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RV : Resurrected Victim

Assalamualaikum, so, here is another review. I definitely jobless now so for the meantime, this is what I did. Lol.

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Title : RV : Resurrected Victims / Revival / Sacrifice Revival Report / Heesaengboohwalja / 희생부활자
Runtime : 91 minutes
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Supernatural
Country : South Korea
Distributor : Showbox
Released year : 2017
Cast : Kim Rae Won, Kim Hae Sook, Sung Dong Il
Plot : 

Jin Hong is a prosecutor that wanted to uncover the truth of his mother death. One day, he received a call from his sister, saying that their mother had came back. Jin Hong rushed to home and found out that his mother came back to life. However, his mother tried to attack him. This case were known to the police and a secret agents team. The team believed that Jin Hong's mother are one of the cases of 'Resurrected Victims Phenomenon' whereby the victims of unsolved murders came back to life to punish their killer and disappear. The team leader suspected Jin Hong as the killer of his mother.


Honestly, I had contemplated to watch this movie countless times. Then, one day I decided to go for it. I think this movie worth it even though this is not the kind of movie that I love watching. The concept of dead people coming back to live are quite general but this movie had it on its special way.

I love how the story unfolds and how they played with my emotions. The curiosity, the sadness, and the madness. When it was revealed that Jin Hong's mother were murdered by two people, I started to think that the team leader of special agent were right. But then, I can't figure out why would he killed his own mother then look for the killer. And I definitely did not expect sad scene from this movie. When the reason of Jin Hong's mother death were revealed, damn. It was really sad. Especially when his mother begged to the kid to not kill her son.

The plot twist of this movie are not that shocking as I am expecting for it. Besides, it was hinted along the movie for a few times. I can't really say that it was a strong plot twist, but it is still a twist and just like those good guys in movies and dramas, Jin Hong took responsibility on his action.

Usually, this type of movie would involved a large number of supporting actors and actually had their roles but this movie had fewer of those. The supporting actors are only there to fill in the spaces. I am thankful for that as I can only focused on Jin Hong and his mother and not anyone else. 

I could say that I really enjoy the 91 minutes walk and I definitely recommending this movie to all of the movie lovers, especially to those who love thriller. As for that, I would rate this movie as 7.8/10.


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