Saturday 13 July 2019

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Assalamualaikum !! Today is quite a special day because I'm officially started my lesson to take licenses ! Cheers for me ~ I had wrote this in advance last night and scheduled it for today. I hope you guys can enjoy this review !

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Title : Item / Aitem / 아이템
Episodes : 32, 30 minutes per episode
Network : MBC
Genre : Fantasy, Crime, 
Cast : Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yoon, Kim Kang Ho
Plot :

Kang Gon is a prosecutor that full of justice and had a warm heart. He lost his only family on the day he became a prosecutor. After the death of his brother, Kang Gon take care of his niece, Kang Da In. One day, Da In was put into a vegetative state due to an item with supernatural power. Kang Gon then works with a detective profiler to collect items with supernatural power in order to save Da In.

This drama is an adaptation from a webcomic with the same title.


I think this is the first time that I came across a story with crime-related mix with fantasy. Or is it just me ? Even though I am not a big fan of fantasy, I got to say that this drama is well made. All of the CG used in the drama are really looked like a real things. The power of technology.

The plot of the drama is similar to few crime-related drama that I had watched. You know the usual ? The good guys became a bad guy with the power that the real bad guy possessed. However, unlike the usual, similar drama that I had watched, this time I was actually losing hope that Kang Gon would able to win over Jo Se Hwang because of the items that Jo Se Hwang possessed.

One thing that I couldn't make sense up until now was how the items got their own supernatural power. Maybe it was mentioned during the flashback on the day of the fire incident at the Dream World and I am too dense to realize that. I love how they unfold how the individual possessed the items they had. However, I still couldn't understand how Jo Se Hwang figure how to used the album before using it on his own father. 

The cliche things about the plot of the drama is how every cases committed and reported were related to the case of Dream World fire incident. And everything happened were because of Jo Se Hwang. And it ended with him as well. When he planned another big scale cases, Kang Gon and his team were able to stop the incident. Right after that, the item are slowly losing its power and they disappear at the end. 

I really hate when I had to question the ending of this drama. Yes, Kang Gon able to save Da In and Jo Se Hwang was caught. However, the very last scene definitely had me questioning either Kang Gon able to go back to the real world or not. The scene whereby he, Da In and So Young sitting together, singing while watching the sunsets might only be an imagination or dream and it might be a reality. I couldn't differentiate that.

I am wondering whether there will be the second season of Item or not because Jo Se Hwang was found dead, hanging up, in front of his cell. Strange, aite ? Well, one woman came to him in form of the prison guard with a special item. That's why I was wondering will there be another season or not. I am not complaining if there is but I prefer this drama as a stand alone. But who knows.

So, for the conclusion, I am really satisfied with this drama. It got me thinking what if there is this kind of item in this real world, then, what would happen ? Putting that aside, I will rate this drama as 8/10.

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