Monday, 2 December 2019

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Class of Lies

Assalamualaikum, here is another k-drama review. I currently stop watching all movies and k-dramas to make sure that I would have time to write the pending reviews.

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Title : Class Of Lies / Mr. Temporary / Miseuteo Kikanjae / 미스터 기간제
Episodes : 16
Genre : Mystery, Crime 
Writer : Jang Hong Cheol
Network : OCN
Cast : Yoon Gyun Sang, Geum Sae Rok, Jun, Choi Kyu Jin, Han So Eun, Kim Myung Ji, 
Plot :

Ki Moo Hyuk is a lawyer with a high winner rate. He only cares about money and fame. However, due to personal request of the CEO of the firm where he works, Ki Moo Hyuk was assigned with a murder case of  a high school student. With the case, he hit the rock bottom. To recover his fame, Moo Hyuk started working at the high school to uncover the truth of the case. He then came across Teacher Ha So Hyun, who loves her students. They both begun to work together to reveal the secret of their students.


This drama was so lit and infuriating and suspense all at the same time ! I still couldn't move on from the ending of this drama (lol I need to speak of this first bcs it's so ughhh) like how can they ended it that way ? Just WHY ?! Alright, I need to get a grip of myself, sorry. 

Anyway, the plot of the drama was really nice and very very great from my view. There was so much secrets hold behind the case. The four main students were also the main suspect of the murderer but their name were never mentioned on the court until the very end. Well, at least the real murderer was revealed on the court (NOPE, NOT GONNA MENTIONED THE RESULT OF THE COURT). However, their bad deeds were revealed one by one to the school. Score ! At least from that point onward, they would lives their life truthfully.

You only had one life and you can't die a victim - Ki Moo Hyuk

I loved how every character played their part and how infuriating and annoying they were. When I thought  that they finally came to their senses and helped Moo Hyuk to reveal the murderer, they turned their back on him. Sigh, it was a never ending game. But then I understand that they would trust their long-term friends rather than the lawyer-in-hide teacher. 

The most twisted character was definitely Yoo Beom Jin. At first, he appeared nice and angelic. The brainiac who would helped his friend but he actually is the mastermind of everything. That cold face of him and all the kindness that he offered was actually nothing but a part of his plan. I shudder at the thought of his emotionless face, especially when he had no hesitation of lying about the death of his girlfriend. He is sure one scary kid.

Overall, I enjoyed the drama well. Despite the tenses moment during the process of uncovering the truth, the elements of humor and romance was there from time to time to lighten the mood.



  1. Seronok cerita dia.. Memang tak jangka bila pelajar boleh jadi sebegitu kejam..

  2. i have watched this drama too and its my fav! every eps keeps mee going!! the suspensee and tension watching this drama though! but yeaaah this dramaaa is a good one! eventhough it focused to one case only throughout the drama..i still really enjoy it! tapi tula ending dia..hahah siapa bunuh that person!! <3

    1. agreed ! every episode was so significant that i cant even wait to watch for the next. and yeah, the ending are a little bit (very) annoying