Monday 30 September 2019

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The Case of Itaewon Homicide

Assalamualaikum, for today's review, it will be a movie based on a real life event and was aired back in 2009. I was actually attracted to watch this movie because of its title. So, here is it.

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Title : The Case of Itaewon Homicide / Where the Truth Lies / Itaewon Salinsageon / 이태윈 사린사건
Runtime : 99 minutes
Genre : Crime
Released year : 2009
Country : South Korea
Cast : Jung Jin Young, Jang Geun Suk, Shin Seung Hwan
Plot : 

Jo Jong Pil, a collage student was found dead at the restroom in a burger restaurant in Itaewon. Two Korean-Americans were identified went to the restroom after Jo Jong Pil, Robert J Pearson and Alex Jung.became the prime suspect. The prosecutor in charge, Prosecutor Park must determined who is the real killer.

This movie was inspired by true event, happened on 1997.


First off, I was unaware this movie was inspired by true event but the clarification on the beginning of the movie clear things off. Even thought it is from a real case, all the small details was however did not necessarily related to the real event. It is merely to make the dramatic effect on the movie.

The beginning of he drama shows how the student, Jo Jong Pil was killed. The first 30 minutes had me hooked when the first suspect, Robert J Pearson was brought to custody. He however, denied all the charges. Three days later (if I remembered it correctly,) his friend, Alex Jung came as a witness. He then was suspected as the prime suspect.

From this point onward, it was a mental game between Alex, Pearson and Prosecutor Park. Alex claimed that he only washed his hand when Pearson killed the student meanwhile Pearson claimed that Alex killed him. I suspect that Pearson was the one who killed the student because he acted to calm for someone who witness a murder. Plus, when they had to reenact the crime, Pearson able to detailed on every stab made by Alex and also the way Alex hold the knife. He was way too suspicious.

Prosecutor Park however believes otherwise. His belief was strengthen when they used lie detector on both suspect. Alex was proven lying to the question whether he kill or not. When the trials begun, Alex father use every possible way to get his son indicted as murder. When the trials ended, Alex receive life imprisonment while Pearson was only charged with one or two years imprisonment (I'm not sure) and banned from leaving South Korea.

However, both criminal was released earlier than their actual years. Alex Jung appealed his conviction and all the charges against him was cleared. Pearson was pardoned from his prison sentenced and fled to U.S with the help of Prosecutor Park. The victim's family suffered the most in this case. They had no idea who is the killer of their son. The motive of the murder was promoted as 'for fun' by the media.

From my personal view, having Jang Geun Suk to play as Pearson was not good. His popularity and personal achievement are clouding and biasing. People would see him as the main character in the movie when there was Alex, who also need to be judged. But then, it is my personal opinion.

While researching for this movie, I found an article that stated Arthur Patterson (movie:Robert Pearson) was found guilty for the murder. He then was brought to South Korea in September 2015 to be put on trial domestically and then was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Edward Lee (movie : Alex Jung) was recognized as the accomplice to the murder. He however cannot be judged as accomplice due to having already been acquitted for the same crime previously.

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