main actors was really good. Especially between the king and the crown prince. They both actually long for each other's company. But the king was furious when their father cursed him to be a bad king if he ever took the throne. Their relationship fall when their father started to take side on the crown prince.

This drama had gave me a big impression on forgiving. When the crown prince had finally got the throne from his half-brother, he finally had the stressed of what his brother had. He then pay a visit to his brother, they ended up forgive each other and his brother died on him. Damn, I cried hard on this scene.

The ending however got me a bit confused because Shin Chae Kyung refused to became the queen again and lives as a normal person but she still together with the crown prince and even had a son together. If she wasn't the queen, then it leaves the question of, did the king get married with another woman to make her as the queen or not. And he didn't, the next king was probably not from his family or what. The after-story got me thinking so much.

Anyway, this is a good drama to enjoy.


Tuesday 5 November 2019

Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta

November 05, 2019 10 Comments
Assalamualaikum.. Dah selalu buat review movies and k-dramas kan.. So, this time aku nak buat review buku pulak. Actually aku banyak je baca buku tapi semuanya novel-novel lama. Sejak masuk asrama mana ada dah aku nak beli novel. Kalau baca novel pun mesti member tak pun family punya. Hahaha. This one pun bukan novel yang aku beli hahaha. Sekarang aku banyak baca online novels yang ada dekat Wattpad. 

corner terlipat masa simpan ㅠㅠ

Tajuk : Lelaki Lingkungan Cinta 
Penulis : Lily Haslina Nasir
Mukasurat : 636
Penerbit : Penulisan Enterprise / Penulisan2u
Genre : Malay Fiction
ISBN : 978-967-2102-13-7
Sinopsis :

Nakal. Itu perkataan yang paling sinonim dengan Adib. Semenjak di kolej sehingga ke universiti, Adib sangat terkenal. Bukan terkenal kerana kecemerlangannya tapi terkenal kerana kenakalannya. Semua pernah Adib lakukan termasuklah membuat 'dajal' kepada Esya. Bagi Esya, Adib adalah musuh nombor satunya. Kerana Adib dia didenda. Kerana Adib habis pakaiannya rosak. Kerana Adib dia terkenal di kolej.

"Saya mungkin tak romantik, saya mungkin tak kacak, tak kaya... Tapi percayalah, hati saya melimpah kasih untuk Esya." - ADIB

Mahligai cinta yang terbina ketika masing-masing bergelar pelajar. Esya pada awalnya tidak begitu yakin dengan Adib yang sangat nakal itu. Sikap Adib yang berlainan ketika bersama dia akhirnya menambat hati Esya. Bahagia yang dibina menerbitkan hasad dalam diri Zamri. Zamri berusaha memisahkan pasangan muda itu. Alasannya ? Hanya dia yang tahu.

"Adib! Kau jangan jadi bodoh sangatlah. Si Esya tu memang terhegeh-hegeh ikut aku." - ZAMRI

"Orang tak datang beli kalau Esya tak menjual! Memang dasar keturunan menjalang memang macam ni agaknya!" - ADIB

"Sampai hati Adib tuduh Esya macam tu. Esya benci Adib!" - ESYA

Retak menanti belah. Rumah tangga Esya dan Adib bergolak kerana mulut Zamri sehingga Adib mengungkit asal usul isterinya. Itu yang Zamri mahukan! Galau hati Esya. Dia nekad dengan keputusan untuk menjauhi Adib. Kerana pulut santan binasa, kerana mulut badan binasa. Adib nanar sendirian tanpa Esya di sisi. Ujian datang bertimpa-timpa. Esya tetap dengan rajuknya. Akan tersingkapkah kebenaran yang mampu menyatukan mereka kembali? Atau hubungan Adib dan Esya berakhir hanya kerana status hidup seorang Esya?

Perkara pertama yang aku nak sentuh, cover novel. Aku sangat suka dengan dia punya color scheme which was turquoise. Illustration cover pun nampak sangat nice and I can say that it is a bit minimalist which is a good thing. Some people (read:me) sometimes akan decide untuk baca or beli buku solely based on the cover. And yea, novel ni termasuk dalam category yang aku akan baca sebab cover.

