Monday, 2 March 2020

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Melting Me Softly

Assalamualaikum, two months had passed with so much happening in the world ! To begin the entry, I'm wishing everyone a good year and months and days from today onward! So, I'm feeling a little too much energy tonight, hence this entry of a k-drama review.

Title : Melting Me Softly / Let Me Melt 
Episodes : 16
Genre : Romantic Comedy, Fantasy
Writer : Baek Mi Kyung
Network : tvN
Cast : Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah,
Plot :

In 1999 a popular variety show director, Ma Dong Chan participate in a cryonic project where the participant will be freeze for 24-hours. He and another participant, Ko Mi Ran was supposed to wake up after 24-hours. However, when they woke up, they found out that 20 years had passed. In order to survive, both of them need to maintain 31.5 degree celsius as their normal body temperature.

This is the first role for Ji Chang Wook after he discharge from the military. I kind of disappointed when I found out about the drama back in September because I was really really looking forward for some action drama or movie as his first role after discharge so I don't really wanted to watch this drama. But then after my friend recommendation, I took the drama in list.


First of all, I think the concept of this drama was really good even though it was familiar and new at the same time. I mean, the concept of waking up into a future and not realizing it was usually used in books and movies except, the characters were not voluntarily frozen but fallen into comatose or similar situation for a long time. Hence, it was familiar situation but not the same.

Living up to its genre, this drama was definitely hilarious ! I had so much laughter in the earlier part of the drama especially when both of the main character just woke up from their deep sleep. Even though it was all laughter, there was some melancholic scenes in between of the laughter. As those scenes were in between of one another, I don't really had enough time to get into the emotion but that's not really a problem.

As for the romance, it wasn't too cheesy and cringey, it was a comfortable type of romance ? Yeah, that kind. Sure, there was several cute scenes from time to time but as overall view, I was fine with their romance. Despite JCW and WJA hard work, I actually couldn't find chemistry between the both of them. In some scenes, they look good together and the scene turn out best but some seems a little off and somewhat awkward. Maybe it was just me.

One thing that leave a huge hole in the plot was the other participants in the cryonic experiment. In the beginning of the experiment, they clearly said that there was six participant with four of them were not disclosed. As the story goes on, only one out of four was disclosed (he is related to the villains in this drama) and the other three was only said to be woken up and fully healed at the end of the drama. I think it would be more interesting if they could expand more on those people and how they get involved in that experiment.

While watching this drama, I realized one thing and that was how advance the technology in S.Korea was ! I was really blown when a particular scene where Ma Dong Chan turn on the air conditioner in his room, at his home just with a few clicks from the car ! Like whuttt ! I don't even know that was possible but it was ! It's 2020 and when will we see Malaysia on that level. Ugh.

Now, don't look back. Live a life that makes you happy. - Ma Dong Chan

With a little plot twist just before the end of the drama, the ending was a good one. Even though I have no excitement for it. I don't know how but some part of the ending just kills the mood immediately and I definitely not feeling for a good ending. Maybe if they just leave the twist without a  good ending maybe just maybe it will be nicer. opinion.



  1. masih dalam wishlist dan belom lagi tertengok. Bila kan tu, tunggu je la.. ^^

  2. watched the drama halfway.. at first watched because it was jichangwook's first drama after military, after 10 episodes, I found the drama was too cringe and I didnt continue till the end haha

    1. hahaha, you just had to spare another six hours (and endure all the cringey-ness) to finish the drama tho...

  3. Thanks for another great review!! ;) Somehow Hana rasa drama2 yg ada 16 episodes ni best..

    1. 16 episodes selalunya rasa convenient nak habiskan hahah

  4. disebabkan your review, Aien done download, dan tunggu masa je nak tengok. Haha

    1. waaa, terharu pulakkkk, selamat menonton aien !

  5. 16 episode still good, kalau terlebih dari 16, terus aihh kenapa panjang sangat ni.. Ke saya yang cepat bosan huhu :-\

    1. haha 16 episodes ni rasa selesa je ennnn,