Saturday 23 November 2019

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Doctor John

Here is the second review of the day ! This drama was released this year and I finally able to catch up my to-watch list. So, now is the time for me to catch up with my to-post list.

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Title : Doctor John / Doctor Yohan / Doctor's Room / Uisa Yohan / ė˜ė‚Žėœ í•œ
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Genre : Medical, Romance
Writer : Yo Kusakabe (novel), Kim Ji Woon
Network : SBS
Casts : Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Gyu Hyung
Plot : 

Cha Yo Han is a genius anesthesiologist who was imprisoned because he perform an euthanasia on a criminal. Kang Shi Young is a resident of anesthesiology who planned to flee after encountering an incident. She then works at the prison whereby Yo Han was at as a temporary medical officer. She then was provoked by Yo Han. After saving a prisoner, she made up her mind and came back to her post in the former hospital. She then was dispatched to the Pain Management Center and have Yo Han as her leader. They then begun to investigate the cause of their patients' pain.

Alright, I actually had no idea that this drama was based on a Japanese novel until I started writing this review. The sole reason I watched this drama was Ji Sung. His acting was too good for me to ignore.


First, the plot. I personally think the plot was simple and not too complicated. There was not too much of medical terms that I came across except from those that I had already heard of (maybe I should watch less meds drama). What intrigues me more were the reason why Shi Young was trying to flee from the country when she was the top from her class and a good doctor. And also, whether Yo Han actually perform euthanasia or not and if yes, why.  When both reason was answered, the real side of Yo Han made a huge plot twist. I was not expecting that, at all.

In terms of acting, I could see the chemistry between all actors. I personally love the relationship of Lee Yoo Joon and Kang Mi Rae more than Cha Yo Han and Kang Shi Young. The Lee-Kang relationship was not called official until the last episode. They just met by chance and their flirtatious act was kept the bare minimum. They were too cute to ignore ! Next, Kang Shi Young. I had never watch a drama nor a movie with this actress so I am not familiar with her. From my view, I think she did a fair good job on her part but I couldn't help but to feel awkward on some scenes.

No human being can feel others' pain like their own. All they can ever do is try to understand. To understand the person's pain is to understand the person. - Kang Shi Young

There wasn't much heavy case in this drama but they definitely gave the depth of every cases. The case of CIPA and CPRS patient definitely had me.Especially the CIPA one. That boy was finally able to feel pain but then he had to gave it up because it might put him in a more dangerous situation. When he was discharged, he came back in worse state because of bullying and eventually died. Dang, I cried hard when Yo Han was forced to give up on him. The CPRS patient was able to recover when they found out the cause of his pain.

The flow of plot was neither slow nor fast. It was just fine as when things were going too fast there always some elements to slow it back. And vice versa. I guess, the pace was good considering the field of medical. It would be an exaggeration if they put intense scenes on every case. I mean, the level of intensity was not always on the top. Some cases had a lower intensity and that make this drama interesting. 



  1. Mungkin akan tengok one day. Haha sebab tak kenan la tengok doctor series sangat ni. Tapi, Ji Sung can't be insist.

  2. Drama ini best untuk Sha.. Memang sukalah dengan pelakon dia..

    1. yeaa, pelakon-pelakon drama ni memang thumbs up semua nya !

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