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Rich Man, Poor Woman

Assalamualaikum and hi. This entry will cover another k-drama review. At first, I wasn't going to watch this drama as it is not in my favorite genre, but as I scroll through my Instagram, I found one interesting clip of this drama, so I decided to roll the dice. Another reason is because of Suho. Since I am a fan of EXO, I always keep up with the members individual activities, and I decided to watch it. And the reason that convince me to watch this drama is the plot summary. As this drama had mentioned one of neurological disorder, prosopagnosia ( inability to recognized faces ) which I never knew about, I decided to watch it.

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Title : Rich Man, Poor Woman /
Episodes : 16
Network : MBN, Dramax
Genre : Romantic Comedy
Cast : Suho, Han Yeon Soo, Oh Chang Suk
Plot :

Lee Yoo Chan is an IT genius who is also one of the founder and CEO of Next In. He built the company seven years ago with Min Tae Joo, his brother-like friend. Next In became the most desired place to work at for the young professionals. Despite his success, Lee Yoo Chan actually suffers from prosopagnosia, which he can't recognize faces. Kim Bo Ra is a last year college students who is having difficulties finding jobs. She failed almost all of her interview. When she was about to give up, she met with Min Tae Joo, who suggest her to attend Next In interview session. Kim Bo Ra had a skills to memorize things quickly. During the interview session, Lee Yoo Chan insult her ability by saying that it was useless, but then she was hired for her ability.


To be honest, this drama are not really that great. Maybe it wasn't my type, but yea, it is quite boring. But, but, but I loves the main actress, Han Yeon Soo. She is cute, like, her face is really really small. And her eyes are really big. OMG

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner
( she's cute aren't she >< )

I think the plot is quite realistic, for example, how hard it is to pass an interview. Despite her ability to memorize things quickly, Kim Bo Ra was continuously rejected. All of the employer thought that her skills are not practical and might not benefit the company. When she went to Next In, I thought that Yoo Chan would be impressed and accept her but man, no. He, being a complete jerk, insult her in front of the other candidates. Another part is, when Yoo Chan decides to leave Next In, he planned to take his staff, which was his team that are directly involved with the 'Big File' project. Unfortunately, none of the team members wanted to leave the company. Even Kang Chan Soo, the one who really likes Yoo Chan decides to stay.

Another than that, I think everything is predictable. Like, you could guess when will Tae Joo backstab Yoo Chan, how Yoo Chan will get up again, the connection between the characters and everything. There was no thrill, at all. The only thing that kept me from discontinuing is, Bo Ra's relationship with Yoo Chan's past girlfriend.

There was another character that make me stay. It was Cha Do Jin, the former worker of Next In also boyfriend of Mi So, Bo Ra's bestfriend. I think, this couple caught my eyes more than the Yoo Chan and Bo Ra. They were always bickering after the break up. It was funny because they obviously attracted to each other. And the moment when they found out about the baby, it seriously funny. And they ended up get married instead of aborting the baby which was the original plan. And, the morning of their wedding, they actually forget the ring ! Like, seriously ? LOL.

I think this is all that I could came up with. As for this drama, I think 6/10 ? Okay, that's it. Thank you for reading ~


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