Thursday 22 March 2018

# thoughtless thursday

Thoughtless Thrusday #006

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Hey, so my holiday will come to the end, very soon. The stress was killing me. Life as a student is never easy, but what makes things different is the outcome. I knew that I shouldn't postpone my tasks but I still do.

Right after this break, I had 5 out of 6 subjects for the midterm test. And truth to be told, I haven't touched the books. Well, the stress came from me, I am the cause so I got no one to blame. Why I wrote it here ? I am not up for anyone sympathy or gapoever, I am only wanted to take some of the loads off my shoulder.

Old habits die hard. Worst when the habits are the bad one.



  1. Yes! yes! everything will be just fine! heheh :D Good luck for your study! ^_^