Sunday, 1 December 2019

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Maps Of The Soul : The Show

Assalamualaikum ! December is here and that's mean, holidays (as if I'm not in holiday for past few months) ! Besides that, it is a rainy season here in Malaysia and also the kenduri kahwin season. But, I'm not here to rant about those things. As per the title, this entry here today will be all about Melon Music Awards that were held yesterday, November 30th and I will be talking about BTS specifically.

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To start off, yesterday I was quite restless because I am waiting for the main show to start and I'm afraid that the internet would be joking around and not allowed me to watch the whole show with no interruption. And yes, it did actually. But that's for later. So, as the clock hit 4 p.m, I begun tidying myself, getting ready for Asr'. After solat, I went to entertain my nieces until quarter before six. I would normally did not watch the red carpet so, yeah. 

I went to Twitter and looked up for links available and watch the show. As I already know that BTS would be the last performer, I looked for MAMAMOO, Heize and TXT time to perform. I was quite shocked when I found out that MAMAMOO would perform before ITZY. I mean, ITZY just debuted less than one year and then there's MAMAMOO with five years ? I was honestly baffled and a little bit disappointed.

As for their performance, they definitely killed it ! With Gogobebe and Hwasa's Twit, it was all great ! And the shading they did in the end. just wow ! The girls are great ! Only if they were given much longer performance time, maybe I would be ecstatic. As for TXT and Heize, the performance was the best ! I would definitely looked up for some fancams for reaction (Things I would do every time after an award shows). Hahaha.

Even thought I was feeling a bit bummed out because there's no other senior groups that I am expecting, like, Seventeen, EXO, and GOT7, I could still enjoy all the performances. Besides the artist that I mentioned, there this one rap performance after Heize's that capture my attention. It was very very lit !

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Now, for our BTS. Sigh. There's no word to describe their performance. I was getting goosebumps throughout the performance. I was very close to crying when they perform Mikrokosmos. It felt so pure, so good and with all of the CGs effect make it more heart-wrenching ! However, the downside was, my Internet are seriously loves to see me suffering. Huwaaaaa. It would stop in the middle of the dance intro (?) whereby Jin was on the elephant, and skip to Jimin's wonderful dance performance. And once more, during the Dionysus's dance break ! And skip right until they ended the performance ! Can you believe that ?!! I was so fuming inside. Ughhhh 

I mean, I had been waiting for Dionysus ever since I watch the MCountdown performance and I happen to cannot watch it till the end ! Ugh. It's annoying !!!! Right then, I felt like going to sleep and woke up and looked up for the full performance on YouTube the next day. But then, I would be disappointed for not watching the moment they accept the Daesang so I kept watching. And, congratulations to them for winning all FOUR DAESANG ON ONE NIGHT ! Another history written on their books ! Anyways, this is the legendary performance of BTS, 

And here is the awards that this group had successfully swept,

  • MMA Top10
  • Best Dance Male
  • Netizen Popularity Award
  • Kakao Hot Star Award
  • Record Of The Year (Daesang)
  • Song Of The Year - Boy With Luv (Daesang)
  • Album Of The Year (Daesang)
  • Artist Of The Year (Daesang)
 Right when Park Seo Joon announced them as the winner of Artist of the Year, I was so so so close to shout out loud. I am glad that I am able to compose myself or else I would having the entire people in this home called me crazy. Hehe. Overall, I loves their performances as well as other artists'. Thank you for giving a concert-like performance and congratulations for being the first artist to have an all-kill daesang ! Now, I'm looking forward for MAMA 2019 !