Thursday, 12 September 2019

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Thoughtless Thursday #021

Assalamualaikum ! This will be a quick update of my life, as always. So, tomorrow will be the second phase of rayuan UPU and I still not sure my future will be like. And yes I am very nervous about it. I am not sure how it will turn out yet I am quite excited and nervous at the same time. 

My graduation had already been set on the 17th October (will do an entry of this ! and maybe shared some pictures here and there ) and the very next week, I will have my JPJ test. I seriously had a busy October this year. I hope for good result for both the test as for the graduation, I might had to attend the ceremony alone, sadly. My sister was scheduled to give birth on the 19th, or earlier so yes, I had a big chance to go alone. I am okay, totally. As for my mood, it had been quite stable for this week and I hope it will stay this way. 

I hope everything will be fine. As for the closing for this entry, I would love to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATEH !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOOOOOOON ! AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JUNGKOOK !

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