Wednesday 14 November 2018

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Be With You

Assalamualaikum ! Here is another review of a movie. It is Korean movie that was out this year. I actually watched this movie because of my friend. She is a big fan of the actor in this movie so he make me watch this, so I did.

Title : Be With You / Now, I Am Coming To See You / Jigeum Mannareo Gabmida / 지금 만나러갑니다
Runtime : 131 Minutes
Release Year : 2018
Distributor : LOTTE Entertaintment
Country : South Korea
Cast : So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hwan
Plot :

After his wife, Soo Ah died, Woo Jin take care of his son, Ji Ho alone. Before Soo Ah died, she made a promise to her son that she would come back on rainy days after a year. One day, Soo Ah appeared in front of them but she couldn't remember anything.

This movie is based on a Japan novel, 'Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu' written by Takuji Ichikawa.


I reaaaaaaaally love the intro part of this movie. They started it a cute animation of penguins that had the same plot of this movie. And as I continued to watch, I realized that the animation and this movie is actually the same. At first, I doubted that it will be the same because Soo Ah lost her memory, but I knows it is same when the movie comes to the end.

A friendly warning, this is actually very very very sad movie. I'm not sure how many times did I cry when I watched the movie but I am very sure that I cried. I got to say that this movie is very beautiful even thought it is quite unbelievable. I mean, how can someone who had died came back after one year ?

When Woo Jin and Ji Ho found Soo Ah under the tunnel, I thought that she is another person who had the same face because she had no memory of them. When Woo Jin told Ji Ho to not told Soo Ah that she once died, I thought Woo Jin wanted to let Soo Ah acted like Ji Ho's mother, so that he didn't become sad once he knew that she is not her real mother. But I was wrong because that Soo Ah is really Ji Ho's mother. Since then, they started living together and Soo Ah started to learn that Ji Ho is her son and Woo Jin is her husband. She learned from the started, where he first knew Woo Jin and I got to say that their love story is really cute.

When Soo Ah realized that she is dead and will left her little family,she started to teach Ji Ho how to do house works. This was the time when I realized that she is Ji Ho's mother. When she finally left them, they did felt sad for a good time but they finally moving on. Their life are getting better with Soo Ah help. The family-hood in this movie is very strong and touching. I love the ending. The plot is simple but enjoyable. Even thought the was no plot twist, it is really good.

this is before they met Soo Ah, Ji Ho keep wore raincoat to school, hoping that it will rain

it was raining, Ji Ho went to train station, hoping to see his mother

woo jin missing his wife

Ji Ho washed his friend's father's car

okay, this is just some beautiful scenery that I need to share

this is sad sceneeeeeeeeee , i criiii

Soo Ah's leaving sobsob

Interested ? try to watch it !


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