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Saving Mr Wu

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. Here is another movie review and it is a Chinese movie. I found this movie while I was scrolling on my favorite website. I was attracted because this is based on a real case happened in China.

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Title : Saving Mr Wu / Jiějiù Wú Xiānshēng
Runtime : 105 mins
Country : China
Genre : Drama / Thriller / Action / Crime
Plot :

Mr. Wu is a well known action actor was kidnapped by Zhang Hua and three other accomplices who was disgusted as a police. The witness then reported the case to the police. The police force then form a unit led by Chief Xing. Zhang demand a total ransom of RMB 3 million. Before leaving to get the money, Zhang told his accomplices to kill Mr. Wu at 9PM regardless he got the money or not. The police successfully caught Zhang and it is a matter of time to save Mr.Wu.

I personally liked how the story develop. Even thought it is based on a real case, the scenes are not necessarily exactly how it happened. With a minimal involvement of actors make it easier for me to figure out who is who.


To start my review, I would like to talk about the character, Mr.Wu. The way he was abducted was so easy. Even though he did question the real identity of his abductor. They pretended to be police officer and tried to fool Mr. Wu. It was unsuccessful and they had to force Mr.Wu to get into the car. When he called his friend to get the ransom money from the banks, Mr Wu dropped few hints to him. Given that he used to be a soldier with that friend, he gave out infos that only both  of them would understand. When Zhang left to collect the money, he tried to do some psychological talk with one of the abductor. He tried to convince him to betray his friends and released him. 

Second, the unit that was supposed to catch Zhang and his gang was on guard all night and day since Mr.Wu's friend reported his situation. They catch up with his pattern but never catch him. Zhang was caught by coincidence when he visited his girlfriend house. It was nerve-wreaking moment whenever the team supposed to caught Zhang but lose him. I don't know how many times did I felt so frustrated but when Chief Xing caught him, I swear that it was the second happiest moment for me. 

I can't say much about this movie as it is quite straightforward and the plot is easy to understand. Although it is not a movie that I would give a high rating ( 6/10 ) but it is worth watching again. So, I will leave it as it.


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