Partners For Justice

Assalamualaikum, holla peep ! So, another review for a not-sweet-k-drama. This drama gave me a complete new experiences as I have never watch anything that related to autopsy. Dealing with the dead are not easy. Honestly, I only recognized a few actors in this drama and the rest are completely new faces to me. So, let's start.

Title : Partners for Justice / Investigation Couple / Gumbeobnamnyeo /
Episodes : 32
Network : MBC
Cast : Jung Jae Yong, Jung Yoo Mi
Plot :

Baek Beom had been an autopsy doctor for 10 years. He used to be a heart surgeon but due to an accident, he quit. He had a bad attitude and very harsh to people but he is also very committed and had an excellent work. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor who had a bright personality. She comes from a wealthy family. Despite her father's opposition of her work choice, she still continue work hard for her dream.

Before I started sharing my personal opinion, I would like to give a head up that I might wrote something a bit different from the drama as I had finished this drama for about a month and half.


Let's begin with the first character, Baek Beom. Before they reveals that he used to work as a heart surgeon, I thought he is just another character that loves his work more than anything but he actually had a another story before he became a forensic doctor. There's nothing much to say about his character, it was good. I sometimes think that he is Jang Hyuk because he kinda looks like him. This character really suit him, maybe because of his expression.

Second, Eun Sol. This character is a bit awkward because of her background as a girl from a wealthy family. The reasons she became a prosecutor is because she really love investigation American shows. She is really enthusiastic of her works despite learning the reality of her work were nothing like in the show that she watched.

As for the people around Baek Beom, I really love the character Stellar Hwang. She is a person who deals with chemical. I think her character is really cool and very chill. Especially when the male detective is trying to flirt with her. The funniest thing is when they supposedly slept together, then she came to him with a contract as she is not looking for some relationship. The detective was very flustered then refused to sign the contract and thought if he get out, Stellar would chase him. But man, he thought wrong as Stellar immediately kick him out of her house.

The only character around Eun Sol that shone is Kang Hyun, he is her senior prosecutor who also kind of like her. Earlier of his career, Kang Hyun was assigned to a case related to car accident and coincidentally, the accused is Baek Beom. Kang Hyun hold a grudge towards Baek Beom for unknown reason ( revealed later in the plot ). I honestly didn't like his character because first, the way he act is quite forceful and honestly, the actor of this character couldn't portray this character well. It doesn't suit him.

As for the cases throughout the episodes, I could say that overall of the cases are okay, logic and somewhat everyday cases tha we often heard of. Some cases gave us a real plot twist and very unexpected event. It was a worth-watching. Ending of this drama left me frustrated because the secret of Baek Beom aren't fully revealed. And there was a hint of season 2 which I would anticipate very much.

Quote of this drama,

"Nothing is certain in our future. Except for a fact that we will all die, one day." - Baek Beom

So, give this drama a shot !



  1. Akak pun dah terjebak cerita korea ni tapi drama korea takut nak start nanti tak boleh tinggal haha. Suka heroin cita ni.

    1. Hahha, apa apa pun yang kita buat, kalau dah tersuka, memang susahlah nak berhenti. Kita tak kenal sangat heroin cerita ni.. Pernah tengok dia berlakon cerita Rooftop Prince je rasanya.