Thursday 28 November 2019

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Confession of a Murder

Assalamualaikum, so here is another review of a movie. And it was quite old one but it had a good reviews so, I had to give it a shot and hopefully, you guys too!

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Title : Confession of a Murder / I am the Murderer / I am a Killer / Naega Salinbeomida / 내가 사린범이다
Runtime : 119 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Action
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2012
Director : Jung Byung Gil
Distributor : Showbox
Cast : Park Shi Ho, Jung Jae Young
Plot :

After the statute of limitation expires on the murders he had committed, Lee Doo Suk published an autobiography book called 'I Am A Killer' describing all of his crime in great detail. The book immediately became a best seller and grab the attention of the detective in charge of the case, Lieutenant Choi. Lieutenant Choi then began to pursue the killer that he missed 15 years ago.

There was a Japanese version of this movie and some review said it was more interesting than this one. But, I am too lazy to check that out (I didn't intended to put more movie on my pending list, maybe some other year)


First off, the timeline of this movie got me confused a few times because the opening scene shown that it was the year of 2005 when Lt. Choi had an encounter with the murderer. Then, it came to the present year, 2007, if I am not mistaken. I got confused of the time because I initially thought that 2005 was the time when the serial murder took place. But I was wrong as it happen during the 1990s something.

When Lee Doo Suk came to the scene and confessing that he was the killer of the unsolved serial murder, I know for sure that he was not the one that killed those woman. Why ? Because the silhouette of the man that disappeared to the dark alley after scaring Lt. Choi and that Lee Doo Suk was definitely different. That man was a bit chubby and he had a slouched shoulder. While Lee Doo Suk had a tall and lean frame. And he definitely did not slouched.

To say that this is a thriller movie, I didn't exactly agree with that. Sure, there was some thrilling moment from time to time but it wasn't much. As for the action scene, there was only two scenes that stuck in my mind; the one whereby the victim families tried to kidnap Lee Doo Suk and the bodyguard team tried to save him (this scene was actually gave me more laughter than tension). And the one when Lt. Choi saved Lee Doo Suk from being held hostage.

The movie intrigued me because I am definitely sure that Lee Doo Suk was not the killer but then how did he knew every details of the murder cases that wasn't reveal to the public. And with that, I kept watching for the answer. And to tell you, it was mind-blowing ! I definitely did not see it coming !

From this movie, I realized one thing. The people can be extremely toxic and somewhat crazy. I mean, who would idolized a person who had killed women ? Those high school students were seriously need to get a grip of their life. I know that it was made up to make the movie more dramatic but it won't came up if it never happen, right ? Maybe not as extreme as murderer but this is the reality of today's. You got the approval of the public if you had the face. Sick.

As for the ending, I am totally satisfied ! No argument. Full stop.



  1. Poster dia mengancam.. Nice review.. Tapi kena hold dululah.. banyak sangat dalam list nak tengok nie..

    1. hahaha, normal snagat untuk movie and drama lover, tak pernah nak habis list to watch ><