Next, plot cerita. Honestly, aku ambil masa yang agak lama untuk habiskan novel ni. Jalan cerita novel ni start daripada zaman Esya and Adib dekat MRSM lagi and on that time, diorang ni on love-hate relationship,  or kind of. Sebab Adib memang ada hati dengan Esya tapi sebab perangai nakal budak-budak dia tu buat Esya menyampah. Tapi sebabkan ada satu kes and Adib jadi hero kepada Esya, diorang berbaik sebelum habis SPM.

Perjalanan cerita agak perlahan sebab first, kau nak kena hadap cerita masa diorang dekat sekolah. Lepas tu, cerita masa dekat universiti pun slow. Boleh kata kebanyakan scene lebih kepada kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar U. Konflik sebelum diorang kahwin almost to none. Lepas dah kahwin tu je baru nampak konflik daripada mulut Zamri and Adib punya kepala angin (sorry for the language!) 

Konflik rumah tangga diorang ni sekejap-sekejap. Maksud aku macam, salah sorang mesti mengalah awal. Tapi, punca konflik semuanya sama, Zamri. Setiap kali gaduh pasal Zamri, tak pernah sekali pun Adib tak ungkit pasal keturunan Esya. Aku memang geram gila kalau baca part ni. Sebelum kahwin, punyalah kata tak kisah apa semua. Lepas kahwin, haram jadah mengungkit je tahu. Hish. Emo ni emo. Walhal, keturunan dia pun ada kisah silam jugak ergh. Anyway, bila dah terus terang dengan Mama Jarah (mak angkat Esya),  barulah Adib sedar salah dia.

Watak Esya dengan Adib ni memang berjaya portray kehidupan mahasiswa apatah lagi yang kahwin masa belajar (not that I'm experienced but the struggle). Salute penulis ! Aku tak berapa curious pasal Esya dengan Adib ni sebab aku lebih tertarik dengan rahsia keturunan Adib yang Kak Dayana, kakak Adib rahsiakan. Jujurnya, once dia beritahu, aku nak je stop baca tapi sebab Zamri, aku teruskan bacaan. Hehe. Aku puas hati gila dengan balasan dunia yang Zamri terima. Ingatkan bawak mulut je, rupanya besar lagi tanduk dia.

Overall, walaupun jalan cerita agak slow and tak berapa menarik pada aku, novel ni tetap enjoyable and banyak jugaklah aku gelak sendiri sebab Adib punya nakal. Till next,


Friday 1 November 2019

Hotel del Luna

November 01, 2019 4 Comments
Assalamualaikum and heyya. Its been long since the last k-drama review hasn't it ? So, here is a drama that I had finished for about a month ago (yeah I am this lazy) ? I pretty sure that everyone that enjoy K-Drama would know and maybe had watched this drama over and over again.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Hotel Del Luna / 호텔 델루나
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Writer : Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
Network : tvN
Cast : IU, Yoo Jin Goo, Shin Jung Keun, P.O, Bae Hae Sun
Plot :

Jang Man Weol is the owner of a hotel called 'Hotel Del Luna'. This hotel only served special guest, the dead. Jang Man Weol was a woman who had done evil things during her life and she was tied to the 'Moon Tree' for over 1,000 years to pay for her wrongdoings. She is beautiful but fickle and very greedy. Due to an unexpected event, Ku Chan Seong was promised to work as the assistant manager at Hotel Del Luna once he reached the age of 20. For that, Chan Seong had been living out of Korea until he reached 21 years old, thinking that the 'curse' would stop. With his soft heart, he then begun working at Hotel Del Luna.


First off, I didn't intent to watch this drama because the plot didn't intrigued me. But then the reviews that was written definitely got me hooked. And here I am. The first thing that I wanted to comment on was the really amazing CG. The first episode of the drama had my eyes widen because I was so not expecting the way the house(hotel) was build. The drama was filled with amazing CGs that I couldn't just simply ignored.

Honestly, I thought this drama would be a simple plot whereby a human had the ability to see the ghosts and make the hotel for them. But it wasn't the case. I was confused when it started with Jang Man Wool in the deserted place with the clothing from the older era. Then I realized that Jang Man Wool had lives long a very long life. The constant question on why and how she lived that long made me enjoying the plot even more. Especially when Go Chan Sung had dreamed of her past life.

