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Your Lie In April

Assalamualaikum ! Since I missed the usual Monday review, I thought that it will be great if I did a double update today (and yes, I am feeling a bit diligent today). I think this is the first time that I would do a Japanese movie review so forgive me in advance for the misinformation and anything that's wrong

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Title : Your Lie In April / Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Runtime : 122 minutes
Genre : Romance, Music
Country : Japan
Released year : 2016
Director : Takehiko Shinjo
Distributor : Toho Co., Ltd.
Cast : Kento Yamazaki, Suzu Hirose, Anna Ishii, Taishi Nakagawa
Plot :

Kosei Arima had won numerous piano competition under the watch of his sick mother. However, when his mother died, he no longer plays piano as he couldn't hear the piano sound at the middle of his performance. Through Tsubaki Sawabe, Kosei met Kaori Miyazono, a carefree violinist. Kosei found the hope to play piano again with the help of Kaori. Despite her personality, Kaori hold a secret that she hide from her friends.

This movie is an adaptation from a manga written by Naoshi Arakawa of the same title.


First of all, this is my very first Japanese movie review (cheersss!). I actually had watched several Japan movies but it was so long ago that I don't even remember the title nor the storyline. This movie was actually quite a talk when it first released that I had heard about it several times.

I love the story line, it was simple but it got me intrigued that I couldn't stop watching. I was so curious to why Kousei stop performing but still plays the piano. At first, I only think that he stop playing because piano reminded him of his death mother but it actually than that.

Usually, the plot and the title would be related to one another. I was so curious to why this movie was called 'Your Lie In April'. I got that the in April part because the movie started in early April whereby the flower would blossom beautifully and the weather would still be comfortable (yeap, I totally googled this, never been to Japan before). I had no idea whose lie is the title talking about and I found out when the movie was about to end. It was Kaori.

It had been so long since I last watch Japanese movie so the transition of the scene confuses me. When I though that it will be another day, it actually still the same day. I couldn't catch the timeline and somehow got lost in the middle of it. Especially when Kousei and his aunt apologize to the organizer because they were late to the Gala Night. I was seriously lost at that time especially when Kaori was not there. It happened so suddenly that I got so confused.

Apart from that, I actually enjoy this movie so much. I could felt the tension, intensity and the goosebumps whenever they perform on stage. My favorite one was the one where Kaori and Kousei perform for the very first time. The saddest one was the one whereby Kousei said goodbye to Kaori. I love how she actually knew who he was and how she gather up her courage and became selfish to satisfy herself before she go.



  1. movie ni dah lama dalam list tapi still sampai sekarang tak tengok lg

  2. Macam menarik bila baca review ini.. tapi kena hold dulu.. hehehe..

  3. i didn't even get the chance to watch this yet because im busy binge watching other japanese dramas XD