Saturday 7 September 2019

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Room 7

Assalamualaikum ! I'm back as new as your new phone ! Okay, so here is a great movie and I really did enjoy it so much. I hope this review will help ~

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Title : Room 7, Room No.7 / 7Hosil / 7호실
Runtime : 100 minutes
Genre : Thriller, Comedy
Released year : 2017
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Lotte Entertainment
Cast : Sin Ha Kyung, Do Kyung Soo
Plot :

Do Shik owned a DVD room in Seoul and he was about to go bankrupt. Before that happened, Doo Shik tried to sell the store. Tae Jung is a part-timer at the DVD room. He is a poor student who was on a leave of absence. Both Tae Jung and Do Shik had a secret in the room 7 in the DVD room. Both of them struggled to take control over room 7 to keep their secret.


First off, I rarely came across a comedy thriller movies from South Korea. I think it is not common for them thus, a new experience for me. Personally, I don't think this movie should be labelled as thriller because it is more no comedy. There was minimal tension through out the movie.

I actually had read the synopsis long ago and I've forgotten on how the story would develop so it was a bit confusing at first. At some point, I thought there would be a magic happening in room 7. Lol. I actually think that Tae Jung and Do Shik had a good employee-employer relationship. Nevertheless, the first 15 minutes was a blur for me.

It started to get interesting when the Korean-Chinese part-timer died in the store because he was electrocuted when cleaning the water leakage. Do Shik then decided to hide his corpse in stead of reporting his death because he need the store to be sold. As Do Shik  hide the bosy inside room 7, Tae Jung was restless because he had hid drugs that his creditor asked him to inside the room as well.

It was funny to see those two trying to cover up for each other. I was disappointed over the ending of the movie. The store was finally sold and both of them went separate ways. Tae Jung finally retrieved his item and decided to throw it away in stead of giving it back to the owner. His debts was settled and he finally able to continue his studies. Do Shik still wasn't caught  for hiding the corpse. He wanted to continue to hide it. And that's it.

All I could say is the movie was not the best one but was not the worse. It depends on how well we enjoy and understand the plot. As for the ending for Do Shik, it left me questioning either he ended up turning himself in or he not.



  1. oh yeah another movie with D.O in it! Automatically a must watch.

    1. yeap ! a must watch to see another side of Actor Do ~

  2. uish.. macam menarik.. komedi thriller.. nak try carilah..