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Another Oh Haeyoung

Assalamualaikum ~ How was your week ? I hope everything's good and you're in a good mood. Today's review is a 2016 K-Drama. I had heard of this drama few times from my friends at the beginning of its released. It was only now that I am interested in watching this drama.

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Title : Another Oh Haeyoung / Another Miss Oh / Ddo Oh Haeyoung / 또오해영
Episodes : 18
Genre : Romance
Network : tvN
Cast : Eric Moon, Seo Hyun Bin
Plot : 

Oh Haeyoung was dumped by her fiance, Han Tae Jin the day before their wedding. Feeling ashamed and embarrassed, Oh Haeyoung told the people that she was the one who wanted to cancel their wedding. Park Do Kyung is a popular sound engineer who was dumped during his wedding day. Later, he found out that his bride, Oh Haeyoung was going to marry Han Tae Jin. Unaware of the fact that it was another Oh Haeyoung, Park Do Kyung put Han Tae Jin in a difficult situation which led him to be jailed on his wedding day. In order to keep his pride, Han Tae Jin lied to Oh Haeyoung that he did not love her anymore and vows that he will took revenge on Park Do Kyung. On the other hand, Park Do Kyung begun to see vision of a woman which soon he realize another Oh Haeyoung that had her wedding crushed by him.

I am well aware that the plot that I wrote did not make any sense but that's just how the drama works ! *scowlindesperation


Alright. First off, the plot was a little bit confusing and this drama involves a rather big number of supporting roles. The plot was actually very enjoyable. I had enjoyed a very great amount of heartbreak, cringy-ness, laughter and sadness. Though it was a bit confusing at first (blame the same name), I am able to overcome it quickly.

One thing that I did not expect was the vision of Oh Hae Young that Park Do Kyung had. It never cross my mind that there will be a little fantasy element in this drama. I guess the extra scenes whereby he got the vision on certain times make this drama more interesting. I became very curious on how Park Do Kyung would do. I think this was one of the reason why I keep watching.

Regarding the two Oh Haeyoungs, at first, I felt sorry for the Oh haeyoung - the protagonist, the one who was dumped because she actually pretend to be happy when she actually hurting inside. Her character was very pitiful because she had to put up with the other Oh Haeyoung, especially at works. As for the other Oh Haeyoung, the one who did not come to her wedding, the ex-fiancee of Park Do Kyung, I actually thought she is the evil ex. You know the drill, left the man then came begging for his love a year later , had the bitchy attitude and all. However, just like the first Oh Haeyoung, she was also a pitiful character. At first, she does seems like the villains that we all know but she actually just another pitiful character (watch to find out why!).

I love the chemistry between the supporting roles and the main roles. Every important supporting roles had their own story and I love every single story, especially the bestfriend of PArk Do Kyung and his sister. They are seriously hilarious.

I just love the way they ended the drama. It was nice and clean. Every character - Park Do Kyung, the two Oh Haeyoung, Han Tae Jin, the way they continue their lives were clear and the most important thing was, it was not left hanging !

I think everyone could easily enjoyed this drama without problem. Plus, the soundtrack was very nice.



  1. The soundtrack is good! I haven't watched the ending though. I stopped somewhere in the middle because the story is just so ... painful? Tsk.

    1. you should finished it ! seriously.. the ending was good and they actually managed to be happy as a couple