Thoughtless Thursday #010

not mine ; credited to the rightful owner

Aloha people ! I'm feeling a bit sad this week because the next semester will start very very soon. I haven't start packing, yet and I don't think I will start soon. Looks like my so-called break mission are not successful, again. Old habit die hard. sigh

I wanted to finish my diploma as soon as possible, but the reality after diploma life, still manage to get me a massive headache. One question that I receive lately is,

"Degree or work ?"

Honestly, me myself, had no idea. Every time my friends, family asked me, I can't answer them. I really envy people who had planned out their life. What I;m gonna do ? I hope things would work out for me too. D-5 to next semester, chaiyok !

exactly me zzZzZ
not mine ; credited to the rightful owner



  1. make a decision dengan kehendak dan pemerhatian sendiri. jgn ikut org taw ^^ goodluck.

  2. i am also waiting for my diploma to end very soon...and i wish to continue my studies.
    wish me luck..and the best! follow here!

  3. relax...still have time to think about it