Friday 1 November 2019

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Hotel del Luna

Assalamualaikum and heyya. Its been long since the last k-drama review hasn't it ? So, here is a drama that I had finished for about a month ago (yeah I am this lazy) ? I pretty sure that everyone that enjoy K-Drama would know and maybe had watched this drama over and over again.

not mine; credited to the rightful owner
Title : Hotel Del Luna / 호텔 델루나
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Writer : Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran
Network : tvN
Cast : IU, Yoo Jin Goo, Shin Jung Keun, P.O, Bae Hae Sun
Plot :

Jang Man Weol is the owner of a hotel called 'Hotel Del Luna'. This hotel only served special guest, the dead. Jang Man Weol was a woman who had done evil things during her life and she was tied to the 'Moon Tree' for over 1,000 years to pay for her wrongdoings. She is beautiful but fickle and very greedy. Due to an unexpected event, Ku Chan Seong was promised to work as the assistant manager at Hotel Del Luna once he reached the age of 20. For that, Chan Seong had been living out of Korea until he reached 21 years old, thinking that the 'curse' would stop. With his soft heart, he then begun working at Hotel Del Luna.


First off, I didn't intent to watch this drama because the plot didn't intrigued me. But then the reviews that was written definitely got me hooked. And here I am. The first thing that I wanted to comment on was the really amazing CG. The first episode of the drama had my eyes widen because I was so not expecting the way the house(hotel) was build. The drama was filled with amazing CGs that I couldn't just simply ignored.

Honestly, I thought this drama would be a simple plot whereby a human had the ability to see the ghosts and make the hotel for them. But it wasn't the case. I was confused when it started with Jang Man Wool in the deserted place with the clothing from the older era. Then I realized that Jang Man Wool had lives long a very long life. The constant question on why and how she lived that long made me enjoying the plot even more. Especially when Go Chan Sung had dreamed of her past life.

I really enjoyed every character in this drama. Especially Jang Man Wool. Her rude attitude, sarcastic remarks and her loves for money. It was like watching another version of IU that I had never knew exist. She definitely killed that role. Yeo Jin Goo was as good as actor he is. I couldn't say much on him because this is the first time I watched his acting. 

Usually I didn't enjoyed an open ending dramas or movies but this drama may became an exception. When Jang Man Wool didn't took the drink that Yuna stole from Mago for the second time, to be with Chan Sung, I kind of glad. If she did, she would only be tied to the tree of moon for centuries again and Chan Sung would only became a tiny part of that centuries she lived in. 

I could say that I enjoyed this drama very much. Even though some episodes may went over one hour mark, I still enjoyed every part of this drama. It was very enjoyable because of its comedy, romantic and sadness elements in the plot. Even though this is a drama with the majority of the supporting roles were ghosts, I think the only time that I actually got scared was when the guest in Room 13 was let loose. Other than that, it was all bearable.