Tuesday 30 April 2019

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Assalamualaikum guys ! I'm on my last lecture week and from next week, I will be in my study weeks, which means that I probably spend most of my time watching dramas  I might spent less time on blogging, but, who knows what will happen. So, before I ended the depressive months, here is a very heartfelt movie to watch.

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Title : Sunny / Sseoni / 써니
Runtime : 124 minutes
Genre : Drama, Comedy
Released Year : 2011
Distributor : CJ Entertainment
Country : South Korea
Cast : Shim Eun Kyung, Kang So Ra, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Min Young, Park Jin Joo, Nam Bo Ra, Kim Bo Mi
Plot :

Nami a full housewife, she is married to a successful businessman and had a daughter. From the people's perspective, she is living a perfect life but in reality, Nami feels that her life is lacking on something. One day, Nami went to the hospital to visit her mother, there, she met her long lost friend, Chun Hwa who was hospitalized because of cancer. They had time to catch up with each other as it was the first time they met for 25 years. One her way out, Nami asked if there's anything she could for Chun Hwa. At first, Chun Hwa refused but then she asked for the Sunny members to reunited again.

I believe that most of movie fans, especially korean movie will be familiar with this movie. I often came across reviews of this movie and never once I thought that I wanted to watch this. So, I am very thankful for my friend for giving me this movie. It's.. magnificent.


This movie had the past and present scenes and the transition between the scenes are very smooth. Although it started as they were older, the scenes when they were younger are more enjoyable. Maybe because the scenes when they were younger are more cheerful and full of life. When they are older, the atmosphere are little dark as Chun Hwa are sick and Nami is trying her best to get the Sunny members to met her again. Overall, it is an excellent movie. Both past and present played important role on the movie.

Next, we should talk about the plot. Aside from crime, action, law, medical based movie, family related and friendship are my definitely my favorite. This movie is not about the challenges to their friendship but it's about how strong their bond is. This movie had seriously touched my heart. I envy the bonds that they had. I really really wish that I had that kind of friendship in my life. I am not asking for seven friends to stay with me, just one is enough. And now, I am not sure either I had that kind of friend yet.

What makes this movie more enjoyable is the actor who plays Chun Hwa. Kang So Ra, the one who played the younger Chun Hwa is really play her part really well. Especially when she is the centered of the group, I really love how she delivered the pain and sadness when one of the Sunny members thought that her life is over. And the present Chun Hwa is definitely greater than the past Chun Hwa. Jin Hee Kyung is one of my favorite actress. She is very versatile and I can definitely says that this character suits her well.

What I really love about this movie is the theme. It holds the message of 'best friends', 'friendship' through out the movie. I especially love the scene when the present Chun Hwa, Nami and Jang Mi went to beat the school girls who bullied Nami's daughter. I mean, how can a grown up beat the school girls and actually act like one. The craziest thing is, the other didn't bother to deny the idea but actually support it ! The most touching moment is when Chun Hwa died, she still left her will in regards to her friends. She still thought of her friends till her last moment. I think it is really beautiful.

This is a must watch movie for all movie lovers ! 9.7/10


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