Friday 21 August 2020

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Assalamualaikum, good day dearest ! I am back with another k-drama review ! I have been enjoying this drama so much and it is one of my favorite. 

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Title : Defendant / Innocent Defendant
Episodes : 18
Genre : Thriller, Crime
Director : Jo Young Gwang
Writer : Choi Soo Jin
Network : SBS
Cast : Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, Kwon Yuri, Oh Chang Seok, Uhm Hyun Kyung
Plot : 

Prosecutor Park Jung Woo remember himself falling asleep in his home but found himself woke up in a prison as a murderer who kills his own wife and daughter. He lost his memory of four month due to temporary amnesia caused by traumatic experience. The last thing he remembered was celebrating his daughter birthday and fall asleep. While recovering his memory, he went on a second trial with the help of Public Defender Seo Eun Hye and was sentenced to death. Park Jung Woo had to retrieve the memory of that faithful night and prove his innocence.


Okay, I have watched this for countless time but still got the thrill. This drama is one of my favorite and every time I watched it, I still feels like the first time. The plot are pretty simple as a prosecutor, Park Jung Woo was accused to be a murderer of his own little family. And he tried to prove his innocence with the help of PD Seo Eun Hye. I personally could feel Jung Woo's frustration when he lost his memory. He had the answers all along but he can't get them. 

This drama had a fast paced story line which means there is no time for me to get bored and relax. Something will happen every new episodes, let it be big or small matter. Even though with the thrill and suspense there are also humorous scenes to lighten up the mood back. It kinds of gave balance to the drama. I especially love the inmates that shared the same cell as Jung Woo. They are funny in their own way. 

Another thing hat I love was how the scriptwriter made Jung Woo attempt to break prison couple of times before eventually success. It shows that it wasn't an easy thing to do. Every attempt made me stand on my toe especially the one where he successfully break out. That one was so crazy considering how meticulous he needed to be.

I love how every casts portraying their characters. They were all so good with their respective character. Especially the villain, Cha Min Ho. It was really annoying of him for bothering Jung Woo after every thing he had done. Damn you. I don't remember how much I had cursed him out in my mind. Ugh. Another character that I couldn't really decide whether to pity him or what was Jung Woo's best friend, Prosecutor Kang Jun Hyuk. He was momentarily blinded by success and position that he hide the truths from every one.

The ending was predictable even with a little mishap. Of course they had a happy ending and Cha Min Ho was caught but the sacrifice made by Lee Sung Gyu was so sad. He just meant to have his little sister back on the feet but then he was caught in a deep shit (excuse my language). It was sad to know that he died. Overall, I really enjoy this drama and would gladly re-watch it for a couple more times. 

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  1. interesting

  2. suke ji sung berlakon... lame dah tgk macam da xingt jalan cerita die... hehe

  3. my cousin is addicting to this story now

  4. Okay, nak tengok nanti! Hihi :)😙

  5. drama ni tahun bila ek? selalu nak tengok tapi sebab rasa macam heavy tak tertengok sampai sekarang..haha

    btw jemput singgah ke my new blog

    1. 2017 punya drama... heavy tak heavy mana... I rasa biasa-biasa je hahah maybe sebab dah biasa with this kind of drama...