I really enjoyed every character in this drama. Especially Jang Man Wool. Her rude attitude, sarcastic remarks and her loves for money. It was like watching another version of IU that I had never knew exist. She definitely killed that role. Yeo Jin Goo was as good as actor he is. I couldn't say much on him because this is the first time I watched his acting. 

Usually I didn't enjoyed an open ending dramas or movies but this drama may became an exception. When Jang Man Wool didn't took the drink that Yuna stole from Mago for the second time, to be with Chan Sung, I kind of glad. If she did, she would only be tied to the tree of moon for centuries again and Chan Sung would only became a tiny part of that centuries she lived in. 

I could say that I enjoyed this drama very much. Even though some episodes may went over one hour mark, I still enjoyed every part of this drama. It was very enjoyable because of its comedy, romantic and sadness elements in the plot. Even though this is a drama with the majority of the supporting roles were ghosts, I think the only time that I actually got scared was when the guest in Room 13 was let loose. Other than that, it was all bearable.


Thursday 31 October 2019

Thursday 24 October 2019

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Graduated !

October 22, 2019 41 Comments

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Assalamualaikum semua. Haa tengok tajuk pun tahu dah aku nak bebel apa. Kan ? Aku pun dah banyak kali hinted yang aku akan buat entry on this topic. So, here we goes.

Aku rasa, aku tak pernah mention dekat mana aku belajar (dulu aku ada buat entry pasal Taekwon-Do tournament yang mana aku as one of the exco and the journey of throughout that event yang aku dah pun delete, so some of you mungkin tahu) and I actually didn't want to tapi bila fikir balik, kenapa tidak ? Kan. Aku actually one of the university yang sering disebut these past months. UniSZA. 

Memandangkan UniSZA ni duduknya di Terengganu, so aku pun memang selalu la jugak travel 5 hours plus plus atas bas. Selalunya aku naik bas dekat Seremban or Pilah sebab hari cuti en, boleh la nak mintak akak or abang aku hantar ke station bas. Tapi this time, hari kerja so aku pun malas la nak menyusahkan orang yang jauh. Aku naik jelah bas dekat Gemas, aku mintak akak ipar aku hantarkan.

The things is, bas aku pagi 15 October. Aku memang dah bagitahu dia yang aku gerak pagi tapi dia ingat malam. Lol. Dah la pagi tu gelabah semacam. Bas aku pukul 11 pagi, aku ingat nak gerak dalam pukul 10 so sampai station sempatlah aku nak beli makanan sikit. Tapi sebab dia dah salah time, bas sampai stesen dulu daripada aku. Nasib baiklah orang dekat kaunter tu call aku, bagitahu bas dah sampai and nasib baik jugak la aku dah nak sampai. Kalau tak, memang burn la tiket dan duit gue.

Sampai ganu dalam pukul enam, tunggu Naz dengan Atina datang jemput. Malam tu makan-makan lepastu membuta. Oh, aku supposed to tumpang bilik Naz sebab I'm alone tapi tak jadi sebab Atina pergi bagitahu parents dia yang aku sorang so dorang pun book another room for us. So, sepanjang aku dekat Ganu, aku duduk dengan Atina la. Massive thanks to Atina's parents !

16 October. 

Plan asal, nak pergi makan, Zohor lepas tu pre-convo dekat pantai takpun drawbridge. Tapi sebab kawan Naz mintak tolong ambil kan jubah semua, and several other reason, tak jadilah nak pre-convo. So, lepas makan, lepak bilik Naz jelah sambil tunggu sidang petang habis, sebab aku nak jumpa kawan. But then, Miza pulak ajak pre-convo dekat padang new zealand, nak taknak kitorang pun pergi jelah.

