Saturday 29 December 2018

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Voice 2

Assalamualaikum and hola hola peopleeee ~ So, how's everyone ? Here is another review of K-drama. I have been highly anticipated to watch this drama as the first season is a big hit and definitely the best. Although the main actor has changed, but the second season is still a success. So, let's get to the main topic !

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Title : Voice 2 / Boiseu 2 /
Episodes : 12
Network : OCN
Genre : Thriller
Cast : Lee Hana, Lee Jin Wook
Plot :

After proving her ability, Kang Kwon Joo able to keep Golden Time and continue to direct the team. After the death of her superior, police began to speculate that her superior was driving under influence of alcohol and got into an accident and cause death to the citizen. Kang Kwon Joo and her teammates believe that her superior is innocent began to investigate his case. At the same time, Detective Do Kang Woo who had the same thought as Kang Kwon Joo began to investigate the case as it is similar to his past case. They then formed a joined operation and continue to investigate together.

As I never did a review on the first season of 'Voice', I thought that I should do a simple one. In 'Voice', Kang Kwon Joo had lost his father to a serial killer, she even had a conversation with the killer. She trained her hearing in US and then back as a voice profiler to catch the killer. Moo Jin Hyuk was a competent and a popular detective but as his wife was killed, he felt guilty as he could not protect her. Kang Kwon Joo then insisted on forming Golden Time team and take Moo Jin Hyuk as the liable detective in her team. They then began to hunt the killer of their family members.

Basically that's what happen in the first season.


Honestly, I did not expect a second season but when I found out, I was thrilled. However I was a bit sad as Jang Hyuk did not take the detective role and was replaced by Lee Jin Wook. I was unfamiliar with the name and a became bit prejudice on his acting, well, it was before I watch the drama. When I finally watch the drama, he is actually great and his acting is on par with Jang Hyuk (maybe because he looks serious and expressionless).

One thing that I really love is, they did not completely cut off the cast that was changed. In the first season, Ye Sung act as a IT genius. They explained that his character went to study abroad. As for Jang Hyuk, he went abroad to treat his sick son. But Kang Kwon Joo occasionally sent e-mail to him, updating about the team. 

Unlike the first season, this season are a bit more serious, cruel and psychotic. Every cases mentioned in this season will be related to the main killer. And every cases are just very very cruel. They cut off a certain part of the victim as a reward. Even though they did not shows that kind of scene, but it was hinted in the drama and it will give me goosebumps as well as tingling sensation on my body. 

The main killer was reveal at the half of the drama, which left me confused. I was like, 'He's not the killer' but man I was wrong. It was really unexpected as he worked as a government worker. Being mentally ill since young, he even tried to take Detective Do to his side. Another things that keep me watching is the background of Detective Do as he often experienced flashback of a little girl calling him 'Kosuke' and told him to return her things. Damn the plot is very interesting one.

Thriller-lover definitely should watch this drama. Oh, and do not forget to watch the first one. Even though there is not a lot to miss out, you still should watch both. Biggest spoiler, Kang Kwon Joo died. Or I thought so. AND THERE WILL BE SEASON 3 !!! I was upset with the ending but then I was shocked that they will make another season. OMGGGG. And maybe, season 3 will be Moo Jin Hyuk X Do Kang Woo as Kang Kwon Joo is no longer alive. And maybe her assistance, Park Eun Soo ( Season 1 & 2) will be directing the team ? 

Anyways, I am very excited for the next season ! Now, you all should go and watch ! Till then,

p/s : this is scheduled post as I will be starting my final exam on 31st Dec. Pray for me ya !


  1. Ada season 3 lagi?? OMG~ jangan cakap dorang tukar pelakon laki lagi. haha

    1. yeapp, ada season 3 lagi, haha tak surelahh, harapnya taklah. sebab Lee Jin Wook pnya acting sangatlah on point. Rumors kata first half 2019 akan kelaur season 3. so tunggu jelah ^^