Saturday 21 September 2019

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The Suspect

Assalamualaikum, hey. I am back with the weekly movie review update. This one too, is a South Korea movie and action, yeah.

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Title : The Suspect / Yonguija / ėšŠė˜ėž
Runtime : 137 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action
Released year : 2013
Country : South Korea
Director : Won Shin Yoon
Distributor : Showbox
Cast : Gong Yoo, Park Hee Soon, Yoo Da In
Plot :

Ji Dong Chul was the best agent of North Korea but he was abandon by the government during a mission. He then found out that his wife and daughter was sold to China and discovered their corpse. Dong Chul learnt that his best friend and colleague was the one who responsible for their death. He fled to South Korea to kill him. He worked as the designated driver and also a private driver for Chairman Park, CEO of a large corporation. One night, after sending the man to his home, Dong Chul realize that something's off. When he went back to the room, Chairman Park was attacked by assassin. Dong Chul was given the eye glasses by Chairman Park. He then was accused as the murder of Chairman Park and went on run again. Dong CHul was determined to uncover the truth behind the glasses.


I could say that 90% of this movie was filled with insane action scenes ! It was very refreshing to watch a great action after so long ! Less talk and more action. It was a bit confusing for me in the beginning because Ji Dong Chul did not talk much and all I know was he is a North Korean agent. Chairman Park was also a blur character for me as I am not sure either he sincerely wanted to help Dong Chul or used him. Things started to escalated when Chairman Park was attacked.

When Dong Chul became a suspect of Chairman Park murder, I thought that it will be he against the people who wanted to catch them but there actually three sides; Ji Dong Chul, Colonel Min (he had a past with Ji Dong Chul)  and Director Kim Seok Ho (the person who responsible for the whole thing in order to gain power and money).

The plot was actually simple but it unfolds very slow. There were very little information on the plot during one hour mark. A little plot twist when Dong Chul met eye to eye with his ex-friend. He found out that his daughter was still alive. After the secret behind the glasses was revealed, Dong Chul went to China to find his daughter. I didn't expect to cry when I first watch this movie but the ending scene of Dong Chul got me.

I seriously in love with Colonel Min's character. Even though he was determined to catch Ji Dong Chul to make up his mistake, he didn't let that determination to deny all the truth. It was really shocking when he actually let Ji Dong Chul escaped after going much trouble to catch him. His character was definitely the best ! Double thumbs up !

As for all of the action scenes, it was too much damages and very intense. I couldn't say that it was exciting but it definitely not boring till I lose my focus. It was so-so but definitely great ! I especially loved the scene where Dong Chul and the reporter escaped from the police. The one that he drove in reverse to go down the stairs was just so wow.



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    1. hahaha.. ni zaman dia popular dengan action rather than romance xD

  2. yeah!! Dah tengok dah filem ini.. suka lakonan Gong Yoo..

    1. yeap ! acting dia memang best walaupun tak banyak script..