Monday 18 November 2019

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Queen For Seven Days

Assalamualaikum, it's been so long hasn't it ? I had actually quite a number of reviews to write and post but nah, not really feeling to type these days. :/  So, to lessen the number by one, here is a review of a 2017 drama that I had finished for about a month ago ? Please do pardon me for the bad review. :/

Title : Queen for Seven Days / 7Ilui Wangbi / 7일의 왕비
Episodes : 20
Genre : Historical, Romance, Political
Writer : Choi Jin Young
Network : KBS2
Cast : Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Dong Gun
Plot :

Shin Chae Kyung is a daughter of a politician, Shin Soo Geun. She, however was forced to stay at a small village outside of Hanyang with her nanny. Being a rebellious teenagers, she found her way to her parents house in Hanyang. She then found herself fall in love with the Crown Prince of Joseon, Lee Yeok who lives under the tyranny of his half-brother, King Lee Young.

I'm sooo sorry for the poor synopsis ! I seriously had no idea how to come with better summary without spoiling what I should spoil in my review.


First off, I really love the plot of this drama. It filled with twist and emotions. The prologue in the first episode definitely got me hooked. The scene showed that Queen Shin was on her way to be executed. And for that, I keep watching the drama, especially when the later scenes in the episode showed how much Shin Chae Kyung and the crown prince loves one another.

Just like several historical drama out there, this drama also portrayed the thirst of the power and the throne. However, this drama showed a bit different in this case when the crown prince had no intention to take  the throne in the beginning. Even when he had the chance to take back the crown, he gave it back to his half brother.

The chemistry between the three main actors was really good. Especially between the king and the crown prince. They both actually long for each other's company. But the king was furious when their father cursed him to be a bad king if he ever took the throne. Their relationship fall when their father started to take side on the crown prince.

This drama had gave me a big impression on forgiving. When the crown prince had finally got the throne from his half-brother, he finally had the stressed of what his brother had. He then pay a visit to his brother, they ended up forgive each other and his brother died on him. Damn, I cried hard on this scene.

The ending however got me a bit confused because Shin Chae Kyung refused to became the queen again and lives as a normal person but she still together with the crown prince and even had a son together. If she wasn't the queen, then it leaves the question of, did the king get married with another woman to make her as the queen or not. And he didn't, the next king was probably not from his family or what. The after-story got me thinking so much.

Anyway, this is a good drama to enjoy.



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    1. boleh la.. throughout the episodes mesti ada je elements yang nak buat kita nangis (tapi sis tak nangis)

  2. Dah tengok cerita nie 2 months ago . Geram je dengan abang dia tu and 1 of menteri yang jahat tu . Tapi abang dia baik dengan chae Kyung . A'ah ending dia agak mengelirukan .

    1. Yeah ! Rasa puas hati bila menteri tu mati. tapi sedih bila abang dia mati

  3. Dah tgk cite ni sbb hero dia. Hahaha.. Part sedih yg queen tu nak kena bunuh sebelum hero selamatkan diaaaa.. Arghh

    1. hahaha, part tu tak berapa sedih sebab sy rasa lebih suspen... part yang queen tu reveal yang dia tahu apa rahsia disebalik tatu dia tu sedih lagi