Tuesday 25 February 2020

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The World Of Us

Assalamualaikum, a very very early good morning ! I just finished watching this movie so I thought of writing on the review right away. So, here it is !

Title : The World Of Us / Urideul / 우리들
Runtime : 94 minutes
Genre : Family, Drama
Country : South Korea
Released year : 2016
Director : Yoon Ga Eun
Cast : Choi Soo In, Seol Hye In, Lee Seo Yeon
Plot :

Sun is an outcast at her school. On the last day of school before the summer break, she replaced her classmate, Bora on clean-up duty and met a new transfer student, Jia. She then spent her summer break with Jia. When the school starts, Jia befriended with Bora and leave Sun all alone again. Doesn't want to be left out, Sun tried to be friendly with Jia and exposed her secrets in the process.

The director of this movie won 'Best New Director' on 2016 Blue Dragon Film Awards and the movie won 'Best Screenplay' in 2017 Baeksang Arts Awards


This movie highlighted the issue of bullying in school which I think really important issue to address. Especially in this case of bullying whereby there were no physical contact made on the victims. Sun had no friends at all because she didn't fit in the group. Being brought up in a barely-made-it family, Sun did not owned her own handphone nor did she attend private classes.

When she finally had a friend, Jia, Sun was really happy but things changed when the school starts and Jia avoided her. I could feel through her sadness and misery. Jia, being an outcast in her old school did not wanted the same thing to repeat itself, thus she begun to speak ill about Sun with Bora and her colony. The two then begun to have a cold war with Sun trying to smooth out their friendship. Things get intense when both of them get involved in a physical fight. With all the secrets being out opened, both of them was treated as the outcast.

Through out the story there was one thing that remain constant and that was the adults. From Sun's parents to the teacher. When the kids were being moody and out of character, they assume it was just the puberty and the mindset of, 'kids are all like that' made the kids had no one to talk to. They didn't try to speak to the kid until it is too late. It kind of sadden me because it is what really happen in our life. 

For me, I love this movie even though it is not my kind of tea. It is pretty direct and the story flows smoothly. The 94 minutes on the run was a comfortable time for me to finish the movie and the pace is just fine. Not too slow nor too fast. The only complain that I had was bgm. I was really hoping for some bgm; could be some simple instrument just to fill in because it is too quite without sound.



  1. Tak dak BGM boringnya. Hurm.. tapi nak cuba tengok. ^^

    1. haah, slack dekat situ je sikit... tapi cerita dia best

  2. Baru juga nampak kat Viu kalau tak silap, tp tak sempat tengok lagi.
    Gonna watch this soon, now tengah habiskan nak tengok juror 8.

    1. sy tak tengok lagi juror 8, selamat menonton !

  3. I watched this movie every time they air it on TVN movies.
    I always geram dengan si Jia tu. She stole the colour pencils for Sun but then mintak balik and accused her for stealing from her like wtf aku benci tul member camtu.
    Tapi sayangnya, tak pernah tengok sampai habis so I don't know how it ends.
    Nak kena tengok lagi skali..

    1. yeappp, jia was so annoying ! how could she did that to Sun just to win Bora on her side... lol, you should finish it this time around !