Habis segala pre-convo, naik balik bilik Naz, lepak tunggu Asar. Ingatkan dapatlah pergi dewan tapi tak sampai 10 minit duduk, kawan Naz pulak mintak tolong ambil dia dekat Mydin sebab Grab takde. Kesian gila tengok Naz ulang-alik. Aku dengan Atina serba salah nak keluar gi dewan. Kitorang pun stay jelah bilik Naz sampai pukul 5 macam tu Naz hantar kitorang gi cafe, beli makanan malam. Lepastu, kitorang dua balik hotel dengan Maxim. Terkilan jugaklah sebab aku tak turun dewan petang tu. I mean, it was one last chance,  for now untuk jumpa Janah and Najah. Haih. Takpelah, ada rezeki, lain kali jumpa lagi.

17 October.

Aku punya sidang is the last one. Pagi tu relax lagi pergi sarap semua. Bila dah siap pakai tudung and everything, terus datang rasa cuak. Serious cuak gila walaupun tahu yang naik pentas tu tak sampai berapa second.

One thing yang selalu jadi dekat aku dalam masa-masa penting ni, kasut. Okey, aku bawak heels yang memang berkurun aku tak pakai. So, aku assume it is in a good conditioned sebab aku jarang pakai. Malangnya, tapak kasut sebelah kanan tu dah loose and by the time aku sedar, it was too late. Heh. Hadap. Dahlah aku tinggalkan kasut yang satu tu dekat hotel *facepalm.  Nasib baiklah kasut tu ada layer lain yang hold kaki aku. So, kira selamatlah.

Masa tengah beratur nak masuk dewan, exco yang jaga barisan tu pun bagitahulah, "Last five nanti orang akan tepuk tangan untuk awak". And guess what, aku tergolong dalam last five tu. Haha. Bangga pun bangga tapi cuak tu lagilah. Memang masa aku atas pentas, lepas je ambil file daripada VC, cepat cepat aku turun. Haha. Segan la wehh.

After everything, aku rushing sebab nak bergambar dengan kawan lagi, pergi bayar gambar, pergi pulang jubah, ambil transcript lagi. Haih. Asalnya depa ajak bergambar satu course, tapi untuk kumpul 42 orang dengan keadaan yang ramai gila orang dengan semua entah kemana memang tak dapatlah kan.

Even nak kumpul geng aku je pun tak dapat. Bila sorang ada, sorang takde haih. Redo jelah. Last last memang kitorang tak dapat pun nak bergambar berlima (except for that one selfie before beratur). Lepas puas bergambar (tak, aku tak puas pun) aku dengan Alip (kebetulan dia pun nak pulang jubah) rushing nak pergi pulang jubah. Masa kitorang sampai je tempat nak pulang jubah tu, orang tu dah nak tutup pintu, kata dah tutup pastu suruh aku datang pagi esok. The problem is, aku nak transcript before gerak balik tapi bas aku pagi esok.

So, dengan muka cuak aku terus kata yang aku kena balik awal pagi esok. Terus brother tu bagi masuk. Lol. Thanks a lot bro. Kalau tak terpaksa gue susahkan Naz once again. Settle segala hal, aku dengan Atina gerak balik. Before that, kitorang singgah pantai dulu untuk post-convo photo session. Bila sampai Terengganu, pantai is a must visit (for me, at least) ! Then barulah isi perut yang lapar gila.

18 October.

One last day in Terengganu. Lepas aku bangun and solat, terus mandi and siap-siap. Walaupun bas pukul 9, aku still siap awal untuk tidur balik. Heh, pelik but this is the way I am. Lepas sarap, around 8.30 macam tu, barulah keluar hotel and parents Atina hantar ke station bas. After a bit of struggling and nervous, we exchange goodbyes and we part ways.

Honestly, sedih gak la nak tinggal kan Ganu and every memories. Lagi-lagi bila tak dapat jumpa orang-orang yang aku nak jumpa. Hm, mungkin bukan rezeki kali ni. Insya-Allah untuk lain kali. Even so, we need to keep going and move on. Once bas gerak daripada station, I felt somewhat proud of myself. Aku tak pernah sangka yang aku akan berjaya tamatkan diploma in business. Lagi-lagi bila jauh daripada family and aku rasa bangga sebab mampu bawak diri ke tempat orang. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Now, one thing down, I have to worry for my JPJ test this Thursday. Huwaaa. Cuaknya wehhh. Doakan yang terbaik untuk aku eh !