Tuesday 23 April 2019

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Bad Guys 2 : Vile City

Assalamualaikum ! So, every piece of me are very very very happy as no more presentation ! Yeayyy ! Only had to faced two tests, one assignment and yea, the final. So, to celebrate this happy day, here is the second season of 'Bad Guys'.

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Title : Bad Guys 2:Vile City /
Episodes : 16
Network : OCN
Related : Bad Guys
Genre : Action,
Cast : Park Jong Hoon, Joo Jin Moo, Yang Ik Jun, Ji Soo, Kim Moo Yol
Plot :

Woo Je Moon is a prosecutor at Seoul District Public Prosecutors' Office. He got an order from the chief prosecutor to arrest Jo Young Kook. Woo Je Moon took the case with special request that he will establish his own team to take Jo Young Kook down. The team consists of a detective, Sung Cheol and his assistant, Pil Soon, a retired gangster now a restaurant owner, Heo Il Hoon, a junior prosecutor, No Jin Pyeong and a hit-man Han Kang Joo. All of the team members decided to join the team with their own reason.

Just like the first season, this story is basically a team of 'bad guys' trying to take down another bad guys. However, unlike the first season, in the second season, they are all good guys who used violence to uncover the truth. I really love this season as much as I love the first season.


First off, I really hate getting my prediction wrong. This season got me really hooked as I ended up having my jaw dropped because of the bad guys. I couldn't keep up with the amount of the plot twist in this season. It's never ending. I couldn't really stop myself to watch this drama again and again even though I was suppose to go study for my finals.

Second off, this is what I call for real thing. I mean, the good side can't always win and never lose. I mean, there's a saying

"You have to lose something in order to gain something"

am I wrong ? No, aite ? I like how one of the main cast died when he suppose to be the main cast. Oh, I mean, two of the team members died. One  of them died at the end of the story and the other died at the middle. It was totally unexpected. The numbers of betrayal is countless, like, it was suppose to be only one or two betrayal at one time. Instead, there's like a betrayal of the whole team. It's insane !

Although I am not familiar of the actors beside Ji Soo, they definitely had catch my eyes ! Especially the one who played the role of Heo Il Heo. He seriously so charismatic. I am glad that he had that kind of role. I love the determination portrayed from his eyes. I might have to look for another drama/movies that he featured in.

One thing about this movie that doesn't really fit with the concept of the first season is the law. What I mean, in this season, the law is actually quite useless as most of the people with the higher status is not their ally. If it was the first season, they had the Chief Prosecutor to cover their back. The serious thing that I got to mention is the fight scenes. Compared to the first season, this season are more intense and the fight scene become the must scene in almost every episode. I could tell that this is really related to the gang.

As usual, I will leave with one piece of my favorite line. 

"Money may not collapse easily, but relationship forged with money will collapse very easily."


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