Saturday 3 August 2019

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He Is Psychometric

Assalamualaikum, heyya. This drama was released on the first half of this year and I am aware that one of my favorite / bias, as in, Jin Young played the main role of this drama. But, I initially did not want to watch it as I think it might be similar as 'Strong Woman Do Bong Soon'. I gotta thanks all the reviews on Twitter because this drama was not even close of SWDBS. Hee, so here is the review ~

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Title : He Is Psychometric / That Psychometric Guy /  사이코매트리 그녀석
Episodes : 16 episodes
Genre : Mystery, Fantasy, Crime
Network : tvN
Cast : Jin Young, Shin Ye Eun, Kim Kwon, Kim Dasom
Plot :

Lee An is a survivor from Yeonsang Apartment Fire Incident that took his parents lives. He was saved by Kang Seong Mo, a teenager boy living at the same apartment block. Due to the incident, An develop a psychometric ability whereby whenever he touches someone or something directly, he will be able to read the person or object's memory. Using his ability, An wanted to take down the evil people with the help from Kang Seong Mo and Eun Ji Soo. An met Yoon Jae In, a smart girl that lives in shadow during high school. After two years, they met again and started to solve the mystery behind Yeonsang Apartment fire incident.


First off, Jin Young did a great job playing the character although there are some scenes that he looked a bit awkward but it's fine. He able to portray every emotions involved very well and make it a successful start for him.

I actually did not expect the plot to be complicated as I thought this drama will be a simple and fluffy type but I was wrong. There is a darker side of story in this drama that caught me off guard. The four main characters are related to each other in the bad way. 

I personally love the way the story from the past were told. Right the moment before the fire incident happened, the people involved and how deep their involvement in the incident. The story behind the incident were slowly came into the light. I hated how they make me hoping that it was not Kang Seong Mo who set the fire and crushed the hope clean. The twist are seriously unexpected. 

Good point is, at the end of the story, not everyone had the happiness even though the bad was catch. An was still struggling to pass the police examination (?)  with the help of Jae In. Kang Seong Mo accepted his punishment and Eun Ji Soo are dead.

This drama was labelled as fantasy because of An ability. Honestly, I think there are people who had that kind of ability. I believe that it was not impossible. And through this drama, I learnt that there are more of people out there that I had yet to explore. Someone like An, someone like Seong Mo. This drama is definitely a great drama to watch.



  1. it's a good one! tak menyesal anis tengok drama ni

  2. Nice review <3 Heheh I literally like this kinda genre so definitely gonna watch it later ^^ *even though there is no guarantee for that 'later' hohoho >_<

  3. This sounds intriguing. Maybe I should start watch it because I haven't watch any k-drama after I finish watching Her Private Life.

    1. it is greater than my expectation, so you definitely should start to watch it !