Monday 9 December 2019

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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

Assalamualaikum ! Okay, here is the last k-drama that was on the to-be-posted list *cheers. I am glad that I can started to watch another drama or movies again (but then I actually had to write the review of the novels that I had read, so hm, yea). This drama actually from 2016 and I had been procrastinate to watch because of the title but then I need more medical drama so begun to watch this.

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Title : Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim / Doctor Romantic / Nangmandakteo Kimsaboo / 낭만닥터 님사부
Episodes : 20 + 1 epilogue
Genre : Medical, Romance
Writer : Kang Eun Kyung
Network : SBS
Cast : Han Seok Kyu, Yoo Yeon Seok, Seo Hyun Jin, 
Plot :

Kang Dong Joo lost his father when he was in a high school. Determined to change the system, he became a doctor. After forced to take blame on a failed surgery of a VIP, he was transferred to Doldam Hospital - a small hospital in the outskirt of Seoul. There, he met his first love and also his senior when he was an intern, Yoon Seo Jung. Both of them struggle to live as a rightful doctor with the guidance of Master Kim, a very skillful triple board doctor. 


First off, the plot. At first, I think this drama would have an intense and very nerve-wrecking scenes whereby the ER would always be full of patients because that was what the first episode implied. But then, I did not expect that the female lead would went missing. From that part onward, the plot slowed down a little. But then, when Dong Joo was assigned to Doldam Hospital, things started to get interesting.

From that point, the intensity, the humor, the romance and even the hatred started to play their part. The fact that the conflict of Master Km's life were big enough that it affects his junior was a very good reason to keep me watching. I keep on wondering on his past life as Dr. Boo Young Joo and all the reason he went on living in seclusion despite his extraordinary skills.

The scariest thing in this world is the seed of doubt. When you plant one it grows well by itself. - President Do

As for the trauma, diseases and surgical scenes, it was all equally intense. However, there was two scenes that I could remember vividly. The first one was the one whereby Dr. Woo Yeon Hwa, who at first was mistaken as a homeless person performed an intubation on a patient because the other doctors were equally all over the places. And the next one was the moment when they performed the surgery on Chairman Shin. I couldn't sat still while watching this scene because Dr. Do and Dr. Kang had an emergency patient  that need surgery as soon as possible. It was so nerve-wrecking because they need to be as quick so that they can return on time to switch place with Master Kim and Dr. Yoon.

Life is about turning into different roads. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality which is placed in front of you. - Kang Dong Joo

To comment about the actors, this actually is my first time watching a drama that involves Han Seok Kyu and Yoo Yeon Seok. I only knew Yoo Yeon Seok because of the Netflix reality show, BUSTED S1. Thus, I had never what kind of character that made them shine but I think they really did a very great job on playing their part. I love how Master Kim's knew when to get serious and the humor he hold even though he had a stone cold expression.

This drama had a twenty episodes overall and a special episode, an epilogue on Master Kim's love life. I still didn't watch the epilogue episode because the ending was a bit vague for me. I was wondering the status of Doldam Hospital and whether President Do step down from his position and what actually happen to Master Kim after that. Andddd, to end my very little misery, there will be a second season next January! For that season, it is confirmed that Han Suk Kyu, Lee Sung Kyung and Ahn Hyo Seop will be part of the cast ! So, till next season !

Do you know the easiest thing in this world ? It's breaking a relationship. It doesn't requires any money nor effort. You can do it with a word. - President Do



  1. Aien tengok gitu-gitu je drama ni. ^^

    1. haha, mulanya macam tu jugak, tapi lama-lama best pulak

  2. Nice review!! Heee ^^ Btw,Happy watching another movie to you =3

  3. Suka drama ini.. Best sebab ada medical.. Kalau tak silap tahun ini nak keluar S2..

    1. haah, dalam bulan january ni jugakk.. mungkin pertengahan bulan, tak ingt exact date dia