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Assalamualaikum ~ Now I'm having a 3 days gap to my final paper for this semester so here is another k-drama review ^^ 

not mine; credited to the rightful owner

Title : Life / Laipeu / 라이프
Episodes : 16
Genre : Medical, Management
Network : JTBC
Plot :

Sangkok University Hospital is getting its new president as the hospital has changed its management. The new president, Go Seung Hyo is a businessman that put revenue as the top priority. He planned to moves department that generate more losses than revenue to a rural hospital. One of the department involved is emergency department which is an essential department for a general hospital. Ye Jin Woo, a doctor at the emergency  department and few more doctors from various part of hospital tried to get rid of Go Seung Hyo.

Honestly, I thought that this gonna be a one typical challenging doctor lifestyle type of story but it is not that typical.


At the beginning of the drama, I think that this is a very good drama as there is almost no story of medical staff going against management of the hospital. Indeed, it is. But not so good. As the story develop, it became quite boring and the drama had successfully make me slept while it is playing. 

If you asked me if I wanted to re-watched this drama, I don't think I will. Even the plot is simple
and predictable. Even so, I still kept watching because I really love the relationship of Go Seung Hyo and one of the pediatricians, Lee No Eul. Their kind of cute scene makes me keep going. Oh, and also the real reason of Director Lee (former director of Sangkok University Hospital) death.

I can say that it is a bit of heavy for me. Why ? Because I keep relating the management in this drama to what I have learnt, which is sucks. Nevertheless, it is a good lesson for me. Handling a big company / organization / corporation are not a simple thing (keep reflecting on what I should do after diploma, lol). You might want to give it a try, then do it.


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