Saturday 14 September 2019

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Partner For Justice 2

Hii assalamualaikum. Beside Voice, this is another drama continuation that I have been waiting since forever. I was really really hype to watch the second season and the way it finished, definitely made me craves for more.

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Title : Partners For Justice / Gumbeobnamnyeo 2 / 검법남녀 2
Episodes : 32 / 30 minues per episode
Genre : Investigation, Crime, Medical
Network : MBC
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Cast : Jung Jae Young, Jung Yoomi, Oh Man Seok, No Min Woo
Plot :

After one year of the death of Oh Man Sang was announced, the medical examiner, Dr. Baek was still in doubt of his death and have been trying to uncover the truth. Prosecutor Eun Sol still works with Dr.Baek under Prosecutor Do. The appearance of Dr. Jang Cheol from the Emergency Department raise doubt in Dr. Baek.

 After the long wait, finally the second season is here ^^


Let's dance for this season ! I believe that this is another great success for this drama. The first season ended with a big question mark for the readers. The accident and death of Oh Man Sang does seems suspicious but the viewers (read:me) had no choice but to wait for the second season, which is here.

This season was very enjoyable as the first one even though some cast were changed. With the appearance of Sally who really admired and liked Dr. Baek makes the drama more livelier. This season were no longer focused on Dr. Baek's life but the conspiracy of Oh Man Sang's life and Sungjin Group.

I love how this season became more thrilling with the appearance of Jang Cheol. With a rough childhood, he had develop DID and his alter personality were called as Doctor K. He is the one who fabricated the death of Oh Man Sang. He is the one who had did all the dirty job for Sungjin Group. His relationship with Prosecutor Gal Dae Cheol was something that confused me in the beginning but everything became clear at the end of the season.

The prosecution office did everything to cover up for Oh Man Sang but when he finally got caught, both Sungjin group and  the prosecution office decided to let him go. In other words, they put the blame on Oh Man Sang and claimed that they knew nothing about him being alive. As Jang Cheol was declared dead the moment he fall down from the cliff, the people in power were immediately in peace. Prosecutor Do let go of his position in the prosecution and started his own law firm.

The end of this season is the start of another season. Plot twist, Jang Cheol was actually alive and he had joined hand with Prosecutor Do. Even though I expected that he is still alive, I never expect that Prosecutor Do would be on his side.

This season was a fun ride for me. It became more thrill especially when the plot try to uncover the truth behind Doctor K killing and Dr. Baek's  persistence in doing a throughout autopsy. I hope the next season wouldn't be too long(read : first half of next year, please) because I am dying of curiosity. 



  1. macam best jugak drama nie. nak layan jugaklah drama nie.

    1. yeap, drama ni memang best ! make sure to watch the first season before watching this one, okiee

  2. Yang second ini pun best.. memang tertunggu-tunggu nak tengok..

    1. janganlah tunggu lagi,, tengok cepat cepat ^^

  3. I've not watch yet the second season . But the first seasons i did n yeahh , best sangat ! sometimes the post mortem look real .