Wednesday, 10 October 2018

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Assalamualaikum and hello to every of you. I know that I've been reeeeeeally inactive for about a month. My second last semester just began on the early September so I've been really busy since then. Since I didn't qualify to stay inside the university ( hostel, duh ) I've to rent a house, or room outside the university.

One week before the class began, my friend told me that she had one spot available for me, so without any choice, I agreed. We rent a room near the university ( luckily ). Basically, the room had two single bed, one double decker, three closet and one bathroom. It is comfortable. There's another catch tho, the monthly rent is actually quiet expensive for a student who had no side income, and all four of us had no transportation to go for classes. For now, we either go with Grab or we walked. And for the whole September, I had no access to Internet unless I'm in the university. My phone carrier decided to make a joke by taking away my balance unless I left with zero balance. So, I decided not to top-up until the expiration date. Everyone around me had a hard time to get hold of me.

As for my roommate, I only familiar with one person and the other two is her circle of friend. Adapting to them isn't really hard. They're nice people but I can't help but get offended sometimes. It feels like they purposely excluding me from their conversation. I knew that I can get over this, some time in the future, I hope.

So, I guess that's all for now, thnks !

p/s : I have  draft of 2 or 3 on review label, so, stay tuned !


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