Monday, 9 September 2019

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Voice 3 - City of Accomplices

Assalamualaikum, so here is the review of the drama that I've been hooked since the first season. It is definitely my favourite and to have another season of this was really great ! I hope you could love this drama as much as I do after reading this review ~

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Title : Voice 3 / Boiseu 3 / 보이스3
Episodes : 16
Genre : Thriller, Crime
Network : OCN
Related : Voice 1, Voice 2
Cast : Lee Ha Na, Lee Jin Woo
Plot : 

Continuation of previous season whereby Kang Kwon Joo and Detective Do chased for the person responsible in selling human body through the dark website called Doctor Fabre. The criminal that they were chasing was from an international group. Despite chasing for the criminal, the emergency calls center team, The Golden Time team still took calls and helped the people.

I have waited long enough for this season to came out because the last scene from the previous season had me tortured, mentally of course.


This season came off with a twist. I personally thought that Kang Kwon Joo would not survive the explosion but she did survived with injuries (it's not like this is a fantasy drama that will save her from any injuries, aite). However, Detective Do went missing from the crime scene and for the past eight months, nobody had spot him. The Commissioner wanted to gave up on him but Kang Kwon Joo insisted that she would find her.

I love how the cast of this season was the same actors. No one was replaced which was a good thing as I don't have to get familiar with the new face. I don't know how this season will continue if Kang Kwon Joo died during the explosion. It might get really different as the protagonist were changed. Minor change in the cast means a good thing.

This season came off strong and more intense. The one who had been monitoring Team Leader Do was actually someone other than Bang Je Soo. With his health deteriorating and Kang Kwon Joo's hearing problem made the investigation more difficult. This season also became the saddest and emotional season of all three because Chief Na became one of the victim of the killer and at the end of the drama, Team Leader Do finally took initiative to be killed instead of becoming a monster. Even the real identity of the killer was also a twist that I had no see coming.

I love how they still put quotes before one case begun so that the viewer could expect what would happen. Ending of this season actually had me hoping for another season to look out. Why ? For, supposedly the Bang Je Soo that should be dead was actually alive, nice and fine. And he reported the death of the killer to some woman. Like, who knows who. And Kang Kwon Joo's hearing had improved and healed. Weren't this a sign for another season, aite ?

Let's hope for another season. Just, pleaseeeeee.

And if we had another season, we probably will not see Team Leader Do anymore. So, here is one of his line that I loved,
You don't know what people think, so don't trust people too much. - Team Leader Do Kang Woo
This quote was from the episode with foreign woman,
Racism is a disease of the soul. It kills more people than any other contagious disease. - Nelson Mandela
Till the next season,



  1. Banyak jugak drama yang tak tengok lagi. Bertimbun dah dalam list. Hopefully I could finish it one by one asap.

    1. samalah kitaaa ! dengan movies lagi tak tertengok haihh

  2. Baru berjaya tengok 2 episod je.. tengah berat hati nak tengok sebab 2 episod yang pertama pun dah cukup menyentap jiwa.. huhuhu..