Saturday 28 September 2019

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Doctor Prisoner

Assalamualaikum, here is the second review of the day ! Unlike the review of this morning, this drama was released earlier this year and it was a medical drama. I actually watched the cast of this drama appeared on the talk show, 'Happy Together' before watching the drama. I was shocked because of the cast line-up was so great.

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Title : Doctor Prisoner / Dakteo Peurizeuneo / 닥터 프리즈너
Episodes : 32 episodes / 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Medical, Crime
Network : KBS2
Writer : Park Kye Ok
Cast : Namgung Min, Kim Byung Chul, Choi Won Young, Kwon Nara, Lee Da In
Plot :

Na Yi Je is an excellent surgeon as well as doctor in emergency department in Taekang Hospital. He then get involved in an medical accident that he did not cause but forced to take the full blame on. Due to the medical accident, his licenses was suspended for a few months. He then came back to work as the chief of a prison medical clinic in order to take revenge on the people who made him fall.

My first thought when I heard of this drama was the similarity of the plot of this drama and another drama called 'Cross'.


First off, the cast was so so so incredible and it was amazing to had them all in one drama. Especially the three of them, Namgoong Min, Choi Won Young and Kim Byung Chul was known as the famous villain. To be honest, I still couldn't move on from Namgoong Min's character in Voice 1. He was so cruel and heartless in that drama. And now I had to watch him being the kind doctor, it was a new side of his variation that I had recently discovered, thanks to this drama.

All the praise aside, I personally think that he more suitable to act as a villain. There was certain scene of him that I couldn't distinguish whether he was being nice or he actually had something up his sleeve. For that, he is not the kindest character in this drama. In fact, every one was greedy and selfish enough to think of others.

If I were to choose the scariest character, I would say it was Lee Jae Jun. With his mental problem and all, he made me shudder every time he made an appearance. He is the best person to act as the psychotic criminal.

I loved the side character as much as I loved the main. Especially when it involved Oh Jung Hee, the first person (supposedly) that Na Yi Je gave the stay of execution with the fake diseases and Prosecutor Jung. This pair had me grinning because of their love-hate relationship. Another side character that made this drama more alive was Lee Jae Hwan, the one who responsible for Na Yi Je's suspension and imprisonment. When he stay in the prison, he was bullied by Na Yi Je without him realize. He had a funny character but also an important one at the end of the drama.

The plot was definitely the best. The reason why Na Yi Je works at the prison was revealed at the beginning, had me at ease a little. At least I wouldn't have to guess what happen. Another reason why I said that this drama had the best plot was because of the loyalty. I see it was a mind war between Na Yi Je, Lee Jae Jun, and Seon Min Sik. The player with the best card, wins. However, there was no loyalty between them. When one decide to show its card to another party, then that party would revealed the card hold by the first party to the third party. It was all that way till the end. They were all about showing their cards and then played them before the others could.

The plot twist of this drama was not much and all (yeah, I'm sure all) of them was expected. Even if I expected it would be happening, it is still a surprise for me to get it right. Overall, I enjoyed the plot so much. The ending was a bit out of my expectation because I thought Na Yi Je would put Seon Min Sik back to the prison after everything but he actually let him out. As I said, every one had their own selfish and desire to fulfill. Anyway, I enjoyed this drama so much.

At times, you need to let go the things that are valuable to you to get something that you wanted so desperately - Na Yi Je



  1. Rasanya Namgoong Min tak berlakon dlm Voice 1, yg jadi watak jahat dlm voice 1 tu Kim Jae Wook..Namgoong Min jadi jahat dalam drama Remember ngan A Girl Who Sees Smells hehehe

    1. yeke.. hahaha thank you betulkan saya.. banyak sangat drama sampai semua tercampur so jadilah fakta yang auta.. hehe

      p/s : saya dah check and yeap, dalam Voice 1, Kim Jae Wook and Namgung Min dalam Remember, havent watch Girl Who Sees Smells tho..

  2. I fell in love with Kim Byung Chul bcs of this drama then Sky Castle. He's a cutiepie

    1. hahaha,, but his character in this drama was a bit annoying