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Part Time Spy

Assalamualaikum and hi. So, here is another korean movie review. Before that, I would like to apologize that I have only do korean drama and movie reviews. It wasn't my intention but I have been facing a hard time looking for another country movies that I am interested in. Korean, Chinese and Japanese movies and drama are what I usually find. So, bear it with me. *puppyeyes

I found this movie on my YouTube recommendation, so I decided to watch it because it is full movie and fully english subbed. I am very pleased.

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Title : Part Time Spy / Bijeongkyujik Teuksuyowon / 미정교직 특수요원
Runtime : 117 minutes
Released Year : 2017
Distributors : Storm pictures
Cast : Gang Ye Won, Han Chae Ah, Nam Gung Min,
Plot :

Jang Yong Sil used to be jobless until she got hired by NSA as a contract worker to write positive things for NSA. Because of the situation, her boss planned to end her contract and she desperately tried to stay. One day, she overheard that her boss became a victim of voice pishing scheme. Her boss send her as an undercover spy to the voice pishing company to get his money back. As a reward, she will be a full time worker in NSA. Na Jung An is a detective who is also worked as an undercover to bring down the scheme. As both of them found out about each other identities, they started to make a joint operations.

The movie is neither light nor heavy. It is just nice. Overall, it is worth to watch.


First of all, I mistook Gang Ye Won as another actress and never realized that she is another person until I looked up for the movie. Her acting is good and I really love the way she act as a clueless and a determined woman. Her character resemble what we have in reality. She only worked as part time workers until she became a contract worker. I somehow became scared as I was about to finish my diploma and I still considering my next step.

Yong Sil updated the current situation to her boss

Having a character like Na Jung An balanced out the story. Opposite of Jang Yong Sil, she is a hardheaded woman with foul mouth. Even so, she is very kindhearted. The combination of the two actress definitely a good balance and make this movie became more interesting. 

Nam Gung Min, the villain in this movie. I had loved his acting ever since I watch 'Voice'. He suits to be a villain. A handsome villain at that. He is the mastermind of the voice pishing scheme, act like an innocent businessman when he is not. I often felt annoyed at his character.

this one funny little scene ~

My most favorite scene is the one when both of the undercover spies got abducted and left in the warehouse with wild dogs. I thought they will never get out until help came but actually it is a funny scene. The way they get away from the dogs is really funny that I shed tears.

If you are interested, check this out ~


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