Thursday, 19 September 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #022

Assalamualaikum ! I've got more or less one month for my graduation and I am super excited for it. However, I might went to my graduation, alone. As it is in the middle of the week and most of my siblings are working, I don't think any of them could make it. And there's school to make it complicated. As for my mother, well, my sister will be giving birth to her second child around that day. So, yeah, I am pretty much alone. But, it's okay and I didn't really care. 

Last night, I had a small talk with my mother and asked whether it's confirmed that I will go to the graduation alone or not and I pretty much said yes. She went quiet for a moment before asking a very unexpected question. She asked me,

Don't you have any boyfriend to accompany you to the graduation ?

I laughed out loud upon her question. And I jokingly said that she did not give me one and if she did I would bring him to the graduation. Lol. The random question was because one of my sister went to her graduation with her fiance (now husband). Even if I do have a boyfriend, there is no way I will bring him to my graduation. I can't imagine myself with a boyfriend, honestly. 

It's been so long since I last played with poster color. So yeah, it's messy and I even cross the barrier. Haha. That is not my drawing (I pretty much have a five years old kids' drawing skills).  I have owned the coloring book for almost five years and had only colored two or three pages. Lol.


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