Saturday 25 August 2018

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My Thought on IDOL

Hey fellas. So, yesterday was quite a day for me as I anxiously waited for the clock to hit 5PM. Every ARMY must also had the same feeling as me. Yes, yesterday, Love Yourself  series, Love Yourself : Answer was finally out after along wait. And now the series are officially ended ㅠㅠ

The MV for the title track of this album, IDOL was released at 6PM KST on 24 August 2018. When I first watch the MV, my very first thought is,

'am I watching some bollywood movie right now ?' 

The reason why I had that kind of thought is, there  is one specific scene ( near to the end of the MV ) that shows BTS members dance with a large number of dancers plus with the music somehow resemble the music of bollywood movie where the actors will sang together with a lot pf dancers. ( people who watch SRK, Amir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kajol, Kareena Kapoor should know exactly what I am talking about ).

The MV is full of colors and it might hurts your eyes ( be careful ! ). And some people even said that their MV had broke the stereotype of K-POP MV which I don't really understand. There is this one scene with drawings of some members, Jimin, SUGA, and Jin. At first, I thought that there are drawings of all members but as I kept watching the MV, I did not found the other four drawings of the members, but well, I don't really have a keen eye. And the scene with shark, it reminds me of the time when Jimin sung 'baby shark dooo dooo' in Summer Package.

(this video are not mine ; credited to the rightful owner, @myalogue on Twitter )

As we are talking about BTS, we had to discuss a little bit of the lyrics. As usual, I have my favorite line from every song. As for IDOL, the bridge part, which was sung by Jimin and Jin is the first in my favorite.

" I'm so fine wherever I go,
Sometimes I find the longest way to go around,
It's okay, I'm in love with myself,
It's okay, I'm happy in this moment "
Another part that I love is sung by Jungkook and V, 

" There are tens and hundreds of myself in me,
I welcome another me, today,
After all, all of them is me,
I just go at it, rather than sit on it,
Runnin' man. "

 And of course the line is,

" You can't stop me loving myself "

 The song itself is catchy. Honestly, EDM is not my favorite genre but I do listen to them from time to time, so I guess, this song will be able to keep my mood up, just like other EDM song does. I haven't yet heard of another song in the album ( internet was so slow and I got lazy everytime ) but I have heard 'Trivia : Seesaw'. It was really good ! One more thing, there is another version featuring Nicki Minaj of this song and the MV will be upload later days, ( I will update this post when the time comes =D )

I think this is all I could share, so I'll leave with the official MV of IDOL, enjoy ~

p/s : when the clock hit 5PM, I hit the refresh button on ibighit channel countless times and the MV wasn't in so I had to search, up until now the MV was not in their channel and I also did not receive any notification*facepalm* ( did it only happened to me ? )



  1. i like V but cant resist RM.. hehe but too old for this kinda thing. layan jela lagu2 depa yang best =)

    1. omggg, RM tu handsome tak bertempat >< well, were never too old for things that we enjoy =D)