Friday 26 November 2021

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A Way Station

 Assalamualaikum, good day dearest! Ever since I start this new semester, the only post I ever made is #bookreview and that because I had them drafted before. So, today and until next week, it's midterm break people! Though, the break is only from classes and not quiz, assignments and all. So, to celebrate and officially begin my break I choose to watch a movie. And here is the review of it!

Title: A Way Station
Runtime: 101 minutes
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Country/Language: South Korea/Korean
Director: Kim Jung Min
Writer: Kim Jung Min
Casts: Km Dong Joon, Kim Jae Kyung

Baek Seung Hyun and Han Ji Ah is a high school sweetheart and childhood friends. They have known each other since they are seven years old. Seung hyun believed that one day he will inherit the Alzheimer disease just like his mother. Ji Ah always cheer him up and told him that it may not happen. After graduation, they broke up as Seung Hyun did not want to continue his study and instead want to learn how to be a baker. Ji Ah then move to Seoul and they never contact or see each other again. After seven years, Ji Ah learnt that her stomach cancer from two years ago had recurred and it had worsen. Ji Ah then broke up with her boyfriend and move back to her hometown. She then met with her high school friends and reconnect with Seung Hyun.

 I came across a clip of this movie on Instagram and cried watching it. So, here we are. The movie started slow with the scenes where Seung Hyun and Ji Ah are still in high school and how they used to cut class just because Seung Hyun does not want to study. I especially loves the scene where they are at the abandon railway. It was such a beautiful scene with the shot, the background it was everything.

It was a little confusing for me at first as they change the scene abruptly. One moment it was them in high school, as sweet as they can be and the next they broken up and Ji Ah is now in a relationship with a coworker. Yeah, the seven years change feels a little rushed and messy.

However, after Ji Ah went back to her hometown, it gets better. I am loves every single moment when she's back in her hometown. Reconnecting with her friends, and Seung Hyun. How she hides her disease until it reveal itself and how she reject Seung Hyun again and again because she cares for him. 

Please expect a lot of tears when you are watching this drama because I cried really hard (all while folding cloths too). The moment when her mother finds out. When Seung Hyun's Alzheimer slowly came up. And that last moment he saw his wife alive and forgot his way home, damn it was really really sad. I can easily said that I cried for like the last half of the movie(which may or may not be my exaggeration).

The chemistry between casts are really great, especially the main leads, Kim Dong Hyun and Kim Jae Kyung. I only knows them as apart of second generation idol member but had never watch their works. They did an amazing job portraying their character especially Jae Kyung. I could really feel her pain with her all while she comforts Seung Hyun whenever he forgot something and beat himself up. Their two friends are also an amazing addition to this movie. Their characters are aiming towards light and laugh which they did a great job. Also the unexpected cameo of Ailee. I really did not see that coming. Though her character was just a filler and don't really adds anything but hey, great to see her!

Anyway, if you feels like crying and in need of a reason, go and watch this movie. I am highly recommending it, even though the ending is obvious but I really loves the ending with Seung Hyun as old as he can be and still remember her, just like how he said he will. So now, go watch and cry!

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