Sunday 15 September 2019

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The Swindlers

Assalamualaikum, so I am feeling a little too diligent today that I had checked most of my tasks. Here is another thing to be checked. I had watched this movie a little over one week now and only able to wrote the review today.

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Title : The Swindlers / Ggoon / 꾼
Runtime : 117 minutes
Genre : Crime, Action 
Released year : 2017
Country : South Korea
Director : Jang Chang Won
Distributor : Showbox
Cast : Hyun Bin, Yoo Ji Tae, Bae Sung Woo, Park Sung Woong, Nana, Ahn Se Ha
Plot :

In order to catch the murder of his father, Hwang Ji Sung became a swindler who only after the other swindler. To catch Jang Do Chil, the one who fled after a massive fraud case and also the one who responsible for Ji Sung's father, he came up with a plan. After conforming that Jang Do Chil still alive, Prosecutor Park Hee Soo teamed up with Hwang Ji Sung to kill him to cover up the corruption of the prosecution office. Both of them started to work together and each of them had their own hidden motives. They were helped by the other swindler, Suk Dong, Choon Ja and Chief Kim. They throw the baits to the Jang Do Chil's right-hand man, Seung Gun.


This movie had a lot of surprises and plot twist. I had a very enjoyable time watching this movie and never once felt bored. I actually had misunderstand the plot at the beginning of the movie because of the fraud by Jang Do Chil became a huge blow to South Korea. I actually thought that they were going to catch Jang Do Chil and then bring justice to those who was wronged.

The plot development was so nice and smooth. The moment when I thought it was Ji Sung against them was proven wrong when it was actually them against Prosecutor Park. When I thought that Ji Sung was on his own and  his plans went wrong at some points, it was actually part of his plans. I could felt the goosebumps when it was revealed that Ji Sung had successfully fooled Prosecutor Park.

There were certain scenes that caused tension but it was not too much. This movie was actually more to intelligence. Both Prosecutor Park and Ji Sung had their own plan to bring the other down. There were no action scene apart from the one whereby Prosecutor Park's team was catching Ji Sung on the road that I remembered. I love that scene because that was where my guess was wrong. I thought that Ji Sung was able to fled but he was actually caught (and it was not even past 1 hour mark and it baffled me).

Doubt become assurance once they're dispersed - Hwang Ji Sung

For the overall movie, I personally think that anyone could enjoy this movie to the fullest. The plot was very interesting with the variety of characters that I never think would hit off. The ending was actually gave me hopes that there will be the second part of this movie, and I really hope for that. With that aside, this movie was family-oriented because there was less or none rated scenes that could triggered the young and old audience.



  1. Nampak menarik. Thanks for sharing!

    Ika datang singgah sini

  2. I've watched this!! Lovee it! XD

  3. Plot dia memang menarik.. Suka tengok kerjasama mereka..

    1. yeap ! never thought yang all of them dah plan every single moves and it was very detailed !