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Cheese in the Trap

Assalamualaikum ~ This is a review of a drama that was aired in 2016. The title was a bit cheesy in my view (i don't know it was an idiom) so I had ignored it for a long time until one of my closest friend gave me this drama. And I was shocked when the plot was very dark. Anyway, here is the review.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Cheese in the Trap / 치즈 인 더 트랩
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romance, Mystery
Network : tvN
Cast : Park Hae Jin, Kim Go Eun
Plot : 

Hong Seol came from a poor family. She had works for part-time jobs in order to pay for her tuition fee and also for her living expenses. Yoo Jung came from a wealthy family and he is Hong Seol's senior. Hong Seol find it uncomfortable to be with him as he used to be so cold towards her. Yoo Jung sudden change in personality scared her but she eventually found herself fall for him. Yoo Jung had a dark side that only few people understand him and he was scared if Hong Seol found out about his true personality, she would leave him.

This drama was based on a webcomic with the same title by Soon Ggi on 2010. There was also a movie produced based on this webcomic with the same title that was released last year.


I actually had heard about this drama countless times and most of my friend had already watch this drama and recommended it to me. However, I finally able to watch it after three years. The plot was very very nice and it was refreshing for me. 

As always, I would talk about the plot first. It was a bit mysterious in the beginning as I had no idea what kind of person Yoo Jung is. I honestly thought that he had something up in his sleeve when he suddenly became nice to Hong Seol. It was unclear of where this drama was heading to because of Yoo Jung's character. I was shocking for me when Hong Seol accept Yoo Jung's confession and they start dating.

One thing that I really agreed on was the way the collage system works. I mean all those classmates attitude and all. Everything that was mentioned; the spoon-feed group mate, the free-rider, the lecturer, everything was what actually happened. I definitely can relate to what Hong Seol felt when she had to be the leader of the group project. It was hellish to get those kinds of group-mate.

As for the character, in the beginning of the drama, Yoo Jung's character was a scary character. He appears to be mysterious. One time he seems to be so nice and loving but another time he can be so mean and rude. I couldn't understand him until the last few episodes whereby the secret of his attitude was revealed. The secret make sense for everything that happened.

I was having a hard time on figuring out everyone's character. The first episode was a headache for me because there was too much character that I need to identify. After few episodes, I finally could grasp on who is who and their relation. The chemistry between the cast was on definitely on the top. I seriously enjoyed Lee Sung Kyung's character the most. Some might get annoyed with her character but she is the one who makes the drama livelier. Even so, I felt sorry for her character.

I actually love the ending of this drama. When Hong Seol was involved in an accident, Yoo Jung finally reflect on himself. Whatever things he had done to his classmate and juniors were finally getting back at him. I love when he took the initiative to broke up with Hong Seol and fix himself for better.

Finally, I get why so much people love this drama so much. It is indeed a masterpiece that can't be compared to any other drama. To close the curtain of this review, here is one quote from the drama,

"Sometimes, there are negative people you can't get rid of in your life. That's just how life is." - Baek In Ho



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  2. dah lama drama ni, lupa dah ending dia macam mana..hehe

    1. haha, kena tengok balik ni kalau rajin XD

  3. i dont like the ending sobs

    1. hahaha.. ending dia buat kita tertanya tanya..