Saturday, 23 November 2019

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The Gifted Hands

Holla peeps ! Alright, before I finished another drama, I should finished the long overdue entries review. This one is a movie from South Korea and it was very great for me ! 

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Title : The Gifted Hands / Psychometry / Saikometeuri / 사이코메트리
Runtime : 107 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Supernatural
Country : South Korea
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Released year : 2013
Writer : Lee Yong Jong, Han Jun Hee
Cast : Kim Bum, Kim Kang Woo
Plot : 

Yang Chun Dong has been working as a detective for three years. He however, didn't had much recognition from his superior. One day, a woman came to report for her missing daughter. While the other detective didn't took her report seriously, Chun Dong believed that the kid was kidnapped. He then begun to investigate the case alone. Later, her corpses was found. Chun Dong then came across a graffiti that depicts the crime. He begun to pursue the one who drew the graffiti. When he finally catch Kim Jun, he learnt that Kim Jun had a special ability to read the memory from anything that he touched. Chun Dong then used the ability of Kim Jun to catch the real killer.

If you guys had ever watched a drama series called, 'He is Psychometric' then this movie might be familiar for you.


I freaking love the plot ! Like very very much ! Why ? Well first off, Yang Chun Dong's character. He is the living proof that not all detective were lucky and well-off. He even had a side job of being a water dispenser seller which then were caught for being fraud or something like that. His spotlight was often stolen by his colleague. At times, it get very frustrating.

When Chun Dong finally trust Kim Jun of not being the criminal, I was very glad. But then he broke his promise of not telling about him to others. Kim Jun was brought to the interrogation room for questioning about his graffiti. It was a sad scene for me because Kim Jun finally opened up to him but things turn the other way. He even went far to the point that he fainted to prove his innocence.

The killer identity was definitely a plot twist. I never thought that man would be the real killer because all of the image that Kim Jun saw, he couldn't just be a vet ! Anyway, he is a psychopath. Like, he killed the kids because apparently, they misbehave. He even went as far as comparing the kids to puppies. Crazy bastard.

The ending however, got me seriously frustrated. Yeah, the criminal was caught and the last kid was saved but Kim Jun left without a word. Both him and Chun Dong went their own ways. This is the only thing that I am frustrated of.

In term of emotions, this movie had me screaming of, 'come on', 'oh no', like so many times. There was also times where I would get sad because of the certain scenes. The suspense definitely were there. The most suspense and thrilling moment was when Kim Jun caught the hand of the killer right before he fall from his apartment (he was on the highest floor) and determined to save him even though he was having nose bleed due to continuous contact. Damn I was actually hoping that he will just let go.

The cinematography was great and definitely the best. The only thing was I was hoping that the lighting would be a little brighter. But then, considering the genre, that kind of lighting might be the best.



  1. Tengok Kim Bum berlakon setelah sekian lama. ^^

    1. haha, ini pun filem lama, but still the best

  2. Adoi.. menarik.. terus cari nak tengok.. hehehe..